• a small black hole. it had been there forever. but noone knew whet was really in it. they thought it was a cave where a dark man eating beast hid. but on a bleck day. the children just got out of school. and the summer wind nblew hat. some kids five to be exact played outside. one was quite small. but they didnt care. but then there ball fell down the hill. and before theyknew it...it was in the dark whole. "great now what?" one said. "its lost forever." the secod said. "but that cost us ten dollars." said the third. " the only way to get it is if one of us went in there." the small one thought. "i can go get it." so they argued over the thought. and it was decided. he would go in. and so he did. right when he was two feet inside. he heard a loud rumbling. it was a rockslide. alot of rocks tumbled in front of the entrance. the boy was scared. but he trudged on. there were all sorts of spiders crawling allover. but he trudged on. no matter how scared. but then he saw a clearing that was lit. he ran to it. then he saw themost beautiful woman he ever saw. she had long silver hair. and she was very tall. when he looked closer she was holding the ball. "miss why are you in here?" he gave her astrange look. with that she said. " the same reason your in here. to be brave for others." her voice was kind and soft. he was sleepy by it. " well why have you been in here for so long?" he was giving her a strange look. " well i got in here. the realizedi was too big to get out. so thats what happened." he grabbed her hand. "ill help you out. follow me." he pulled her slightly along.he hada smilefordoing the right thing. but when they got to the entrance it was still closed. " oh no.now what?" she said. the boy thought. "we made itthis farsolets push the rocks out. thenwe can get out." so they pushed and pushed. finally the rocksall fell apart and opened the entrance. but when they were he noticed that his friends were gone. when he went up the hill he saw them playing with a new ball. " maybe they werent the right nfriends. come on ill play with you. " the wman said. so they played with the ball. but when they heard screaming, he looked and there ball had gone into the hole. theylooked at him. " hey we need your help. the ballwent in." he walkedup in front of them. last time iwent to get theball, you left and got a new one. how doi know you wont do it again." they explained that afterthe rockslide they knew he would be an gonner. so then they got a new ball. "well i did my turn. and now its your turn for you see, i went in there for bravery, and for you guys but what did you do. you left me. sonowyou can see what will happen when one of you goes in."
    they all argued over who would go in. while the small boy played withthegirl ever more.

    P.S. the morale of the story is that a true friend would wait for you to come out. a friend who leaves is not reallyanfriend at all. so remember wich friends will help you out and wait for you to come out of the hole. hope that was good for you to learn.