• There is nothing better than to see a back-stabber squirm, I thought as I watched Teasha Shulters writhe under the onslaught of verbal abuse that Ian was bestowing upon her. I actually rejoiced to see her in trouble. There was no better revenge to extract, in my opinion, than to receive a tongue lashing from a former lover.

    Teasha turned her eyes towards me in accusation. She knew that I was the cause for her verbal-dressdown. I couldn’t believe that she thought that she didn’t deserve it. She knew that people deserved better from even a b***h such as she.

    "I tried to contact you! I did!" She cried. It looked as if she was close to tears, crocodile tears though.

    "No you didn't. If you had tried, you would have gotten through. You are scum, Teasha, complete and utter scum!" He sneered in her face. He looked uber pissed, and i was a tad bit scared. Maybe this wasn't a good idea.

    "Wow, I didn't know Ian could get so mad. Do you think we should stop it?" Keke whispered in my ear.

    "In a few minutes. I'm still going to wallow in my victory." I whispered back.

    She nodded. We sat there for a few more minutes, then I stepped up and told Ian to stop."I think she's had had enough, Ian. You should go cool down."

    "Fine. I'll see you in a bit." he said and went outside.

    "Are you happy now Ayla? You seem to have grown a lot more sadistic since we last saw each other. Did you enjoy my humiliation?" Teasha snarled.

    "Utterly. Did you enjoy being humiliated?" I asked with a sarcastic smile.

    "No. Why would I enjoy something like that? There is no way I could enjoy being smashed like a bug." She said, starting to cry.

    "Oh cut off the tears, whore. We know you only came back because you thought we'd be siting here with open arms. Well, obviously you were wrong. Too bad. You have to leave now." I said, sweeping my arm towards the door.

    She stood and huffily startedthe door. "You won't ever see me darken the doorway again."

    "Good riddance." I said.

    She stormed out, right into Ian's fist.