Chapter 18- The parting of ways

    (music playing- Wise people/ Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess)Download

    *In the city of East Abagale, inside mayor Lucus's secret laboratory, Him Allouette, Ciel, Cerveau, and a few others were watching the monitor visualizing Rangarok 2 worrying about John and the others. Ciel looked like she was worrying the most of all.*

    Ciel= John.... what's taking you so long?

    Roll= Ciel, I know your worried sick about John. I bet he is definitely having it rough up there.

    Allouette= Im sure John and the others will make it out somehow. I just know it.

    Cerveau= I hope all those biometals and upgrades we worked hard for him pays off.

    Lucus= Oh dear John. All we can do is to pray for him and the 4 guardians.

    Allouette= I know John is a clever guy and I know he get's quite dense at times but he's a lucky guy.

    Ciel= Oh Allouette. You act so grown up now.

    Roll= Ciel, it's no time to get all sentimental. We have to help prepare.... huh? What's this?

    *A channel begins to broadcast not just in there lab but TV monitors from every city and town with Dr. Weil in it sending out his surrender request.*

    (Music changes to- Fate / Megaman Zero 4 )Download

    Dr. Weil (broadcast)= People of Abagale, I demand I hear your final answer for surrender or the other continents of this planet will pay! I demand you hand over the continent of Abagale to me immediately. Your time of surrender is almost up!

    Ciel= Weil..... after to think that I believed Zero defeated him once and for all, Weil survived.

    Allouette= Come on John, hurry up. Stop him!

    Dr. Weil (broadcast)= So it seems that I can no longer fire my eclipse cannon due to some unwelcome guests, but I can still attack free will. I can send this fortress crashing down on this planet, just like when I tried with Rangarok 1 on Area Zero before this one! You have 2 minutes left! No answer, Rangarok drops! Time is running out.
    (music dies down)

    *Meanwhile...... back in the elevator that leads to the final zone in Rangarok 2, there was spots of incomplete construction and domes and small chambers following the construction site and beams supporting the fortress as John took notice there was a complete structure at the very top. He guess Weil was up there. These construction beams and platforms were being held by some sort of gravity and force field generating system which kept the beams from breaking apart in space. John switching to Model N knowing he's going to need all the help he can get from his biometals.*

    John= Well..... this is it. Weil, im going to stop you.

    Fenfir (radio)= I know your doing the best you can buddy, im sorry about Kraft and Colonel, but they died to save you. Don't let their deaths be in vein..... huh? John! I just picked up a small blip on my monitor. It looked like some sort of strange spaceship similar to that Epoch ship, and it just teleported out of nowhere.

    Leviathan (radio)= Hey, there's another human presence in this fortress! From that blip Fenfir detected.

    Phantom (radio)= It appears to be some sort of human....

    Harpuia (radio)= John, there's no time to chat with us, 2 more minutes, Weil will drop this fortress on the planet and take lots of innocent lives. HURRY! John this may indeed ..... be your final mission objective.

    John= Oh Harpy, please don't talk like that.

    Harpuia (radio)= John.... that's an order. I know you are grieving for us. Typical, but do your best up their ok?

    John= Right. No turning back now. Im going in!

    (music playing- Rangarok / Megaman Zero 4 )Download

    *John lightly ran through the corridors of the construction zone of Rangarok 2, maneuvering through the obstacles and service drones, seeing visions of rubble and building parts. John climbed higher to the top to the final watch-dome where Dr. Weil was.*

    John= This is it Weil! You and me will finally face off one on one!

    *John climbed higher and higher, but it wasn't too far, but John noticed there was a center full of incomplete structures covering something John couldn't make out. John had no time to think about it, he kept on keeping his mind on Weil. Later he came across a few ladders and construction stairs leading to more construction platforms. He had to wall kick climb a few walls until he reached a security door once he got to the last level of platforms and to the final platform where the dome entrance was.*

    John= That..... door..... this is it.

    *John walked through the security door and he was in the final dome. John walked over to a huge throne chamber with a sword shaped object floating above it.*

    John= WEIL!!! Show yourself! This massacre ends now!

    (music slowly dies down)

    Dr.Weil= Oh does it now? *chuckles* I was wondering why you gave Dr. Wily and Dalton such trouble, it was no surprise you gave me the same, John. This reminds me when that foolish copy Zero challenged me which soon costed him his dear life.

    John= But don't get your hopes up. This is not a reploid your facing. This is a human. Just like you!

    Dr. Weil= But unlike you, when this fortress crashes, who do you think who's gonna live?

    John= I give up. Who?

