• Chapter Seven: The Discovery
    Lola is now 15. Olivia is now an official healer. Ryland is almost as good a hunter as Lola but he has a broken arm from attempting to take on a full grown male Deer. Jack is now helping the elders take care of the pups. Emi is helping the pack go into human territory and get food and jobs. There has been neither hide nor hair of Nosaka. The pack has never done so well. But all of that is about to change.
    Lola, Jack, Shadowpaw and Heartfall are hunting. Ryland is still recovering so he couldn’t come along. Lola spotted a Doe and Heartfall went with her to try to catch it. Jack and Shadowpaw went on to the river to catch some fish. Shadowpaw was relevantly new to hunting so she stayed to the basics. Jack was always messing up so he was best for scattering schools of fish.
    Lola and Shadowpaw followed the deer up to a waterfall. They both noticed something off about the sent of the wind. When they got there they found a trail of blood that started right were they had last saw the dear. It went behind the waterfall. Shadowpaw followed the trail and was out of Lola’s eyesight for at least 5 minutes. Then Shadowpaw came flying out the middle of the waterfall. She landed right in front of Lola.
    She noticed that she had a bleeding wound in her side and immediately started to help stop the bleeding. Someone landed right in front of Lola. She looked up and stared in aw of what she saw.
    Nosaka was standing right in front of Lola and she could do nothing but stare. Nosaka knelt and stared right back into Lola’s eyes. She held Lola under her chin and smirked.
    “You’ve become a lovely girl. It’s too bad your hands are sullied with blood. If it wasn’t for you, Kino would have never done such a stupid act, and your daddy would still be alive. No man will live with a girl that brings suffering. You can never change that. That’s what you are, a curse. A plague from the day you were born. That’s why I’ve decided to be a hero and save the world from you. I am your grim reaper. And today is the day you die.”
    Nosaka swung her sword and was just shy of Lola’s neck. They both jumped back, Lola carrying Shadowpaw in one hand. She put her down gently and took out her weapons. Two mettle fans were all she needed. Nosaka ran at her. Lola stopped the sword right in front of her face.
    “I see you’ve gotten better in your years of exile. Tell me, what’s it like spending two years rotting your brain and filling what’s left with nonsense. You’re crazy to think you’re MY maker. I fall to no weapon and can’t be worn down. Have fun digging your grave, ‘cause I’m not the only one that wants to put you in it!”
    Nosaka was thrust backward and into the lake. Nothing resurfaced and being satisfied with that, Lola left without ever planning to see Nosaka again.