• PART 8

    Celia suddenly gasped. Rayos tilted his head. “x!” Celia cried. Rayos raised an eyebrow.
    “What about him?”
    “x!” Celia repeated “he was the one that was always in my dream!” Rayos tried to stop his lips form curling into an amused smile. “He killed my father!” Celia cried, she scowled; not liking it that Rayos could smile at a time like his. She could feel tears welling up into her yes now, stupid tears, why hadn’t she remembered this before? She turned and was about to fling open the door when Rayos stepped in front of her and placed his hands on her shoulders.
    “Were do you think your going?” he asked, he was serious now.
    “I’m going to…I need to find x!”
    “No you don’t!” Rayos said firmly, pushing her back onto her bed with ease, even though she was struggling against him.
    “I do!” she cried.
    “Ok, so find him, then what will you do? Kill him? Avenge your father?”
    “I just have to…to…” she let out a roar or agitation and tried to stand up, but Rayos hands were firmly clamped on her shoulders, not letting her escape his grip.
    “You don’t understand how powerful x is! He may be the masters henchman but there was a reason the master chose him, x was the most powerful out of all of them, even the master…even me at some things.” Celia sighed. “Besides,” Rayos said, “it was only a dream, you don’t know that he really killed him. You didn’t even see if it was your father, they were all blurred, right?” Celia nodded solemnly, then her head suddenly snapped up as she realized something.
    “How did you know that?”
    “My dream?” her eyes were now fierce.
    “…I pick up on everything you think when you sleep.” Celia rolled her eyes to the ceiling and dropped back onto the bed. “Great…” she muttered.
    “Look, after you being kidnapped, there’s no way I’m letting you out of my sight.”

    That night Celia lay awake in bed, staring up at the ceiling. Suddenly there was an almost quite thump coming from her window. She glanced over and to her surprise saw that hr window was open, she was sure she had closed it. She sat up, but then as her eyes peered through the darkness she saw a shadow of someone
    a man was leaning agents her wall, as she sat up to examine him through the darkness he clicked her fingers. Suddenly it was if everything was leaking away, like water running down surfaces. Everything just seemed to melt away and new things took their place. Her white walls became sandy, heat washed into her room and she found she was sitting on a dry cracked floor. She was in one of the caverns in the underworld and x was standing over her.
    “You wanted me?” he said, in an all to calm voice.
    “…X…” she whispered.
    “I herd you calling my name yesterday so I thought I would pay a little visit.” He smiled thinly. Were was rayos? Wouldn’t he of herd x by now?
    “Oh, he doesn’t know your hear.” X said, as if reading her thoughts. “Couldn’t be to careful you know. He thinks your still sound asleep.” suddenly Celia realized and a ball of anger built up in the pit of her stomach.
    “…you…” she murmured. X raised an eyebrow. “you!” Celia repeated, roaring it throughout the cavern. She jumped up and started trying to hit his chest. X stared down at her, amused. To him, this just felt as if someone was lightly poking him. He sighed as if bored, then lightly flicked her shoulder. She suddenly shot across the cavern and slammed into the opposite wall and fell to the ground in a heap. Celia groaned quietly, maybe Rayos was right, maybe this was a bad idea. Her whole body ached.
    “This is amusing.” X said, walking across the cavern towards her. He knelt besides her limp body. “what brought this on all of a sudden?”
    “You killed my father.” Celia mumbled, wincing from the pain. This was more of a question than a declaration but the next words confirmed it.
    “Dale…” x growled, spitting, “That…wretched…” he sighed, then his lips curled into a smile. “But it doesn’t matter anymore does it? He’s dead… praise the master for letting me get my revenge.” Celia slowly, very slowly, rolled over so she was facing x’s stupid face. This wasn’t something she particularly wanted to know but she had to ask, just out of curiosity.
    “W-what…what did you do to him…?” x chuckled darkly.
    “I killed him myself. Lets just say the pain he felt was something in between what you’re felling now, and my black lighting staff…and I doubt you can forget how that feels.” Celia cringed. “Anyway,” x continued, “I don’t see why you care about him, you didn’t even know him.” Celia grit her teeth against that comment and tried not to react, she could see that’s what x wanted. “And you know,” x said casually, “I think you might have the same fait.” She caught something out the corner of her eye, something that had appeared in x’s hand. She turned her head slightly. A knife. But it wasn’t any normal knife. The handle had a ruby snake coiled around it and the bottom had a black onyx stone poised at the end. The actual knife part was incredibly sharp and the colour of it was a very dark almost black looking crimson. Celia gasped.
    “No…” she murmured. X’s eyes glinted as he pulled the knife back, a tiny smile on his lips. Suddenly he froze, guilt spread across his face as someone now stood behind him.
    “X!” someone said sternly, “what do you think you are doing?” x glanced down at Celia.
    “Uh…I…” Celia’s slowly looked up and her eyes met with the masters piercing crimson ones. His face was angry.
    “I let you have one revenge but that was it, our business is not with humans, we can’t interfere.” To anyone else that has done this, the master would of executed them but not x. x’s head sunk
    “No, x!” x sighed and his gaze flashed to Celia, his eyes boring into her for a second he would of growled but he then looked away and stood up.
    “Fine…” he muttered and faced the master, lowering his head slightly so he was lower than him. “Forgive me.” He murmured. The master nodded solemnly.
    “You are forgiven.” X nodded then darted out of the cavern. The master stared down at the crippled Celia. “I am sorry for this little…shall we say, hiccup. Do not worry, we shall return you.” he walked over to her and knelt. Celia tried protesting but the master lightly touched Celia’s forehead and within a second she was unconscious.