    (Music goes back to - Fate)

    Dr. Weil= ME!! You see, unlike you, I cannot die. I was put in this reploid like body 100 years ago as part of my life sentence when I was attempting to create perfection. Not to just the original Zero, but I did it for the people of Abagale, where I was born from. To have a chance of revenge to those awful government bastards who treated us scientists like slaves and workhorses. You have no idea how they treated us.

    John= Weil, look. I am very... very sorry for what happened to you, but you took too many lives both reploid and human. And that stops now! Stop this foolish attack and put away your anger. I too had people in the past and a system I didn't like...

    Dr. Weil= PAH!, You still Don't understand at all do you? Still the one to carry out your petty justice and heroism. Like a bunch of chumps you are. And I will not turn back. You caused me too much delay, and now you intrude on my revenge. Now I am going to get rid of you by my own hands boy!

    *Dr. Weil merges with the floating sword shaped object, and becomes a huge body Weil*

    John= Oh crap.

    Dr. Weil= Now I will show you what happens to twats like yourself who get in my way!

    (music switches to - Nothing beats / Megaman Zero 4 )Download


    *Weil flew down and took a few jolt sots at John but John dashed out of the way. Sword shaped beams of light fell down towards him and John kept dashing out of the way and continued to shoot, but it was having little effect, so John switched biometals to Model Z.*

    Dr.Weil= So you really do want to be like your hero Zero?

    John= More than that, im gonna finish where ZERO LEFT OFF!!

    Dr.Weil= Tough talk, pth!

    *Dr. Weil took another flight across the chamber with more sword shaped projectiles but John used more of Zero's old sword abilities to block them but John did get hit by a few shots. John then tried to fire his blaster at Weil as he hovered and flew randomly across the chamber.*

    Dr. Weil= You want more of this!

    *Dr. Weil began to fire plasma blasts at John but John swung the Z saber to block them. Then Weil set his blaster to another setting and his blaster fired a streaming amount of plasma bullets at John, in a raining pattern, impossible to block them all with the Z saber alone. John then quickly switched to Model Pr and used the Protoshield to cover up from the shots.*

    Dr. Weil= Cleaver aren't you? It's no wonder Ciel began to like you so much. Especially after going through all that trouble just to make those silly biometals!

    John= You haven't seen it all yet Weily! Biometals aren't the only powers I posses.

    *Dr. Weil then started to drop large spheres and as they hit the floor, they exploded like bombs but John dashed backwards out of the way. John casted (Ice 3 ) on Weil.*

    Dr.Weil= AURGHH!! Wretched creature! Is this .. MAGIC!? Dr. Wily and Dalton were right about this ability, I managed to set up a few things before I disposed of them!

    John= Like what?

    Dr. Weil= Like this!

    *Dr. Weil holds up a biometal of Prometious and Pandora's design.*

    John= That's a biometal!

    Dr. Weil= Glad you noticed. Especially when Prometious and Pandora told me you managed to hack my secret satellite base.

    (music dies down slowly)


    Dr.Weil= I have no time for this crap! Forget the intruder! Everyone but me are doomed on this fortress anyway! As for you John, you will be having the honors of being my last victim before the new Rangarok hits. Reminds me that day Zero challenged me, seeing me in my robotic body.

    ***************************Dr. Weil's memory********************

    (music goes back playing- Fate)

    Zero=...., !

    *The core of Ragnarok is floating in the center of the room.*

    Zero= So this is the Ragnarok Core...

    Dr. Weil (from distance)= Hehehe... Welcome to your front seat for the end of the world!

    Zero=....., That voice... Dr. Weil! How did you survive that attack from Ragnarok!?

    *Weil warps into the room, with his helmet cracked off.*

    Dr. Weil= Survive? That's easy... Because I can't die!

    Zero= What happened to you!?

    Dr. Weil= Hehehe... Did my mechanical body surprise you? Did you think that I was a Reploid and you could fight me? I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I'm pure human... Even with a body that looks like this!

    Zero= How!?

    Dr. Weil= When the Dark Elf took control of the Reploids and destroyed the Mavericks in the Elf Wars... The humans of the time modified me... They transferred all of my memories into program data... And switched my body for this armor with the power to rejuvenate me... Do you have any idea what that means? I can't age, and wounds heal more quickly than normal. After the war, I was cursed to live an eternity in a world without light or nature... The humans expelled me from Neo Arcadia!

    Zero=...... !

    Dr. Weil= Justice!? Freedom!? Worthless ideals! You Reploids are just machines, but you started a war a long time ago in the name of freedom! And humans! Look what they did to me! Driving me away while spouting the word "justice!" Zero, would you insist on saving them!? Controlling the Reploids is nothing! The destruction of all mankind is only fleeting! Not quite alive... Not quite dead... Forever, by my side! I'll make you suffer a fate far greater than anything ever experienced before!

