• My feet barley touched thr ground as i ran. I had no shoes on so i felt the soft forest floor, and the amazingly painful sticks too. The wind whiped my hair and pushed my forward.
    "Run Lyera! Run hes behind you. He's catching up, he'll hurt you RUN" It said. I didn't even question how this was happening, how the wind talked to me or how my feet suddenly sped up. I was flying faster then a wolf(probably because i'm a shape changer, you'll understand later 3nodding ) . I felt him catching up. I could imagine the feel of his breath on my neck.
    "NO!" I ran and bent down to pick up a rock and let it fly behind me. I heard a staisfying grunt as it hit and I used the advantage to take a sharp turn to my left, toward the river.
    "No Lyera don't I'm not gonna hurt you. You know me!" He's amazingly beautiful and haunting voice cryed behind me. I kept running though, The Voice In The Wind had ordered me never to stop espesually if I heard his voice.
    As i neared the river I saw my chance for escape, no human could fly like me. i let my wings loose feeling the powerful muscels bunch up ready for the flight ahead, and perpared for the jump.But suddenly i was falling into the water not up, down, down , down.

    "Ahhhhhh!!" I woke with a startled scream, only I never really woke up. I was still stuck in my naightmare only it was real.
    "You really should sleep more Lyera." his hauntingly beatiful voice filled my head almost making me fall back into my nightmarish slumber.
    "No. I was dreaming of the chase agian." Even though he hadn't realy wanted to hurt me I still had that horrible dream. i don't know why i was always scared, if i had gone through the dream a bit more i would have seen him save me and restore me. why am I scared? That question filled my head but i pushed it off, I had often wondered but there was just no time now.
    "Oh. What do you think it means?"oh I totally forgot, you people haven't been with me this whole time his name is Jashite, Jash for short.
    "I don't know Jash." I shuddered and tried to cover my fear from him, no reason to worry my soulmate.
    Oh yea you guys haven't heard of soulmates before. well when he woke me it was like i was well ummm it was like i was flying, getting electricuted, burned, and frozen all at the same time. it was the best feeling i've ever had before in my entire life.