• My name is Selena Yamane, I am, was and continue to be a knight of the Jedi order; also one of the last remaining survivors of the Jedi purge that occurred over two decades ago. Being one of the few left I feel that it is best that I record my thoughts and experiences. So that future generations will have a personal view into what happened when the Republic fell to the Sith lord and the Jedi were all but destroyed by their once allies. However I shall start at the beginning and not at the end.

    I was born 232 b.b.y to a noble family of well standing on a small planet that orbits a red sun far from the reaches of the republic. We are a self governed people much like the republic itself but on a much smaller scale. My people know of the republic and all the planets involved but their only care is the well being and containment of their own people. Outsiders are strictly prohibited from coming to the surface and Jedi were restricted from entering our airspace. You see all those with force powers are considered “cursed” by my people. If someone is discovered with abilities pertaining to a Jedi nature they are either exiled or put down; depending on their and their families standing in the community. When I was born my parents were overjoyed to finally have a child of their own after so many years of trying. Yet their happiness and elation soon turned to grief and shame. One afternoon a family friend came in to check on me while I was napping in my crib; her screams brought my parents running to my room just in time to see several of my toys falling to the floor as I woke from a deep sleep. They could not hide this discovery even if they had wanted to. Word spread quickly that one of the "Cursed" was living in the community. It was my parents who saved me from the wrath of the council and most certain death. They used all of their influence and power to convince the council to send me away, on the condition that I would not return home till I was fully trained to control my abilities. And even they I would be forced to a life of seclusion away from others so that I would not infect them. A space shuttle was commissioned and prepared for the long trip to the center of the Republic, Coruscant. Special modifications had to be made to the vessel for my people had not wandered into the deeper reaches of space; for they had no desire to.My parents put all they had into the ship that would carry me for countless light years. No one accompanied me on my long journey but one protocol droid named OD-K8 that cared for me as we traveled to our destination. When I began to speak I called her OhDee, being programed to act maternal she never corrected me. The last thing I remember of my home world was my mother’s pale tear streaked face bathed in the warm light of our red sun as she placed me in the arms of the droid. As she let me go I reached for her and cried out but she did not touch me... she had said her goodbyes. I spent the next sixty years aboard the shuttle traveling to the city planet, that time past in an uneventful grey blur.