    * A white light envelops Weil. The Core splits apart; pieces of it encase Weil, changing the shape of his body.*

    Dr. Weil= Bwahahaha! I'll teach you there is no place for fools to hide! Fools must live under my rule and my rule alone! Thanks to Ragnarok!

    *************************Weil's flashback ends********************

    John= Sick. You are just plain sick! What you did to the Mother elf, what you did to Zero's original body, What you did that destroyed the Repliforce, the death's of Megaman's friends, the cost of Zero!

    Dr. Weil= I suppose persuading you to join me was pointless. Now why not get a taste of this. You think fighting me will be easy like Wily and Dalton, like those pathetic Wily bots, like my resurrected Persudroids, their all nothing compared to ME! Nothing!

    *Dr. Weil megamerges with his own trademarked biometal and takes a full human shaped look with advanced body armor with legs a gunblade, bustershield, and a jetpack.*

    John= So, your own biometal huh, So that's why you rigged those phony guardians with those micro probes?

    Dr. Weil= Exactly! Thanks to your silly pink biometal's unknown powers, I was able to slowly salvage data and transfer back to my satellite.

    John= So that's the reason why you made those fake guardians in the first place? You sneaky fiend!

    (music changes to- Boss Beast Gannon/ Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess)Download

    Dr. Weil= It's been more than 2 minutes. You will pay for delaying me!!

    *Dr. Weil in his new biometal form charged at John wielding a sword similar to the shape of the Rangarok core and swung it at John, though Weil wasn't as good with a sword as Omega, but he also tried to fire spread shots at John. John was still in Model Pr and continued to block them with the protoshield. Dr. Weil began to perform slide attacks and try to semi-giga crush attack John but John reached the wall and wall kicked upwards and switched biometals to Model B, John activated the jetpack and began to hover in the air firing below onto Weil.*

    Dr. Weil= Wana play airborne huh?

    *Dr. Weil used his jetpack which was advanced than John's flew up to his level, and began to attack him from mid-air. John got hit and was sent to the floor but John didn't crash but landed and tried to cast a spell at him. John casted (Fire 3 ) and aimed it at Weil, but Weil held the sword upward and it acted like a Runic blade technique absorbing the spell and no damage done.*

    John= What the hell!?

    Dr. Weil= Thought you could get me with your magic huh? I got prepared just incase. I ripped an idea from Dalton so your magic can't effect me. *laughs*

    John= Damnit!

    Dr. Weil= Time to finish you off once and for all Johnny boy!!

    *Dr. Weil began to change various weaponry and started to shoot a large barrage of fireballs at John. John switched to Model N and triple jumped out of the way. Weil was getting angry and began to fire random element shots at John but John used random weaponry's from the Model N's sub-weapon category and fired a different one to use against him and both John and Weil were taking excessive damage.John used one of his energy tanks and turned the tide on Weil as he charged his final shot and laid it on Weil.*

    Dr. Weil= Guuuuuahhhhhhhh! CURSED OUT LANDER!!!

    (music stops)

    *With violent shaking and exploding areas all around the room, the dome crumbled and pieces and rubble flew into outer space but John also dropped to the construction level surface. John got back up and there was nothing else but a viewless pit in the center and a ground full of dirt. The entire top of Rangarok 2 was a big as an entire football stadium.*

    John= Whew. Glad that's over.

    Dr. Weil (distance)= *wicked laughter*

    John= What!?

    *Dr. Weil emerges from the center pit with no biometal and with a broken jar helmet exposing his paled skin and long grayed hair and beard and looking more unimused than ever.*

    Dr. Weil= You think you beat me with that lucky victory kid!?

    John= Oh man.

    (Music plays- Rangarok)

    Dr. Weil= You think you can escape and save your guardian friends? There's no way you can now! I already sealed off this entire level of this station.

    John= Im getting tired of this crap Weil. Just stop it!

    Dr.Weil= That biometal of mine couldn't finish the job so I was hoping I wouldn't be needing this until now. My "Project Haven" is finally complete. Now I will bring it up here!

    Harpuia (radio)= John! Project haven from our destination just teleported away! Weil is up to something!

    Phantom (radio)= I believe he is planning on using it against you John. Be prepared.

    Fenfir (radio)= That was one hell of a fight there John. Your gonna need all the help from your biometals you can get. Keep it up little buddy. Im proud of you.

