• I grabbed my book. I'm reading "Listening for Lions". I closed my locker and went to the library. When I went in the library I sat in the seat by the window. Then opened my book and read. As I read, I slightly was distracted. I kept looking out the window..AND would give glimpses at Jamar. I looked closely outside and.....I notice something strange. I looked closely to a car and it ACTUALLY had blood on it! I sprung up to talk to Stephanie.
    "Sephy! Come here!" I called out. She came over to me in a hurry.
    "Yeah? What is it?"She asked.
    "Look closely at that car right there." I said, "There's blood on it!"
    "I see, oh my god! I wonder why there's blood on it." Stephanie replied.

    We stared at it for a while and headed to our next period. As I was walking, Jamar looked at me and yelled out McCasland! He gets SO annoying when he does that! I walked ahead of him go to my study hall class. Jamar is in my study hall class.....sorry, dozed off. I went in the class room and sat down to start on my work. Our teacher Mr.Beard lets us talk. So its hard to work. Malissa came over to me and said,"Why are you so quiet? Do you have a date for the dance thats coming up next Friday?" We have a dance?! I didn't know that!
    "No..we have a dance?!"I say concerned.
    "Yeah" Malissa said like she knows it all. I don't even LIKE her. She's a brat!
    "Well, no one told me so how would I know. Anyways, I thought I might just go with my friends" I said nervously.
    "Your FRIENDS have dates. Why don't you? I mean, even if there wasn't a dance?" She said in a way like you HAVE to have a date. GOD! I want to KILL her!

    To Be Continued......