• Ernest: You Smell wink
    Reyna: Go to hell stare
    Enest: Already there cool
    Reyna: That's fair stare
    Ernest: Want a bit cheese_whine
    Reyna: Take a hike talk2hand
    Ernest: Your mean crying
    Reyna: In your Dream sweatdrop
    Ernest: Your not Nice xp
    Reyna: think twice sweatdrop
    Ernest: Are you sweet lol
    Reyna: Move it creep stare
    Ernest: You wanna dance rofl
    Reyna: That doesen sound like a plan burning_eyes
    Ernest: What your name? smile
    Reyna: I have no time for games evil
    Ernest: Oh no redface
    Reyna: Then go confused
    Ernest: You know what? redface
    Reyna: You better not touch stressed
    Ernest: I Love you heart
    Reyna: I HATE YOU!! twisted .......(?)( heart )