• (Sally random talk show in the afternoon)
    Narrator-"Hay I'm saly and this is random in the afternoon"
    [[bird noise]]
    "Awesome Today our special guest is Steve from Steve's greatest hits!"

    Guest-"Its great to be here Sally."
    Narrator-"right.....Well! How is your new hit?"
    Guest-The marathon was great!"
    Narrator-"did you win?"
    narrator-"Aw...ok! Did you try hard"
    Guest-"uh....Well I Di-"
    Narrator-"OK! Lets have a little break"
    [[radio jingle]]((*note* just a random jingle))
    [[small commercial]]((*note*just random noises))
    Narrator-"Ok! so you can get Steves marathon on sale now at a store near you!
    [[radio jingle in background]]
    Guest-"wait...What? I-Hello?