• ch. 1

    My name is Elizabeth Nichole Elaine Dower. I am 17 years of age and I am a vampire. I was born on a cold winter night in Romania to a human mother and father. Even though I was very young, I could tell he and her were very proud i was theirs. But one day, their happiness with me forever changed. It all satrted with a hard rasp at the door. I can not be sure who answered the door, but as soon as it was opened, I heard my mother scream. A scream that shouldnt have pierced my ears. My father was struck down with a hard blow to the face by a large figure. I heard him hit the floor. My mother held my close to her, and sliped into the back room. I could the hear intruders knocking over things in my home, looking for my mother. When they did find her and I, another large figure grasped the arm my mother held me with. As they proceded to pry me from her, I could hear her plead and beg to spare me. But they didnt listen to her dying wishes. Instead they fully pry me from her. I heard the last of her gasps for life as they beat her head in with a pole.

    ch. 2

    Being as I am a vampire, I am immortal. Thus being immortal, so are my memories. It is painful having to hold onto the very memories you wish to discard. I remember a darkness. Not your average every day darkness, but a darkness that consumes you body and soul. I remember harsh voices of evil lashing out around me. I remember the pure terror I felt. I was taken from place to place, person to person to tend to me while my captors raided the towns. When I turned 4, my captors gave me to a woman named Nanya. She was very young in age, about 22 with two other children of her own. When my captors gave me to her, they told her to "do it on the full moon". Do what? Thats what I've been wondering for a while. Nanya needed help with her children and needed me terribly. I helped Nanya cook, clean, care for the children and ran all sorts of odd arrands. She would always ask me every Wednesday of every week to run to the local butcher, and pick up the freshest rack of lamb he had that day. I always happended to notice she never ate the lamb. What I did notice was, how pink the lamb was when she was done with it.