• It's been two years since that day, i'll never forget the pain and suffering I cause. Brother told me it wasn't my fault, but I know better.

    " Hey Al, how's it going?"
    A sheepish look on his face.
    " I still can't figure it out, if we could use alchemy, it would be alot eaiser."
    " I know, but even if we could, no one could ever see us use it."
    "I know. I wonder how Winry's doing."
    Ed smiled at his brother.
    " She's probably fine."
    Little did he know what had happened that day between himself and Winry.

    A month after that day she found out she was pregnant, and the tests showed it was Edward Elric's child.
    " But that can't be right, we never got close enough until it was too late."
    Who should walk in the room, but Roy Mustang.
    " You carry his child because of alchemy."
    Her face showed confusion.
    " What do you mean?"
    " Did you do anything when you saw him?"
    " I hugged him tightly."
    " I see, his body used alchemy to give you hope, a child of love and alchemy. He's even better then before."
    " But why?"
    Roy turned from her and started to leave, but stopped for a moment.
    " Because he loved you, and this was his way of leaving you something of him. Treasure this child, for it will be the greatest gift you'll ever recieve."
    And he left on those words.
    " I will treasure it."

    The next eight months were full of pain, but her friends, and Ed's and Al's were there for her.
    And at the end of her journey, a baby girl was her gift.
    "What's her name Winry?"
    Rose was glad for her, and so were the others who knew the brothers.
    " Elisa Rockbell Elric."
    She held her baby close, she looked just like her father. And she would do great things.
    " She's beautiful."
    Winry looked and Mustang walked over and gave her a box.
    " A gift for the baby. And she's been given a title, The Metal Rose Alchemist. The head of central wanted her to have a title, and when she's of age, about when Ed joined, she'll be a state alchemist. She won't have to be tested, we figure she'll be as great as her father."
    " Have you found a way to get them home?"
    " Not yet, it seems we may never bring them here."
    " Can you send something to them?"
    He smiled.
    " That may be possible, what did you have in mind?"
    " A note, some auto mail skematics, and our daughter."
    " What? Why, items are possible, but a child, the child of Full Metal?"
    " I love her with all my heart, but I want Ed to see her. I want him to feel the joy I do now."
    " When did you want to send her?"
    " When two years have passed since that day."
    " Very well Winry, when the time comes, I'll have Major Hawkeye escort you to central."
    " Thank you Mustang. I hope you one day can feel the joy I do."
    " Good day Winry."

    Time had passed and the day finally came.
    " Miss Winry, it's nice to see you, and this must be Elisa. She look's like Ed, but softer. Your ride awaits."
    " Thank you. Soon my angel you'll see your dad and uncle, and they'll love you like I do."
    The ride to central was quiet. When the got off the train, Mustang was waiting.
    " Right on time, this way please."
    Moments later they were leading her to the room where they'd send her baby girl to Ed.
    "Do you have everything you wish to send?"
    " Yes, right here."
    " May I hold the baby?"
    " Sure."
    Mustang held the baby, and started to glow. Winry remebered the color of the glow, Ed had that Aura when he used alchemy.
    " What are you doing to her?!"
    Hawkeye held her back.
    " Please stop! She's just in infant! Let her go!"
    "I'm enhancing her alchemic abilities, we think if we can enhance her alchemy, maybe she can still use it in the other world.
    Maybe even help Edward and Alphonse use alchemy."
    He handed back the baby.
    " You have one minute."
    " Elisa, don't forget me honey. Mommy loves you very much, and I hope you're daddy will love you too."
    " It's time."
    Winry held her daughter once more.
    " I love you Elisa."
    She gave her to Mustang.
    " Elisa, you are the hope of this world and the hope of your Father, may god bless you and protect you."
    He sent her through the portal with her note and skematics.

    Meanwhile on the other side.
    " We need a miracle to get home."
    A window suddenly opened.
    " Brother the window."
    Ed got up and stuck his head out the window.
    " What the-"
    Out of nowhere, a baby hit him and sent him sailing into the wall.
    " Dammit. Even little kids hurt me."
    Al picked up the baby and notice a note and skematics.
    "Brother look, a note."
    Ed got off the floor and walked over.
    " It's Winry's handwriting. But how?"
    "Let me read it."

