• there was a couple how lived on 2 different planets how played the same online game
    it was called gaia

    there names were kayseen and creenta
    they had no idea what they looked like but they loved each other

    1 day things went terribly wrong
    on a friday keyseen was having a bad luck day
    he was home alone for 3 hours

    in that time his online wife creenta was mad at him becuz she thought keyseen was frends with her swarn enimie (but he wasnt)

    no matter what keyseen said she wouldnt believe him
    she thought kayseen was ganna kill her but still no mater what he said she wouldnt listen

    kayseen tried and tried but nothing worked and creenta left him
    kayseen couldnt stop cryin he was broken hearted
    he pleeded creenta to come bac but she didnt

    kayseen asked for help cuz he didnt want to lose her
    but the advise didnt work

    creenta had a new bf and kayseen couldnt believe it
    he kept cryin and crin cuz of the sadness

    he tried his best to get her bac but she yelled at him

    kayseen asked 1 of creenta's frend jensi
    but it was no good

    kayseen asked of his frends for advise
    and his frends presan said "dont let yer dream to b with her die. u will get her bac i no it"

    creenta loged out
    kayseen was cryin and couldnt stop

    kayseen and presan talked about it and presan said "lets talk about it tomorrow"

    kayseen cryied him self to sleep

    then it was the next day...
    kayseen woke up and was on the computer

    he talked with creenta
    she got mad at him and there was a big fight
    she yelled and he had no idea what to do

    after the fight he couldnt stop cryin he just felt like dieing

    she said we r not together anymore we r just frends
    ill be bac with you if you destroy mt swarn enimie

    kayseen did what creenta told him to do
    and they went on a date

    when they were on the date jensi and presan came
    jensi made things worse and kayseen wanted to join the fun

    but creeta got mad at him and tied him to a gaian tree and beat him no mater what he didnt sheed a singal tear cuz he new creeta still loved him

    after the crazyness kayseen ask creenta to marry him but she said no

    she said he had one more chance left

    kayseen tried his best to find the most privet place

    while on the date they went swimming and told some secrates like how they feel about each other

    when they were finished swimming the went to there hotel room and played tag

    while in the tag game they kayseen was kissing and huging her he felt so happy to b with her

    when they were done playing tag kayseen perposed to creenta and she exepted

    it was the happyest moment in kayseen's life