    Leviathan (radio)= John.... at first I thought you were just a simple human. Then once you showed us your biometals, I thought it was just the biometals alone, now it proves to me up till now that you cared for us all, just like Ciel did. You thought us to stand together with other reploids and humans like Ciel did, also.... like Zero did. You lend us your strength you had for us. You used powers that we reploids could never wield.

    John= *sniffle* Oh Leavy.... Fenfir.... Harpy....*sniff* Phantom.... you guys were the greatest...*sniffle* now it looks like ..... were not gonna make it home....*sobs*

    Fenfir (radio)= Don't cry little buddy, you did the best you could. You couldn't save us all at the end. It was incredibly good to know you John.

    John= Oh god... I never got to save Kaolla, the Tardis, This is all my fault! I doomed us all! Got damnit!!

    Phantom (radio)= John! Do not fall in despair. You bringing us here was right of you. Don't forget Colonel and Kraft sacrificed themselves for you it's time to return the favor. Do it for them. Finish Weil off.

    Harpuia (radio)= John, it looks like we are all going to die together, at least show Weil what your made of.

    Leviathan (radio)= It was a pleasure to know you John. Now it's time to say goodbye.

    John= No, don't talk like that.

    Dr. Weil= The show is about to start guardians. Watch me rip and tear your favorite human before we slam onto the Earth. Now to drop the new Rangarok and continue where I left off!

    *Suddenly the entire space colony began to move and accelerate to crashing speed.*

    *Suddenly a different frequency reached John's com-link*

    Ciel (radio)= John! Rangarok 2 is reaching critical speed! If it goes any faster, I won't be able to get you back! Hurry! This is just like what Weil did before Zero attempted to stop him. We lost Zero, I don't want to loose you too, or the guardians!

    John= Weil has to be stopped here and now Ciel. It's too late. Im so so sorry.

    Ciel (radio)= John! What are you doing!? Teleport out of there now! Get back to your Tardis now!!

    John= Someone has to stay and finish Weil off here and now! If I can set Weil's core on meltdown, I can blow this entire place to scrap. Then it won't be a threat.

    Ciel (radio)= No... no.... NO!! John, don't you dare!!

    Dr. Weil= You know what that means Ciel, your new guy is gonna try that little useless stunt that runt Zero did before him! And to let you know THIS time will definitely be different! C'mon Johnny boy! You think you can do it?

    *Several mechanical tentacles plunge into Weil's back. The screen whites out, and when it returns, Weil has become much larger. With project haven merged with him. He became a huge monstrous head with moving parts and it looked like their was a body of a giant robot underneath where the pit is.*

    John= Oh, hell yeah! If im going down, your coming along with me! THIS ENDS HERE AND NOW!!

    Ciel (radio)= John! JOHN! JOHN!!

    John= Ciel, honey...... im sorry. Take care of Roll and Alo for me. Look after Lan and his friends for me. Do that all for me Ciel. Believe in me!

    Ciel (radio)= John!... John! Please!!

    John= Good bye Ciel.

    Ciel (radio)= JOHN!!!!!

    (music playing- Falling down/ Megaman Zero 4 )Download

    John= That's IT!! I HAVE HAD IT WITH YOU WEIL!!!

    Dr. Weil= Then let's see if your capable of it! I will make you suffer a horrifying fate just like Zero before you!

    *Dr. Weil fired a few plasma spheres from the eye parts from the monstrous head and the spheres began to float down slowly at John's direction. John was able to maneuver around them and fire at Weil's weak spot. The place that looked like a yellow jar casing with Weil's head inside. Then the head began to turn and follow John as he moved and the head began to fire large laser rays and John had Model N equipped and began to fire as many sub-weapons at him as possible trying to find the most effective attacks possible. Dr. Weil began to summon turret guns and laser beam towers hoping to throw John off and slow him down before he reaches Earth's orbit and atmosphere.*

    John= I need to hurry or there's going to be no Abagale left!

    *John found out he had enough power for a giga crush attack so he got close enough to Weil without getting hit by his attacks and executed his giga crush. It was so powerful, it covered Dr.Weil's monster form entirely and then.... his yellow glass broke....*

    (music dies down slowly)

    Dr. Weil= Is that it Johnny boy?

    John= What!? But...... that shoudlive stopped you!? Zero did it.....

    Dr. Weil= But that was .... last time...... I finally re-adjusted my errors from once I done and re-planned it all.

    John= Weil!? You......

    Dr. Weil= Behold your worst nightmare and my secret weapon!!

    (Music playing- Stage 6 Awakening/ R type Delta {starting at 3.20})Download

    *Dr Weil's monster head began to rise and a body of a huge robotic monster rose from the pit and the pit hole wasn't big enough so debris and ground began to rip up the ground below and revealed another surface. John dashed around to avoid the debris and pieces of rubble from hitting him as it flew out from the area to outer space.*

    Dr.Weil= Behold the new Project Haven!!

