• This will be my story, I was counting sheep last night after logging off of Gaia Online andI thought about my avatar and then i thought up this little story, Like a RP kinda thing ^.^
    I also just had a geography lesson about earthquakes which came in handy
    Um it's my first submission, so i hope people likes it....
    It's sad, Or is it. I think it's sad kinda....
    Well, you be the judge, please comment

    The day Alcazaar Collapsed.....
    Jo woke up on an ordinary sunday morning, Got the paper, fried some eggs and flipped on the TV. News, Change the channel quick! Tom and Jerry, ahh the world was at peice!
    But, the world really wasn't because if Jo really watched the news that morning she would hear about recent shakes nearby nothing too bad, maybe about 2.5 on the richtor scale, only sensitive people and animals could feel it, nevertheless.
    At about noon It was time, Jo went into her room that opened to a small balcony but she never cared for it, she didn't like the breeze that came in from it. She walked over to the purple shelf lying over her bed, feeling the breeze wafting in. She lifted up a small imp, "Snoozer,....Snoozer....SNOOZER!!!". The small Angelic Imp slightly opened it's eyes . . . and then rolled over. Jo snarled low, she gently picked up Snoozer and shook him. The imp Opened it's eyes fully this time and puffed it's cheeks out "That's what you get for sleeping in!"
    Jo bought Snoozer several months after moving to the city of Alkazaar, She saw a poster advertising helpful imps, Helping with tasks around the home, navigating and a companion.
    The She saw the prize, 25,000 Gaia Gold.
    Most people could afford that, but, Jo was a Newb. to Alkazaar and she only had a lowly job as a Bookshop clerk. So she took out a loan, Jo was a very messy person, she pulled her clothes off and left them on the bedroom floor, whenever she spilled something she'd just leave it too dry and also she ws lonely, she hadn't made any friends in Alcazaar yet.
    So she was excited to get Snoozer even though she now had a loan to pay off.
    Snoozer was naturally sleepy, it slept about 11 hours excluding naps he'd have in the day.
    Jo loved him nevertheless, even though he was lazy and rarely cleaned or helped around Jo's apartment.
    On sunday morning, Snoozer and Jo escaped to the country on Jo's small red bike, this was Jo's Me-Time.While Snoozer slept under a tree, Jo would paint, draw or read., she liked sundays' even though she had to cycle very far and the roads were rocky and sometimes her bike would tip and unnerve her, she carried on. Jo and Snoozer would go to a little park in this little town, edgeworth. Snoozer liked the attention he got from little townsfolk and the shady trees to sleep underneath. That day Snoozer was huffing, no-one had come to greet them, more importantly him! No children were playing today. Nevertheless he soon ran out of stea and did what he did best, snoozed. Jo found it peaceful, later on They went to the little inn that they have tea and cakes at. It was closed, another hissy-fit from Snoozer, Jo decided to go home, It was almost 3pm almost time for Daniel to get off work.
    Daniel was Jo's sorta boyfriend, It was still early in the relationship but she was smitten, Daniel worked in a cafe across the street from Jo. He had seen her before and came in regulary to ask her out but, he never got the courage to until once when she came into the cafe for a mocha coffee, he must of bought about ten books he really didn't want by then. When her cofee was finished she noticed the little scrap of paper which was the bill, along with her bill was a small handwritten sentence, "Would you mind having a coffee with me sometime?". Jo went very red and went up to him with her receipt, picked up the pen in Daniel's apron pocket and wrote the one word he hoped for, "Yes".
    They did have coffee and had a sucessful second date and a third date and a fourth date, where she brought Snoozer to, and a fifth date and a sixth date. This would be thier fourth cup of coffee and a walk to the pier. She liked spending time with Daniel he was warm and he listened to her jabber on about books and music she liked and on some days off he would come into the book shop to keep her company.
    She was just riding down the worn, bumpy road on her long cycle back to Alcazaar when suddenly...a rumble. No not her or snoozer's stomach, But a rumble, like someone lifted the world up kinda rumble.
    It kept rumbling and it was getting more violent, her little bike basket was shaking and Snoozer was woken. She stood, panic-stricken, wondering what was happening, she felt the sudden urge to cycle faster towards Alcazaar.
    In about half an hour the rumbling stopped, but she wasnt out of the woods yet, literaly. She was still pedalling on the beaten down track in the wood that surronded Edgeworth. She still had a ways to go the land was bumpier here. Her legs were tired and wished she could switch places with Snoozer who kept an eye on the road comfortably in his little basket. By the time she got to the border of Alcazaar she saw the destruction, fires, telephone wires disabled, great buildings reduced to rubble, some buildings so tall had sunk and crashed to the ground. Daniel would surely not of survived this, surviviors were stumbling out of the city wallsand being examined by emergency relief officers. She wondered what she could do now, Her small messy apartment with the breezy balcony was gone, her loan was gone and more importantly Daniel, Her shy Shop boy, was gone.
    As she drifted aimlessly the other way, over by a nearby ambulance was Daniel, Bleeding heavily. He had been walking over to Jo's apartment to wait for her after his shift and had been hit and crushed by part of a falling building. He was lying on a stretcher and was lying down he looked sideways, past the emrgency relief officer that was obviously out of his depth with handling Daniel's Gaping wound, to more suvivours crying children, distressed parents, couples, people on the verge of dying. Past these people he saw a familar bike and an imp, he tried to cry out but his mouth was dry, he tried to speak but his voice was gone, he tasted blood when he opened his mouth, It gurgled in his mouth. He was dying and he couldn't even say his last words, he couldn't say those words he was planning on saying. Those three little words.
    "I love you"