• The large windows in high bridges of the vast hanger had morning light glinting through their broken glass. The fire-haired girl sat at one of the windows, gazing into space. The smaller girl sat in the cockpit of the airship, glancing up at her friend. “Honestly, that girl can be the most lazy of the both of us,” she said to herself, adjusting her goggles and melding the metal again.
    The other girl sighed deeply and leaned against the wall. ‘Bloody world,’ she thought, pushing herself off the wall. She wandered over to one of the hanging chains and swung down to the concrete floor, gazing up at the ship. She rested her hands on her hips and smiled in satisfaction. “A work of true art,” she said.
    “Lazy-a**! Get up here and help me! This ship isn’t going to repair itself you know!” bellowed her friend angrily.
    “All right, just let me check on him,” she replied. She smirked as her friend began to complain. The teen smiled as the she saw the boy, sleeping peacefully on the mattress they dug out from the junkyard. The lizard sat protectively by the black haired teen, watching the girl’s every move. The boy wasn’t awake, but she was sure he’d be happy to feel the circulation in his arms again.
    She stared at the lizard and smiled. “Your a very good guardian,” she said. As she said that, the lizard looked surprised at her for a moment, then reverted back into a stern looking creature. The girl laughed and stood back up, strolling over to the chain hanging from he ceiling and pulling up on it.
    “Took you long enough! Geez, do you know how many damn repairs we need to make? After your last ‘test-drive,’ you ain’t drivin’ this for at least a month!” groused the smaller girl. Her red-haired friend laughed and removed the black over coat to start working. She grabbed the melding tools and mask and grinned, beginning to work with her friend on the repairs.

    * * * * *

    After hours of a deep, much needed sleep, the boy woke up starring at a ceiling that was much different, and much higher up, than the one he usually found himself starring at. He sat up, leaning on his weak arms for support. “Ugh...what...where am I?” He leaned against the wall and looked around the vast space. He rubbed his eyes with the long sleeves of the straight jacket and looked at his hands astonished. “Is this a dream?” he asked himself.

    “Good morning sleeping hedgehog!” echoed a voice from above. The boy looked up stunned at the echo of the voice. He looked up and his eyes made contact with the red-haired girl. The boy gazed at her as she swung down to the floor on the chain again. “Hi there sleepyhead,” she said cheerfully. The boy didn’t speak as if his voice was stolen when he saw her.
    “Don’t scare ‘im Rez! Go get the supplies like I asked you stubborn kid!” complained her friend. The red haired teen rolled her eyes and grinned at the boy.
    “Don’t worry about old Kimi. She’s just a sourpuss. It’s hard to believe she’s older than me sometimes,” she said. The boy wobbly stood up and leaned against the wall for support, like he used to. The girl watched him concerningly. “You all right?” she asked. He nodded as the lizard climbed onto his shoulders.
    “Just weak,” he mumbled. The lizard on his shoulder slithered to the ground and stood beside him. The boy didn’t speak, but looked over the girl as if it’d be his last chance to. She had short, fire-red hair with bangs that swept in front of her emerald eyes. She wore a red undershirt underneath a black leather overcoat. She wore jeans, ragged and torn and boots bigger than her feet.
    “I’m Rez. What’s your name?” she asked him. He was still mesmerized by her eyes that he couldn’t reply. The lizard by his leg whapped him gently. But, maybe not gently enough. He was sent tumbling foreword into Rez, whom caught him. “Your a little cultzy there hedgehog. But I understand. Kimi!” The blak haired girl leaned over the side of the ship and glowered at her younger friend.
    “What now?” she asked through gritted teeth.
    “Watch over him while I’m out,” called Rez. Kimi sighed deeply and waved her hand, assuring she’d be down in a minute to watch over the boy. “Thank you Kimi,” called Rez, setting the boy gently on the ground again. She removed her jacket and placed it carefully over the boy. He stared in awe at her. “It isn’t that cold out today, so you can have my jacket.” she said smiling.
    The boy nodded and murmured a ‘thank you,’ as the smaller girl landed gracefully on the ground in her large rubber boots. “Marson! Come along girl!” called the red-haired. A beautiful phoenix of bright reds and autumn orange collors flew to Rez’s shoulder. The girl hopped onto a motorcycle and rode out of the hanger.
    “Honestly, that girl has some nerve dashing around all day,” said Kimi, shaking her head. The boy looked up at her and cocked his head to the side.
    “What do you mean?” he asked. The small girl chuckled in amusement and shook her head.

    “You’ll find out soon enough,” she said, pulling a chair from a corner to sit in. The boy looked at her confused and looked back at the open doors. “By the way boy, what’s your name?” she asked, starring perplexed at the boy. He didn’t look at her, but he answered softly.
    “My name is Dante.”