    *The body of the beast fully emerged and it was similar to Quadraxis (from Metroid prime 2) except the head was different and it had more weaponry and twice as horrifying.*

    John= HOLY s**t!!

    Dr. Weil= You think you can beat me before time runs out? If you love Ciel enough to risk your a** like Zero did, you better for your sake!

    John= I got to do it! I got to stop Weil! To save the people who believe in her!

    (music changes to- Gigapede battle/ Devil may cry 3 )Download

    *Dr. Weil began to fire bizarre looking laser blasts from above and John dashed and dashed to avoid them. John casted (Flare) and tried to hit the monster robot by it's leg joints since everything else was too heavily armored. Then the giant began to spin around like a hurricane to suck John in. John dashed with all his might and tossed a few bombs to damage it. The bombs did no good. John continued to dash until the beast stopped spinning. John kept aiming for the leg joints trying to disable the main body before the space colony reaches the planet atmosphere. John used allot of sub weapons from Model N and charged them and fired them at Weil's new body and after a few successful hit's, The 2nd shield of its leg armor collapsed. Only 2 to go. John casted, (Thunder 3 ) at the 3rd one. Then the 3rd protective piece was destroyed. One more to go. John jumped back to prevent getting hit by rain of missiles from above as Weil attempted to slow John down. John showed no turning back as this was going to be his most intense battle yet. John casted (Ice 3 ) on the last joint and then the entire body crashed on the ground surface, unable to move. Dr.Weil didn't show any sign of turning back either. He detached his head piece from the body of the giant robotic beast and began to fly around shooting at John. John's sub-weaponry from Model N was either extremely low or run out. John switched to Model H and then dashed out of Weil's range and used some special scanning. He found out Project Haven still had more than enough fight in it to keep going. John fired Model H's sub weapons as the purple electric balls to attack Weil's head. The attack was completely useless.*

    Dr.Weil= *wicked laughter* You think you can really do it can't you? This is definitely going to be fun destroying you in front of the ones who cared for you!

    John= You're not getting away with this Weil!

    *John switched to Model Ph and used another scanner and found out that the body of the robot beast was still functional and was giving off sonic waves from the top. John then dodged the incoming missiles and grinded on the leg beams like a rail and used the phantom blade to damage that spot. Then the area was damaged and John picked up no signal protecting Weil, John then equipped model F and fired a heavy shot of the knuckle missile at Weil damaging him effectively. Then after a few shots, Weil began to move fast and higher than usual to avoid being shot and began to fire more lasers and missiles. John equipped Model N again and made a long and fast dash to the colony walls and used the spinner and grinded the slitted wall surface and was going really fast. John fired an intense amount of plasma shots at Weil. Dr.Weil began to continue firing blasts of beams at John trying to knock him off from the walls. John equipped Model B and used the shadow shot at Weil trying to flawlessly hit him with acsesive amount of damage. John detached the spinner from the wall because he knew if he stayed there too long, he be thrown from the gravity shield and be thrown in space. Weil's head crashed on the ground from all the access damage.*

    (music dies down slowly)

    John= Oh no.... it's getting closer to the planet. I got to finish him off.

    Dr. Weil= Think you beaten me!? Try this on for size!

    *The damaged body took another form and grew legs from the sides like an arachnid and formed new weaponry and a newer look.*

    Dr.Weil= Now for my 2nd secret weapon.

    *There was a beacon from the top of the monstrous head of Weil's new body head that made a flash and Suddenly John instantly megamerged with Model C*

    John= What's this!?

    Dr.Weil= WHAT!!?? That wasn't supposed to happen? You should be defenseless by now!

    Model C= All available biometals severly damaged by unknown energy wave..... all other biometals unable for use.....severly damaged.....

    John=WHAT!!! My biometals but you are all fried!? Weil you son of a b***h! Now you gone too far!!

    Dr.Weil= It doesn't matter now, now you have nothing else left! Were almost about to reach the planet's orbit. You have failed Johnny boy! Once this colony hit's, it's going to take out all of the inhabitants on the surface and will burn many continents.

    John= Im not giving up!

    (Music playing- Evacuate immediately/ Metroid Zero mission)Download

    *Dr.Weil began to fire more energy shots as he moved around his new formed legs and John with only Model C left, he fired a few crystal shot on Weil and John drew the saber from Colonel and dashed close to him and did a couple of jabs and stabs on him. John got thrown off and was hit by a few laser shots. John didn't turn back, John dashed up and finished Weil off with a deep stab to the heart of the monstrous body*

    Dr.Weil= GAWEHHHHHHHH!!! My new body!! My energy core is hit! This place is going to blow!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!?? I will never get my revenge now!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

    John= Huh?

