• Act I: Tessa's reincarnation

    Scene 1
    It's morning. A girl wakes up. She says:
    "Again this dream... Why do I dream this every night?"
    Then she preparates everything for school. She goes to school, after eating breakfast.
    She comes late for her lessons. She likes school, but she do not like her classmates...
    The school bell rings. It's now recess. Some pupils are teasing one girl. She is crying and she is laying on the ground.
    "Why are you teasing me?", she asks them.
    "'Cause you are lying!", says a boy, who is hitting the girl.
    "I'm telling the true... That's my hair color! I havent't colored it! Please, believe me...", she answers.
    "You're lying! No one has blue hair!", he says during tearing the hair of the girl.
    "Please stop teasing me!", she shouts desperated.

    A teacher has heard this cry, so that she goes there to see what is happening.
    "Hey. What's up?", she asks.
    "Nothing...", answers a pupil, "We are only rehearsing a scene, isn't it, Tessa?"
    The girl, who has cried before, doesn't answer.
    "Are you fine?", asks the teacher.
    "Yes... I'm fine...", Tessa hesitates.
    "Ok...", answers the teacher and she wants to enter school. She is a new teacher in this school and very young. She has violet short hair. This woman is very beautiful and very clever, because she is teacher with the age of twenty.

    Scene 2
    Every day the pupils are teasing the girl, called Tessa, but they stopped when the teacher are next to them.
    One day the new teacher comes late to school, because she has overslept. She sees the kids hitting Tessa. Tessa shouts:
    "Stop! Please stop teasing me!"
    A light is appearing on her forehead. It becomes bigger and bigger.
    "Stop!", the teacher screams, "Does someone see the light around her?"
    They shake their head. The teacher continues:
    "If someone continues to tease her, the person will be excluding from this school!"
    Then she takes Tessa's hand and takes Tessa to her teacher teacher's lounge.

    Scene 3
    "What's your name?", the teacher asks.
    "Tessa", she answers afraid.
    "Ok. I'm welcome. It's nice to meet you. Sit down, please", says the teacher, "If they tease you again, please tell me. Ok?"
    "Ok...", she answers while she is sitting on a chair.
    "That's fine. Do you believe on fairies?"
    "No, they don't exist. Why should I believe on fairies?"
    "Do you dream of them?", she asks Tessa.
    "That doesn't matter. Why are you asking?"
    "Have you heard that it is impolite to answer to a question with a question?"
    "So? Do you dream of them?"
    "Oh... I see... Hm... Ok..."
    "Has I said something wrong?"
    "No, I'm just thinking..."
    "May I go?"
    "No, not now."
    "Do your parents know about your school problems?"
    "No, I haven't told them about it... I don't wanna worry them. They've enough problems..."
    "Can I have your telephone number?"
    "I don't wanna worry them. They've enough problems with their jobs...", Tessa says, while she is standing up, "I go now. See you tomorrow and thank you for your help."
    "Please wait till Lua appears. She will say if you are a fairy of the planets."
    "Why are you talking about fairies? They don't exist!"
    "They exist! We are fairies! I think you are the fairy of the earth, because of the sign on your forehead."
    "Which sign? You're a fairy", Tessa laughs.
    "Yes, I'm a fairy."
    "I do not see your wings. Can you fly without wings?"
    "No, but after my transformation, I will be able to fly."
    "I wanna see your transformation"
    "Later... Now it is dangerous... There could be enemies..."
    "Ah... Ok...", Tessa laughs louder.
    "Lua will arrive soon... if she allows me to transform myself, I will show you that I'm telling you the truth and that I'm not crazy."
    "Yeah... Yeah...", she laughs.

