• There was once a 21 year girl named Lori who had just moved to her new college. Everything went fine the first year she was there, she shared her huge appartment room with her friends and even met a nice guy, everything was fine except for the fallout between her and a goth group that was well known in the campus. Other than that, her year was going great and she was looking forward to Christmas break.

    However, as the break neared, she began hearing rumors that the "goth group" was planning to kill her during break, when there was virtually nobody around. She decided to buy a dog, knowing that her room mate was going to be away for the break and whe wanted some company. She trains the dog to sleep under her bed, so that in the middle of the night she can put her hand on the floor and the dog will lick it. That way, she knows he's still there.

    Christmas break comes around and one day Lori comes back to the apartment after a night on the town. She undresses and takes a shower, then goes to sleep, her dog underneath her bed as usual.

    She wakes up in the middle of the night with a small noise, she sticks her hand under her bed and feels her dog lick her hand. "No problem," she thinks, and goes to sleep.

    A couple of hours later she wakes up again, thinking she heard her dog whining in her bathroom. However, she sticks her hand under the bed and once again the dog licks her hand. She goes back to sleep.

    She wakes up for a third time, this time hearing a distinctive, 'drip, drip, drip' comming from the bathroom. She puts her head under the bed, feels her dog lick her hand, and then gets up to go turn off the water, thinking she has left it running the whole night.

    When she gets to the bathroom she finds her dog drowned in the bathtub. She looks to try to find her cell phone, which she left in her pants pocket when she took a shower. She notices it missing, so she desperately runs out of the house.

    She runs to her friend's house and they go to the police station. The police take the girl back to her apartment and she shows them the way to the bathroom.

    However, when she opens the door, she notices something's different. The bathtub water is completely red, and there is something written on the mirror in blood:

    'You're lucky you weren' t here earlier or this would have been you.'

    The police then examine the apartment and discover something's underneath the bed. It turned out that the dog had been dead for awhile, and that the person licking her hand was the murderer.