    *Suddenly he heard the Tardis materializing near him and it was levitating as the surfaces and areas of Rangarok 2 were exploding and breaking apart.*

    Kaolla= John! Come on quick!!

    John= KAOLLA!!??

    Kaolla= Hurry Johnny boy!

    John= Quit calling me that. We got to get the guardians out!

    *Suddenly, Dr.Weil merged from the ruins of his new body and pulled himself from the rubble with anger. But he was still attached to it.*

    Dr.Weil= YOU....Will......PAY!!

    *Dr.Weil tried to attack John but Model C unequipped herself from John and flew quickly onto Weil and from the ear pods of the biometal form, wrapped large amounts of the cable all over Weil.*

    Model C= Chiiiiii.... Run John! I can't hold him forever.

    Dr.Weil= You wretched thing!!

    John= Model C!? NOOOO!!!

    Kaolla= JOHN!!

    *The Tardis flew towards John with the door open and John got pulled in and the doors shut and the Tardis warped right out of the colony.*

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *from the view of outer space and all the way down on the continent of Abagale, everyone caught sight of a humongous explosion and pieces of a space colony flying all over the place in the sky with only a few large pieces crashing to the planet, but was not considered a threat.*

    *Back at the North Abagale city hall with Lucus, Ciel whitnised the explosion and was trying to pick up any radio signal from there.*

    Ciel= John....John..... Please pick up! Pick up!

    Roll= Ciel, it's no good. John.... *tears from her eyes began to role from her eyes* Ciel.... he's .... no signal... it's useless. He's....gone. Along with the guardians.

    (music playing- Daily Agony/ Shenume)Download

    Ciel= John.... he can't be. It's impossible. JOHN!! *Ciel begins to cry*

    Lucus= There was nothing you could do.

    Allouette= John!? No.... it can't be true...... oh John! *Allouette to began to run to Mayor Lucus and hold him by his side and began to cry herself*

    Ciel= JOHN!!

    *Ciel storms out of the room with rampaging speed*

    Cerveau= Ciel! Please! There was nothing you could do!

    *Meanwhile.... back at the resistance mountain base....*

    Pic= So we finally won!

    Colbor= John finally did it. He defeated Weil.

    Joan= But what about Zero who saved us by sacrificing himself? I hope the same thing didn't happen to John as well?

    Perroquiet= Let's not think the worst. Im sure John escaped.

    *Meanwhile somewhere in Area Zero.......*

    Brise= Oh......John. You did it. John you saved us all, even if you were not from our world.

    Neige= When he gets back, I would be defiantly giving him an interview.

    Rafale= John may not be a reploid, he sure had some serious guts doing what Zero did for us and all.

    Typhon= Just like Zero, he saved us all. Even that continent Abagale, and the other continents are saved. John is without a doubt a hero. And the 4 guardians.

    Tempete= Man, I sure like to know what world he came from?

    Tornado= Does it matter? He did it. He saved us from another attack from Weil.

    *Meanwhile... somewhere in another location.......*

    Tesiel= Man, what a break out. Im surprised John and his guardian friends managed to stop that crazy Wily and Dalton... and that Weil whatever he is?

    Tron= Oh, Tesiel, now im beginning to worry about him. Ever since we broke out of that prison, escaping into the sunset, I hope the worst didn't happen to John.

    Tesiel= I know what you mean Tron. I know.

    *Meanwhile back in Abagale's newly restored residential area......*

    Mayl= Look, in the sky.

    Dex= Whoa, wait till Lan get's a load of this.

    Chisao= Where's big brother Lan? He needs to see this.

    Lan= Sorry im late. I had to help Dad out with moving the stuff for the shelter. What's up?

    Dex= Look up there.

    Lan= So John beat that Dr. Weil guy?

    Mayl= He sure did. The guardians too.

    Yai= Hey! Isn't that Miss Ciel up there at the cliff where the park forest is?

    Lan= Oh..... it is her. Let's go meet her.

    *The kids began to run towards the direction of the park road that takes the path to the forest above the residential area.*

    *At the area where they met John the time when the Bonnes attacked the residential area.......*

    Lan= Miss Ciel! It's us. John did it...... huh?

    Mayl= Wait guys!.... something's wrong with her....

    Dex= Ciel?

    Lan= Ciel... can't be...crying?

    *Ciel sat on a tree stump with her face covered by her hands slightly shaking*

    Ciel= Oh.... John....... guardians...... they........

