• The Untitled Story
    By: Jovi (Lucis12)

    Nazomi is walking near the shore when she saw a teensy-weensy chipmunk. She noticed that the chipmunk was grimy. She tried to pick it up so she can wash it. But suddenly,she shivered when the chipmunk talked.
    "What do you think you’re doing?” The chipmunk asked as he stared at Nazomi with a quizzical look
    "How in the world can you talk?" asked Nazomi wide-eyed. She was so surprised as if she has seen a ghost.
    "Errr. I can talk because I’m Yousue, the prince of all Chipmunks," replied Yousue.
    "Oh Really? Why are you here? You’re not safe in here." Nazomi realized that Yousue is not safe walking in the shore alone.
    "This is not a good place to chat. I must bring you home." Nazomi said.
    "Nay, i don't want you to be involved to my problem."Yousue said.
    Nazomi stopped and think. "What problem?"
    "Errr. Nothing, let's go home."Yousue said.

    On the way home, they heard a crazy guffaw
    "Errr. That's an eerie guffaw, don't you think?"Yousue asked to Naz.
    "Just ignore the clamor Yousue."Naz babble.

    Conundrum voices from everywhere started to become louder.
    "What are you doing to my territory?" Conundrum voices become one.

    The murky corner started to glow bright.
    "It’s a portal to our world! Run as fast as you can Naz!" Yousue babble.
    "Nazomi, im glad to meet you" Yousue whispered to Naz, like he's gonna die.
    "But how about you? Can we meet again?" Naz asked.

    Again, they heard the mysterious voice.
    "It’s too late to run lady."

    Everything turned black.
    "Nazomi! Wake up! We must go before they find us." Yousue tried to wake Naz.
    "Where are we? Is this your world?" Nazomi asked yousue.
    "Yes, this is my world. We better get going Naz" Yousue answered.
    "Where are we going? You might want to explain it before we go." Nazomi asked.
    "We must find an old friend of mine." Yousue explained.

    Along the way, they saw a dene called Koto. A village where Yousue was born.
    "I still remember this place." Yousue grave.
    "Whats up with this place?" Nazomi asked.
    "Errr. It would be better for us to search from this place." Yousue said.

    After hours of searching the place, they saw Yousue's old friend Kadsuga, The Fire Warrior.
    "Is that you, Kadsuga?" Yousue asked.
    Then, he replied. "Yes, im afraid so. How did u know my name?"
    "Don't you remember me? Im Yousue." Yousue explained.
    "Is that really you, Yousue? What happened?" Kadsuga asked.
    "I became like this since the time we separated because of ShuRei" Yousue replied.
    "Hey guys, i think this is not a good place to chat?" Nazomi said.
    "She's right." Kadsuga replied.
    " We must continue our quest." Yousue giggles.

    At the middle of their quest, they saw a flying frog. Unfortunately, nazomi, on the other hand, is disgusted with them.
    "EWWW!!! I HATE FROGS!!!" squealed nazomi.
    Kadsuga giggles as he said, "Hahahaha!!! Nazomi, you're so funny. Dont worry. He's my friend, Kaishou. He won’t hurt you."
    "Is that you, Master Yousue?" Kaishou asked as he looked at his master with worry.
    He sighed and replied, "Yes, my dear friend, it is me."
    "Yousue! Look up at the sky!!" screamed Nazomi pointing at the sky.

    To their surprise, they saw the sky was turning hog red. Stones started disintegrating as it fell. As they looked closer, they saw a girl with red eyes slowly descending from the sky.
    "You have guts to show your face here again, Yousue" Kaiko said.
    "Sadly, yes. And im here to defeat you."Yousue replied.
    "Then, feel my wrath chipmunk!"Kaiko summoned a thunder that hits Nazomi instead of Yousue.
    "Oops! I think i missed. Hahahahah." Kaiko giggles.
    "Do you know what you just did?" Yousue angrily asked Kaiko.
    "Yes, i hitted her with my thunder." Kaiko replied.

    Yousue started to glow, from a chipmunk he's turning into a powerful magician. He soar to the sky and summoned a blue dragon and a red phoenix.
    Kaishou collate Yousue's power with Kaiko's power "Kadsuga, do you think Kaiko can stand on Master Yousue's power?"
    Kadsuga replied "I guess not. Kaiko is just a feeble."

    The dragon and the phoenix started to attack Kaiko. Kaiko can't move and is just whimpering for mecy.
    "I think the lot is true." Kaishou said to Kadsuga.
    "If the lot is true, then where is the girl that can seal Kaiko?" Kadsuga asked Kaishou.

    Kaishou's eyes grew wide when she saw Nazomi's dead body glowing.
    "K-k-kadsuga, look behind you" Kaishou called Kadsuga.
    "Nazomi is glowing. Maybe she is the sealer!" Kadsuga said.

    As Nazomi started to move. She soar to the sky and dispelled the Dragon and the Phoenix. She draw something inthe sky and Kaiko's body started to blur.
    "W-what's happening to my body?!?" Kaiko started to panic.
    "Your ado is inutile. Im turning you into a statue." Nazomi explains it to Kaiko.
    "My job in this world is done. Yousue, good bye" Nazomi's tears fell off.

    Nazomi opened the portal and leaved the place. After fortnight, she saw a guy that looks exactly like Yousue. She asked if it's Yousue but it's not him. She returned to their home grave, she even think its all a fib and is only an inane dream. But when she reached her home, she saw the chipmunk. She grabs it and hugs it, the chipmunk turned into a handsome guy. And they lived happily ever after.

    Thanks for reading.