• It all started with a big bang. We ran into the basement for safety. My dad got the gun, and my mom starts to call the police. We then hear someone scream. Mom starts dialing faster.
    "Mary, take cover of your brothers" my dad said quickly, while he checked to see through the window. I was scared to death and I had to look after my brothers! I mean I WAS only 14 years old. We sat there waiting for the police.

    Then finally the police comes. Then I hear only sirens. " Dang-it! " Dad says in a harsh tone.
    " What Ryon! " mom says questionably.
    " That woman got away " he said.
    " Mom. what are we going to do? " I asked.
    " Don't worry Mary " she says.

    I'm so scared. I hold my baby brothers and my eyes start to get heavier. I..I start falling in a deep sleep. I wake up in my dream...There's a..loud bang. I go outside to see what it is.
    My mother!!! I pick her up in my arms and hold her. I find myself crying, crying so much. The surroundings turn into a sea. Me and my mother are in a wrecked boat. My mother's soul appears next to my shoulder. It was so beautiful. She had new born baby blue eyes and she lit up the dark surroundings. I woke up...crying?

    I have to get ready for school now. I look in the mirror and. MAN, It looks like I put a moldy haystack on my head! I say moldy because my hair is black. As in my dream, I have the same eyes as my mother's soul. Man am I a mess! I look like I was rolled in dirt and added some water to my eyes. Dang-It!!! I don't have enough time to take a shower. I smell my armpits. Well, I don't smell THAT bad. So, I'll do good. Not my hair though! I brushed my hair straight and put on a green tank-top and blue jeans. Put on my high tops, grabbed my backpack and headed out the door.

    " Hey, Mary! " Mom yelled out.
    I stopped and turned around.
    " Yeah Mom! I gotta catch the bus. Can you hurry! " I say
    " I love you. If you run into any police, please tell them about the incident. " she says.
    " okay mom." i say and walk up onto the bus.

    TO BE CONTINUED........