    Lan= John did radio you didn't he?

    Mayl= John.... is he....

    Ciel= John...didn't make it out!!

    Lan= WHAT!?

    Dex= No!!

    Yai= Oh no.

    Mayl= Not the guardians too!?

    Ciel= It's all my fault...... oh Joooohn....*crying*

    *Suddenly, the kids around her gathered around her, and even Dex began to cry.*

    Dex= Oh not you too Fenfir *beginning to cry*

    Yai= Oh John..... *crying*

    Lan= How.....*starts crying* How can this happen!?

    *Meanwhile in the Tardis.........*

    John= Ouh....... My biometals!.... the ones Ciel made.... the ones Model C created..... burned and broken by that b*****d Weil.

    Kaolla= Oh John.... im so sorry.

    John= Oh..... *beginning to cry* Fenfir..... lev.....ph....ha.... ohhhhh...*crying*

    Kaolla= What's wrong John.

    John= I couldn't save them!! I failed them! I brought them in the Tardis and I LET THEM SIT IN THERE AND DIE!!

    Kaolla= The guardians? You don't mean the 4 guardians do you?

    John= But where were you!? I been worried sick!

    Kaolla= I was in another continent the whole time John. Phil came and got me.

    John= Phil? You don't mean Phillip McDonald do you? The guy we met at that other dimension?

    (music dies down)

    Kaolla= He picked me up and dropped me off at that Rangarok 2 place for me to pick up the Tardis..and you before the place blew.

    John= He was here too?

    Kaolla= Yeah silly! He said he was going to some place called an override chamber to free the guardians.

    (music playing- Freesia/ Megaman Zero 4 )Download

    John= He did it. He saved them!

    *Suddenly a broadcast from a very odd signal began to hail...*

    Phil (radio)= Yo' John! How's it going buddy!?

    John= PHIL!!

    Fenfir (radio)= Hey John! I heard you got ol Weil. Great job!

    Leviathan (radio)= I bet you thought we were lost weren't you?

    John= Oh yeah! But I lost model C beating Weil though.

    Harpuia (radio)= Im sure Model C was meant to save you John. Even when she looked really girly on you she protected you even at the end.

    Phantom (radio)= We owe Model C her gratitude though she sacrificed herself to save you.

    John= Where are you guy's headed to?

    Harpuia (radio)= I believe this world is free from danger so we are planning to take a vacation for a good while.

    Fenfir (radio)= Were getting tired from all the turmoil for a while so were gonna go to another dimension to do some kickin back and stuff.

    Phil (radio)= Well, we may be seeing each other some time. If I were you 2, I be checking up on Ciel. She may think your dead or something?

    John= Ciel! That's right! Kaolla, can you find her location!?

    Kaolla= At the cliff of Abagale park over the residential area.

    Phil (radio)= Oh John, dig this. When I was warping through the minute we escaped Rangarok 2, I spotted something that looked like the Epoch. 2 guys quarreling about some cyborg betraying them.... It can't be ...

    John= Dr.Wily and Dalton are STILL ALIVE!?

    Harpuia (radio)= They must have gotten away then.

    John= Im gonna have to catch up to them later, I have some unfinished business to attend to. Kaolla, if you do the honors?

    Kaolla= With pleasure!

    John= Look, Phil, I better get going. See ya later ok?

    Phil (radio)= Bye John!

    Kaolla= Byelo!

    (music changes to- Ciel D'abue/ Megaman Zero 4 )Download

    *Meanwhile, back at the Abagale park cliff.....*

    Ciel= I failed him.... I failed Zero just as I did with my stupid intensions!

    Lan= That's not true.

    Mayl= You cared about John and helped him to the end.

    Yai= He saved us all but not himself. We can't just keep crying about it. *sniffle*

    Lan= *sniffling* But I can't believe John and the 4 guardians are actually dead now.

    Mayl= *sniffle* I know Lan. Perhaps John couldn't best Weil all the way like he did with Dr. Wily and Dalton when Weil betrayed them.

    Ciel= Me and my sorry self.... I even made a reincarnation of X he too turned against me.

    Lan= Oh Ciel. I know you were doing us a favor. You were doing good. And I know John would understand that too.

    *Suddenly the spotters car drove to the spot of the road with Roll and Allouette along with Cerveau stepping out of the car.*

    Roll= Oh there you are Ciel. I was wondering where you been?

    Ciel= Roll...... I ... failed them all.

    Roll= Oh Ciel.

    Crveau= Im sure John and Zero would've not want us to grieve for them forever.

    Allouette= I sure miss John already, but I will never forget him.