    Scene 4
    "Hello everybody!!!", says a new voice.
    Tessa looks around, but she does not see one more person. There is only the teacher and herself in this room.
    "Where does it come from? Where does this voice come from?", Tessa says nervously.
    "Sorry, I'm late, but these kids are horrible... ", the voice continues talking.
    "It doesn't matter", the teacher answers, "We've waited that you come, Lua."
    "Lua?", Tessa asks, "Where are you? I cannot see you."
    "Are you blind?", the voice says angrily, "I'm here. In front of you!"
    "Where?", Tessa asks irritated.
    "Do you see the butterfly?", the teacher asks.
    Tessa answers: "Yes. Why?"
    "I'm Lua. Now I'm a butterfly, but I'm a fairy of the moon, after my transformation."
    "This butterfly is talking with me?", Tessa says, "I think I'm crazy..."
    "No, you aren't!", says the teacher, "Lua, may I transform me?"
    Lua nods and the teacher closes the window and the curtain.
    "Meu amor, meu coração, Plutão!", the teacher says. Then a violet light appears which goes around her body.
    "Luz da Lua, ajuda-me por favor!", Lua says and a white light is around her body, too.
    Suddenly they wear other clothes. The teacher has a bright violet dress, which has a sign on her belly. This sign looks like a 'P'. She has violet wings. The little butterfly, called Lua, is now a little child. She looks very cute and has blond hair and a simple dress. Her wings are a big ribbon.
    Tessa says: "I think I'm dreaming..." She falls.
    "Oh... Maybe it was to much for her...", the teacher says, "We've to give her parents a call. Can you find her telephone number out?"
    "Yeah!", answers Lua. Then she flies around Tessa. Lua closes her eyes. Finally she says:
    "It's 123XXXXXX"
    They call Tessa's parents.
    "Try to give her some of her memories of her life as a fairy...", says the teacher, after she has hang out the telephone. Lua is flying around Tessa, while she is saying some magical words.

    Scene 5
    Tessa dreams that she is on the mountains and suddenly she hears someone shouting.
    < Help! Help! >, a voice shouts.
    She follows the voice and she sees a hurted girl below in the cliff line.
    < Why do you not fly? > , Tessa asks in her dreams.
    "Fly?", Tessa asks herself.
    < I'm hurt. I cannot fly. I'm new and it was one of my first tries of flying. Everyone in my class can fly, but I was the only one who could not fly.>
    Then Tessa goes a footstep towards.
    "I will fall!", Tessa says afraid, but she is mistaken, because she is flying. She flies in direction to this girl and she takes her hand. Later the little girl says:
    < Thank you very much. I'm in your debt. I will help you, if you are in danger, even if I would die >, the girl says, < I'm Lua, nice to meet you. >
    < I'm Terra. The princess of the earth and the protector of the earth. >, Tessa says.
    "I'm Terra?", Tessa says confused, "What does here happen? Ah, I know. I'm dreaming..."

    Then there is a severe storm and the place changes.
    Tessa dreams now about a beautiful garden and about a beautiful castle. She is playing hide-and-seek with Lua, the little butterfly, in the garden. They sit down in the grass, when they get tired. The two girls begin talking about life, future, wishes,..
    < Who do you love, Terra? >, Lua asks in her dream.
    Tessa answers in her dream:
    < Can you keep a secret? >
    < Yes! >, Lua says nerved.
    < I love Taiyoo. He is cute. His voice is so beautiful. He is brighter than the sun. >, Tessa answers in her dream.
    "Taiyoo? Who is he?", Tessa thinks confused, "Why do I say this? This dream is sort of weird. I cannot control my dream..."

    Sudden there is a severe storm and the place is changing again.
    Tessa dreams about different situations and places. Every time the place changes with a severe storm.

    The last dream is about a congress, where the fairies have to help the prince of the sun, Taaiyoo, who is ill. The sun extinguishes, because of his illness. No one knows the reasons for his illness, so that they decide to give him all their power of life. Before they send him all energy, Lua asks:
    < You know that it can be possible that you will die, if you send all your power of life to the prince? >
    < Yes, I know, but I prefer to die than he dies. He has the right to live and I'm one of the persons who have to protect my planet and the sun. I have to protect the sun, even I have to die! I love Taiyoo. I have to help him. >
    "Taiyoo is the prince of the sun?", Tessa asks herself confused.
    Lua says worried:
    < Be careful... I have a strange feeling... >
    < Yes, I will be careful, because I have to answer to his question... >, Tessa says smiling in her dream.

    The following day...
    < Please help me, fairies of the planets >, says Tessa.
    From every planet comes a fairy, which flies through the univers to the earth. After they arrive on the earth, she says:
    < Thanks, We have now to give our power to the prince of the fairies... >, Tessa says. They concertrate their power and send it to the sun. The sun begins to shine again... The prince seems to be fine...
    The darkness ends on the earth and all is like previously...
    The fairy of the Saturn says: < We've expended our power... We aren't able to return to our planets!>
    "It's like in my dream. It's like my dream every night...", Tessa says wondering.
    < That's true! >, says another fairy, < We've to stay here...>
    < We have to take new power, so we have to be reborn >, answers another fairy.
    Tessa thinks:
    < Taiyoo, please wait till my rebirth... Then I will answer to your question!>
    The fairies dissolve into bubbles and they become stars...
    "It's like my dream every night... Why do I dream that much this night?"
    Then she sees all black and she falls again.

