• Her eyes stung from all this hate, where would she go? What should we do? Who in the hell would beleive Sarin killed him? She had no choice--head on with Sarin. She cringed at was layed afront her, lined like a horid path. Dead bodies were scattered across the dirt road, rats, flys, and mothes sticking to their eyes, and flesh. Pecking, cutting, violating the limits of the dead. he stared down at them with immense depression, feeling their pain.
    "Oh god, of whom could of fouled this tradgedy..."
    Then it hit her like a atom bomb. Sarin was behind this...he was planning to use the villages power against them and give them a void sense of safety, then dispatching them one by one. She darted across the path, holding her head high and ignoring the unworldly stench. As she neared the castle of Sarin she could already sense the foul play;blood sprayed across windows, humain remains lining the ground. She half skipped half darted across the castle stairs. She burst into a pearly marble room, lined with a single red carpet with a crescent moon carved into a S.
    "You sick man! Why the heck are you doing this!?!"
    He cackeled evily, his pearl white teeth glinting.
    "Such foul language...why not take a peek behind my throne?" He said, stepping off his high chair, taking a dodge right. Then, it hit her. Hung by the chest (Spear sticking out) was her mother.
    "Oh my--MOM!"
    She rushed to her side, watching her spitting out unmesuarble amounts of blood.
    Her mother smiled, blood peeking out of her teeth.
    "I just wanted--:"
    Her mother's eyes darted across the room, looking for a way out.
    "W-w-well once you father died I thought--GRAH GAH GAH!"
    She spat out what was rest of her blood. Her final words were 'I love you.' As her eyes spun, Haruno felt a sense of Harin inside her mother. She turned to Sarin, a frown hanging out from the shell she used to be.
    "You. Killed. My mother."
    He nodded, his eyes twinkling.
    "Why how--"
    Before he could awnser Haruno came at him, grabbing a weapon from her back pocket. He parried, using his masterful cane.
    "I have tought you everything you know fool, come at me with the intention of death!"
    His cockiness would lead later to be a big mistake. As she charged at him, he took a mininscule step to the left, tripping her and grabbing her behind the arm. She struggled, feeling many sharp pains at his twisted cane entruded her back.
    She took advantage of his attack, grabing his staff and throwing him over his shoulder. He hit the wall with a graphic, menaning crack. His back had been ruptered, a sickening feeling crossed against her face.
    He had a spasm, blood coming from some unseen pore. His eyes closed, slowly losing his grip on life. And then, he died. As she walked out, she left what had happened to her behind, crossing out her life. She grew up from 16 to 28, after finally losing her mind. The town rebuit, pacefully. A funeral for Harim took as soon as the town had enough money, and at age 29 she caused suicide. The world lived on, renembering this struggle like a bad memmory.

    THE END.