• Chapter One: Memories:

    I bid my friends Farewell as I headed home to my palace, that overlooked a giant garden with Sakura trees. When I arrived I noticed they were blooming again, beautiful pink flower petals were scattered among the sky and water of the lake. It was such a sanctuary for me in times of trouble. I could always count on this place to lift my spirits and hope. My mother was buried here under one of the Sakura trees that had red flowers instead of pink. She died when I was three. She had gotten lung cancer from my father’s second hand smoking and died of it. My dad stopped smoking after that dreadful day my mother was diagnosed with the killer disease.
    I walked over to the bridge and looked at my reflection in the crystal clear waters. Some of the coy fish swam by and made ripples in the lake. I remember feeding them when they were small. My mom and I would feed them after she picked me up after school when she was alive. That is in the past. Ever since my mothers death I had become distant and yet I was able to make friends. I have been doing better lately and I have even started to talk to guys. But I still love my Kanji; he is brave and would protect me no matter what. His long silver hair and golden eye s were mesmerizing and his pointed ears were to die for. Oh how I loved him.

    I got up from my sitting position by the lake and walked into the forest that was my back yard. The petals decorated my face and hair as I walked down the flowery path towards my special place that I always went to when I need time alone. On my way there I hummed my favorite childhood song and gazed at the shimmering trees around me. I sketched, wrote and practiced my guitar at this place all the time. It was the one and only place I could feel safe.

    While I was on my way to my sacred spot I took off my shoes, and I held them as I walked down my path. The damp grass felt good on my blazing bare feet. I saw some Fire Lily’s lining the path to the Tree of Ages the most shaded spot in the entire forest and was my destination. A fine combination of the Fire Lily’s smell and the Sakura blossoms scented the area putting my mind at ease. Finally I arrived and sat under the gorgeous tree. I was in complete heaven. I took my sketch book and pencil out of the back pack I was wearing and began to sketch. People say I have a knack for drawing. That night I feel asleep drawing the man I love and under my favorite tree, completely at peace.

    Chapter Two: Party Time and an Unexpected Guest:

    When I woke up the next morning I felt freezing cold and I was in a daze. I was in the forest and under the Tree of Ages in a bathing suit. I had come here to sketch yesterday. I looked at my sketch book, sure enough a picture of Kanji that I had drew last night still in perfect condition. I slid the book and pencil back into my back pack, and I swung it over my shoulders and walked back home. Once there I snuck in and got to my bed room without being seen. Lucky for me it was still early and no one had awoken yet. Father would have been certainly angered if he found out I had slept outside again.

    I changed into my blue silk pajama pants and shirt and crawled into my large water bed and curled up into my covers enjoying the warmth and softness of my bed. I wasn’t tired so I just looked at the ceiling and pictured what Kanji would look like if he was real. He would have long silver hair, gold eyes, strong arms and he would be tall and have tan skin. His personality would be a little cold but he would be sweet and kind when he got used to someone and would protect a friend at all costs. The type of man all girls dream of meeting some day would be him. Too bad he’s just a dream.

    Something wet landed on my cheek, and I touched the spot with my right hand. It was a Sakura petal that had fallen from one of the trees outside, since it had been raining this morning after I got back I wasn’t surprised that it was wet. For as long as I can remember I have always loved walking under the Sakura trees and running through the petals as they would fall out of the sky above my head. Never have I done such a thing with a friend or even had any of my friends over to my estate to hang out with. I was always alone here, well I guess I had my dad but he’s never home. He was always out with his rich friends. They loved flying around the world and going to bars.
    I decided to get up and get dressed and I went down to the dinning hall to have breakfast, but when I arrived I found a note on the table. I picked it up and began to read what it said.

    ‘Dear Akina,
    Me and some of my friends have gone to explore in the upper mountains and won’t be back for two weeks. I have left plenty of money for you to spend while I’m gone and hope you have a great time. Be a good little princess and behave yourself while I'm away. I love you.

    Love your beloved father, King Kuzon ‘

    My luck, now I was all alone in this house for a month with no one to talk to. On the other hand I had plenty of money to throw a party and still have enough to eat and get some new stuff. This may not be so bad after all. But who would I invite to the party, and what would I wear? All my party dresses were from last year. I’d have to buy a new dress and shoes, and have my hair done. This could be fun after all. With that thought I had left the house with my wallet and going out to buy everything I’d need.