    Scene 6
    Later when Tessa wakes up...
    The teacher and Lua are normal.
    "Oh... Have I got a blackout?", Tessa asks.
    "Yes.", the teacher answers, "Now you can go home, but take this."
    The teacher gives Tessa earrings with the form of ♀. Tessa looks confused:
    "why do you give me these earrings?"
    "Later... I will tell you later... Take them and do not loose them. See you tomorrow."
    "Bye.", Tessa answers, while she is going in direction to the door. She looks on her watch. She has missed three lessons. Now she has to go to the school garden. She has the responsibility for the flowers, for the tress, for all plants.
    She loves this place, because the others do not like this job, so that they do not go there. Tessa is alone. She loves this job. She sees a plant, which is dying. Tessa feels sad and then she sings. This plant is alive again. Tessa is happy that she can be in this place. She sings:
    " 'Eu, o último dos teus grandes amores
    eu, tou louco por te dar meu coração
    hoje mandando-te estas 24 flores
    recebe-as mulher não digas não' "

    A boy appears at the same time. He has blond short hair and bright brown eyes, which seems to shine golden. He listens to the song, which Tessa sings:
    " 'pões-lhe água fresca numa jarra
    dentro do teu quarto e junto à cama
    se alguém te perguntar de quem são
    tu respondes são de quem me ama' "

    Then Tessa stopps to sing and the boy continues the song:
    " 'Se tu andas ocupada com mil coisas
    e perdoa-me se eu te interrompi
    hoje mandando-te estas 242 rosas
    as horas que perdi eu penso em ti' "
    [Song '24 Rosas' by José Malhoa, traduction coming soon]
    Tessa is shocked as she sees the boy singing beyond her. After they finished, the boy asks:
    "Where do you learn this song?"
    "Why do you ask?", she answers.
    "'Coz it is my song. I've written it long time ago."
    "Oh... So you are the writer of this song? I love this song. I do not know the reason, but I cannot forget it. I have sung it all my life."
    "Oh. That's interessing..."
    "Why?", Tessa says confused.
    "It's my next single song."
    "Singe song? So you write songs and sing them?"
    "Yes! That cannot be serious! You do not know me?"
    "Why should I now you?"
    "I'm Lucio Tai...", he is not able to finish his sentence, because there are girls shouting:
    "Lucio! Lucio! Come here! Let her alone... Come with us!"
    "Oh no...", he shakes his head "Sorry. I have to leave before they destroy your beautiful garden. I know you love this graden."
    "Hm?", Tessa says confused.
    "Tomorrow... Here at the same time? I will be waiting here for you." he says before he goes with these girls.
    "Who was he? Why does his face remind me something? Luicio Tai... Taiyoo? Could it be Taiyoo of my dream? I have the feeling of knowing him very good. The feeling of having something in common with him, not only this song, maybe something more. Why does my heart beat so fast? Was it heartthrob? I'm confused... My heart... It hurts..."
    Tessa falls to ground. Someone was there for Tessa to when she falls. This person brings her to somewhere.

    Tessa dreams of a beautiful place, where everywhere is in flower in many different colors. The sky is blue and you cannot see a cloud. It's a warm day of spring. She lays between this flowers watching to the sky while she is singing the same song like she sang with the strange boy at school. Tessa is not alone, because she is not singing alone in her dream. There is a boy. She seems to know his voice.
    "Is this the boy from today?"
    <Terra, I wish we never be seperated.>, the boy says, after we have finished to sing the song.
    "Terra? Who is it? Again this name...", Tessa asks herself.
    Then somebody sits next to me and looks into my eyes. Tessa cannot see his face, because of the bright light of the sun. She can see that he has golden hair, because it shines brighter than the sun. Then the boy says:
    <Terra, I love you.>
    <I love you, too>, Tessa answers in her dream.
    "Why do I say this?", she thinks confused, "I do not know him. Am I crazy?"
    Suddenly everything gets black again...