    " Dear Ed and Al.
    Her name is Elisa Rockbell Elric.
    I didn't believe it either, but the blood test
    shows you as her father.
    Mustang said it was alchemy that made her possible.
    She even has a state title, The Metal Rose Alchemist.
    Love her as I did, and cherish her.
    I love you Edward, please remember this.
    Al, keep taking care of him.
    I hope the skematics help.


    " She looks like you brother."
    Ed gazed at her.
    " You're right Al, she does look like me. But why send her here?"
    Al put her on the floor, and the little girl clapped her hands together and put them against the floor.
    A blue aura surrounded her.
    " Brother look."
    Ed's jaw dropped.
    " She can use Alchemy??????"
    " What's she making?"
    The little girl transmuted a Rose made of wood.
    " Incredible, look at the detail."
    Alphonse looked at his brother and smiled.
    " Brother, if she can use alchemy, what about us?"
    " Yeah, your right. Let me try."
    He did as his child did, and created a figurine of wood, it looked just like Winry.
    " Brother! We can use alchemy again!"
    " But how?"
    They both looked at the little girl on the floor, and it hit them both.
    " Elisa. But how? How is she different from us?"
    Ed closed his eyes and stood still.
    " Brother?"
    " Someone has enhanced her body and soul, Mustang must've done it. It takes a powerful alchemist to do something like this."
    " But why Brother? Even with alchemy, we can't be seen using it. After seeing what happened that day, I feel no one should know we can use alchemy. It might lead to another war against home."
    "I know Al."
    Ed looked at the little girl sitting happily on floor.
    " I still can't believe it, I have a daughter. And she's an alchemist."
    Alphonse picked her up, and saw something on her back.
    " Brother, look at this."
    " What is it Al?"
    He looked at her back, and found a mark. It was a rose, as silver as the moon.
    " A rose. It's a birthmark, a biological sign of her name. The Metal Rose Alchemist."
    She wiggled her way back to the floor, and went to a window and looked at the sky.
    " Brother, can we really care for her?"
    " We can,and we will."

    It's been 3 and a half years since she came to them. A horrible thing was to happen today, and no one could stop it.
    It was a nice sunny day in may. The flowers were blooming, and Elisa was so happy.
    But something was troubling Ed.
    " Al, where's Elisa?"
    "Oh, I sent her across the street to get a piece I need."
    " Okay, I'll be out front, hollar if you need me."
    " Right brother."
    He opened the door and saw his little angel getting ready to walk back over.
    " Hi Daddy."
    " Hey honey."
    As she walked over, Ed heard something he hoped he was wrong about. But his eyes couldn't decive him.
    Someone had lost cotrol of their car, and it was heading straight for Elisa.
    He only had a moment to act, and he dashed for her and pushed her out of the way.
    The car hit him full force, crushing his entire body.
    " Daddy!"
    Al heard his niece's voice, and there was fear in it. He raced outside to see what was wrong. Elisa was pulling at something on the street.
    " Elisa, get away-"
    He couldn't finish his sentence, he saw what she saw.
    " Brother! Don't leave us please. You left me alone for two years, please not again!"
    " Daddy, get up! Please get up!"
    Ed opened his eyes very slowly.
    " Elisa, your okay. Thank god."
    " Brother, what happened?!"
    " A car.....someone lost control.......had to save Elisa."
    Ed felt darkness clawing at him, and a voice he'd never forget.
    " Edward dear, it's time to go home."
    He gazed at his brother and daughter once more.
    " I love you....goodbye...."
    He closed his eyes, and left forever.
    " Brother! No! Don't leave! Let me go instead!"
    " Daddy! Wake up! Wake up!"
    Al grabbed Elisa and hugged her tight.
    She fought his grip.
    "Uncle alphonse Let go! Daddy needs help!"
    " I'm sorry honey, it's too late."
    Her eyes filled with tears, and she began to cry.
    Al did what he could,and held her tight.
    She fell asleep in his arms crying.
    He felt like crying too, but he had to be strong for his niece.
    Al carried her inside and to her room.
    " Elisa, I hope you can forgive me."
    He tucked her in and went back outside.
    Al wouldn't leave Ed's body out on the street.
    He grabbed his body, and went into the backyard.
    " Brother, we'll miss you greatly."
    He put Ed's body down and transmuted a grave. And then sealed his body with alchemy.
    " This way Brother, you'll always be the same, no matter how much time passes."
    He lowered Ed's body and transmuted the grave. And then sealed it.
    " Good bye Brother, tell mom I said hi."