    I walked into a formal dress store, and began to try on every dress I could see that was blue or red. Many looked great, but they just didn’t scream ‘PARTY GIRL’ like I was. Until I found this beautiful low cut, no sleeve, crystal blue dress that stopped at my knees. It fit like a glove and looked great on me. I changed back into my normal cloths and brought my dress to the check out lady, and paid for the it with the money my dad had givven me and left the store with my dress in the bag I was carrying. I bought some new high heel shoes and earrings and a necklace that matched my dress perfectly. I had decided to make it a masquerade dance so I bought a blue raven mask and I got tons of things to eat at the party and plenty of soda.
    I put the bags into the trunk of my blue mustang convertible and got into the drivers seat and drove to my estate, as happy as I’ve ever been since my mother’s death. When I arrived home I set down my bags in my room and went to bed.

    The next day I woke up to the sound of the birds outside but then I realized something. Today was the day I was having my huge party and I was totally a wreck. I never thought that I’d be this nervous, and for my own party none the less. Oh well might as well get dressed. The guests would be here in about two hours and I still had tons to do. I went into my bath room and took a nice long shower and brushed my teeth and hair. Once done I blow dried my hair and got on my crystal blue dress and put on my sapph ire diamond necklace, high heels and earrings. I took my brush and my straightener and began to do my hair. By the time I was done my long caramel brown hair was completely straight and framed my face perfectly. I unplugged the straightener and put it back on the counter and went back to my room to do my make up. I got it just right. I wore light blue eye shadow, light pink lip stick, and black eye liner and cherry lip-gloss.

    By the time I was done getting ready, I only had half an hour until my guests would arrive. I went over to my desk and opened my jewelry box and took out my great grandmother’s princess mask from her masquerade ball from when she was a teen. It had sapphire diamonds on it that traced the eye holes and framed the edges of the mask perfectly showing off the wearer’s natural beauty. In my opinion it was going to be the best dance of the century and everyone would be talking about it for years to come. I turned on my flat screen TV and watched it until it was only fifteen minutes until the party and I went down to the ball room where my servants had hung up all the decorations I bought.

    The place looked gorgeous. Blue streamers and balloons were hung along the ceiling and in the center of the room was a giant disco ball. The walls were painted ocean blue and two tables with food and drinks were in the right and left corners of the room. I had decided to go with Diet Pepsi and Dr. Pepper for drinks and all kinds of finger sandwiches you could think of. In the bottom left corner of the room was a dj station for where the dj will play the music. He was there setting up everything he needed.

    No one will forget this party as long as they live. Not too long later people from far and near started to emerge into my beautiful home and the dj began to play some awesome music. Almost everyone was dancing and having a good time and I danced alongside many people most friends but some were just people I knew through my father. Just as I was dancing to ‘Who knew, by Pink’ it happened I saw someone I thought I never would. Now he was in front of me and all I was doing was staring at those mesmerizing golden eyes of his, like a complete idiot.

    My heart stopped in that moment and I could hardly breathe, as I stared into the eyes of the man I had been dreaming about for so long. Kanji stared back into my eyes as well, and all the people around us just kept on dancing not noticing the two of us. It seamed the second our eyes met; we became the only people in the room. He grabbed my hand and led me out to the balcony and both of us sat on the bench, still looking at each other. Time seamed to freeze until he spoke.

    “Izumi I’ve been looking for you for so long. Ionia needs your help. We are under attack by an evil demon that calls him self Katsuo. He has been killing innocent people and even the angles can’t beat him. Our only hope is you.”

    “Why do you need my help? I don’t have any powers and I don’t even know how to fight. I’m just a weak human,” I replied. He stared at me, as if he didn’t believe what I just said.

    “You are no ordinary human. Izumi you are the daughter of the ocean and the moon. You can control water, and can even levitate. I need to take you back to Ionia, and reclaim your throne,” he grabbed my hands as he said this.

    “Wait, I can control water, levitate and I have a throne on Ionia? But I’m the princess of Japan. How can I have two kingdoms?” I couldn’t believe this. It’s just like a dream I had last summer.

    “You were born on Ionia and your father Kuzon and mother Kimiko adopted you when you were a baby. Your biological parents were Queen Hina and King Kohaku, rulers of Ionia.” I must have fainted because I don’t remember what happened after that.