    Scene 7
    Tessa wake in her bed up. She is at home. Her window is open and a butterfly is flying around her.
    "Good morning, Tessa.", a tinny voice says.
    "Who is here?", Tessa asks confused.
    "Do you forget me?", the tinny voice says.
    "Ah!", Tessa shouts.
    "Tessa, are you ok?", somebody says from down.
    "Yes, I'm ok, mom."
    "Ok." her mother answers from down.
    "Do you dream well?", the tinny voice asks.
    "I think I'm dreaming...", Tessa answers, "You were in my dream, so that I am dreaming again."
    "You aren't dreaming!", says Lua angrily, "Is it your way of being thankful? I have brought you here and I have given you some old memories of your past life and that is your way of being thankful?!"
    "Memories of my old life?", Tessa asks confused.
    "Yes, of your old life. I will give you later some more... You have a lot of memories. It was easy to give you our memories, which we have collected together, but the others are more difficult."
    "Can you explain me something?", Tessa asks.
    "Shoot!", Lua answers.
    "I've dreamt of you. I've dreamt of our first meeting. Where was this place? Where was this cliff line? I was never there..."
    "Dear me... It was in the near of your palace... Your palace is over the clouds."
    "Over the clouds? Is it a fying palace with garden?", Tessa says surprised.
    "Yes. It's very dangerous for us to be seen by humans. They would try to kill us or to use our magical power, even we are here to protect their life and planet."
    "So all my dreams are in the near of the palace?"
    "Not all memories are next to the palace... You've visited sometimes the earth and now you live on the earth!", Lua laughs.
    "You're right!", Tessa begins to laugh, too, "I've dreamt about other fairies and about a prince... What has happen to them?"
    "Sorry, I do not know. Since this day, I have never seen them again. I've follow your soul and I have waited for the day where I can talk to you about your old life, but it was not easy... I've send you some memories, but you have not accepted them, so that I have stopped to send you memories. Then I've met your teacher Paula. She has come to me as she saw me. She is the only one, who I've met, who has all memories of her past."
    "Ok, but what has happened to the others? How many fairies has died this day?"
    "Nine fairies."
    "What are their names? Were we friends?"
    "Their names were Mars, Venus, Mercúrio, Jupiter, Saturno, Úranos, Plutão, Neptuno and you, Terra. All these persons are princesses. Taiyoo is the prince of the sun. You've to search the fairy princesses... You have to return to your palace."
    "What has happen to Taiyoo? Does he still live?"
    "He is disappeared since this day."
    "Disappeared?", Tessa says sad, even she does not know the reason for her sadness.
    "Yes... It's pity, but it's true... If he does not return, our universe will be destroyed. If he is death, his parents has to have one more child, who has to be the strongest and most intelligent of his planet."
    "What would happen, if he is silly?"
    "He will not be the king, because he has not passed the tests."
    "Test? What are they about? Are they similar to exams of school?"
    "No. They are different, 'cause you have to pass the first test. The first is very important. If you fail the first exam, you will be powder or a stars... It depends on your intelligence. "
    "If you pass, you can enter unteres Feenvolk, means low nation of fairies, or oberes Feenvolk, means high nation of fairies. If you try again an exam you can be a protector of the planets of the fairies. You can also do this exam, if you are a princess or prince of a planet. Then there is the king and his family, who is over these fairies of planets. It's the highest position. It's a caste sytem, where you can decide your situation."
    "Wow... Ok... Sorry, too much information...", Tessa says confused, " Please explain it to me later again. How can I transform me?"
    "Do you not remember your magical words?"
    "Why should I remember these words?"
    "I think it was: Meu amor, meu coração, Terra!"
    Tessa repeats these words and suddenly she she was embosomed by a warm white light. After the light disappears, she wears a white dress with a strange blue sign on her belly. Her hair has two ribbons and she has green wings.
    "I'm a fairy!? Wow!", Tessa is happy.
    "Yes, you're a fairy", Lua answers.
    "Have I some magical power?", Tessa asks interesed.
    "Yes. You can control the air, the fire, the earth and the water."
    "I can control all four elements? Wow!" Tessa says enthusiasm, "Let's try to control the air."
    She is very concentrated, but nothing happens Then she tries to control the other elements, but she cannot control them.
    "Why does it not work?", Tessa asks sad.
    "You've forgotten your magical words!"
    "Which one?"
    "I cannot remember your words. you haven't told me about them and I haven't reached the higher caste. I'm still a Mondfee."
    "What is a Mondfee""
    "Fairy of the moon."

    To be continued...