• It is the last day of school and i think i saw him looking at me in 5th period, i said to my friend at lunch. "your kidding hes comming over here, act natural and dont stredd out," she hesitated "what do you think he will think of me," i asked? "hello" he said really fast as he sat down right next to me. "Hi," i said springing up happily to his presents at our tabel. Then i saw him looking at his friends tabel and they started laughing and pointing at me and him like it was some kind of joke to them or something. I of course think he likes me more than a friend but i can never be to sure.
    Then he started laughing back and i just sat down and tryed not to get embarresed then i saw him shake his head and said "ya she does" then went off to his tabel that him and his possie were at.
    All i did was look away and walked off back to class i was so sad, i could feel a tear roll down my face as i crossed my arms and walked back down the hall. When i heard what the boys were saying they said ooo she likes you did you see the- no- that was so funny to them.
    When i got down to my locker i saw "him" he looked at me and smiled and all i did was put my head in my locker because i felt ashamed that i even exsisted.
    That night at home i was going out with my friends. "Good Bye mom and dad see you in a bit," i told them they said" bye honey," all i could think of is how i wished i was dead and i didnt want to be here never or anymore.
    On our way home Kalie was driving and she was texting when i heard Christina scream then i looked up and it just... happend in a blink of an eye. We had hit head on into a symi truck.
    I dont remember much of what happend all i remember is seeing blue, red, and white flashing lights, and they were screaming were losing her quick get that damn helicopter here now now now!!!! Also the screaming of another guy other than the few guys by my streacher i heard them say two out of four are completly gone theirs nothing we can do about it.
    when i woke up i asked how long have i been sleeping OH MY GOD!!! im going to be late for school MOM MOM!! where are you? I was so confused. Then i figured it all out i relized god was giving me a second chance not to mess up or say good bye and even wish you were dead. You should say see you later and not wish you were dead love life squeeze every last bit of it out of you. Who cares what other people think of you be yourself and they will like you for who you are and not who you pretend to be.
    The next day they released me then i popped the question what about all my friends in the car with me? My mom took a big gulp and said "all three of their furnials are on Friday," and i just looked down crossed my arms and started crying and walking down the hallway of the hospital just like school that one day.
    When i got back to school on monday all my teachers expected me to get all my work caught up ya like that was going to happen. When i saw jimmy a.k.a him or them. When i saw jimmy he just came up to me and said "are you ok?" and i said "no." then just walked away ignoring him just like he laughed at me.