    *Suddenly.... there was a loud bizarre whooshing sound and a sight of a blue box materializing right beside the trees near the cliff.*

    (music dies down slowly)

    Roll= What the heck!?

    Ciel= It....can't be...?

    *It was none other than the Tardis and the door opened and John stepped out all shaken from the battle he had and to the group, a new face merged from the Tardis.*

    (music playing- Allouette march/ Megaman Zero 4 )Download

    Ciel= JOHN!!

    Allouette= JOHN!!! I knew you escape the fray!

    Cerveau= I don't believe my eyes im seeing this, John you cleaver dog you!

    John= Im surprised myself!

    Ciel= John.... *Ciel ran to John and gave him a big hug so tight John was thinking Ciel may squeeze the air out of him*

    John= Yeooooowww! Ciel baby! ohhhhh!

    Allouette= You had us scared there!

    Cerveau= I thought you were dead!

    John= PTH! Me, die so soon before I get to see more than the world? No freaken way man!

    Ciel= Who's this girl with you?

    John= Remember when we first met? I told you there was a few travel companions I had to find? This is one of them. Everyone, I like for all of you to meet Kaolla.

    Kaolla= Hello everyone.

    John= Oh, and to let you know, I meant to save the guardians, but someone else beat me to it. Another traveling group saved them.

    Ciel= Oh, so the guardians are not dead?

    John= Neither is Dr.Wily and Dalton. They escaped the floating island before Weil did away with it.

    Cerveau= Sweet margarita! Dr. Wily and Dalton escaped!?

    Mayl= John.... uhhhhh. *She begins to hug John and she reached up and kissed him* I want you to have this.

    *Mayl hands a photo with John himself with the kids and Ciel and Roll.*

    John= Oh thank you so much.

    Kaolla= Hey John! If you want to find Shinobu and Nyamo and catch up to that Wily and Dalton, we better get going.

    John= Ciel...

    (music changes to- The Doctor's theme/ Doctor Who television score) {download not available}

    Ciel= ....yes?

    John= I have to go now and leave this word and catch the bad guy's ok. Promise me to take care of things from here ok? Oh, Mayl, Lan, the rest of you. Be sure to look after Ciel ok?

    Roll= John?.....

    John= Roll.....I want you to stay with them too ok? I don't know when I will be back, be sure to look after them ok? Alo!

    Allouette= Yes John?

    John= Be sure to help out the good group ok? The guardians will be with another dimension traveler and he's a friend of mine. If he ever get's here before me, be sure to thank him ok? *John kisses Allouette*

    Ciel= I will never forget you! Good bye.

    (music changes to- A new ambition/ Megaman Battle Network Transmission)Download

    *John and Kaolla began to wave at everyone goodbye as Ciel's face began to role with tears and Roll holding hands with her and the kids were cheering on him. John and Kaolla step back in the Tardis.....*

    John= Alright, now Ciel will not be crying her eyes out thinking im dead and all, lets go find Shinobu and Nyamo and crack down on ol Wily and Dalton shall we?

    Kaolla= Oh yeah!

    John= Before we leave, do you know how or where did Model C come from?

    Kaolla= I dunno?

    John= We may never know.....unless....the... tardis.....

    Kaolla= I can't believe this!? The Tardis DID create Model C, the pink biometal!

    (music changes to- Storm in a teacup/ Chobits character song collection)Download

    *Suddenly... the Tardis vortex pipe began to glow and a small warp wormhole appeared for a few seconds and another strange biometal appeared....a lavender and white biometal with a ribbon on it's backside emerged and started to talk and ramble....with a high pitched child like voice.*

    Mysterious biometal= Am I so that late!? I forgot to introduce myself to everyone!

    Kaolla= Oh wow! The Tardis DID create the pink biometal! Well, oh let's head off to the next timeline. Wily and Dalton are at large in that place.

    John= Now let's go get them!

    Mysterious biometal= WARNING,WARNING,WARNING, Were about to go where no biometal has gone before!

    John= Something tells me this is going to be one loud ride and another wild biometal adventure.

    Mysterious biometal= Am I getting that rude not to introduce myself!? Shame on me! I am Model S and I will be your new biometal for the new trip.

    John= Oh my god.....*faints*

    (music changes to- Doctor who television score/ Doctor Who original TV soundtrack {download not available}

    *Then the Tardis began to de-materialize and outside of it, Ciel, Roll, Cerveau, Allouette, Lan, Dex, Mayl, Yai, and Lan's little brother stare as they watch the Tardis as it made it's frantic whooshing sound up close and as soon as it vanished........meanwhile..... the Tardis was seen flying through the time vortex heading to the next dimension........*