• Ch 1
    I look around before darting down the hall.A ghostly chuckle follows me.I banged into something hard and a arm wraps around my waist to keep me from falling."Just as beautiful as ever."He was immpling to my long,curly,black hair and silvery blue-green eyes and slim,small figure.I wiggle out of his grip and run into the nearest room.I lock the door and fall against it sobbing.I can feel him pounding it with his super streanth.He is a vampire, and we were in love once and i still am.Quickly i pack my bag and leap out the window.I run as fast as i can on the road until i find a hotel.I run in and pay for a two night stay.As soon as im in the room i collapse on the bed and sob recklessly.I know he will chase me and i need to get out of here and away.But i already know that he will follow.There is a small knock on my door."Miss, do you need something?"Leaping up i reply,"No thank you, im fine!"I lay on the bed again and fell into a dreamless sleep.In the middle of the night there is a knock on my door, then pounding.I just roll over and sob some more.I wake up and brush my hair, thinking the whole time.Finally, i leave, ignoring the questioning look eveyone gives me.I call a cab and pay for a ride to Cambria.Looking at the landscape, a few tears roll down as i think of what im leaving.My family, friends and my other pets.I managed to bring my kitten, Nightcloud, a puffy black kitten with silver green eyes.She peeked up from my bag and let out a meek meow.I pet her comforting her.I know it will be days until we get there so i open a can of cat food in the back seat, ignoring the driver, and fell asleep.

    I woke up and saw the sky dark and moody outside.I looked at the clock on the dash board and realized that it had only been a few hours.I groaned inwardly and heard a frustrated mew from beneath me.I pulled Nightcloud out from under me and mummured,"I'm sorry girl i didnt know you were there!"She let out a meow that sounded aggitated but forgiving and curled up at my side nudging her head into me.Soon,she was aslep purring.When i looked at the driver, I noticed he looked diffrent,something crimson stained him shirt.I let out a shriek when i realized it was blood.Suddenly,I realized i was no longer in the cab,but in a white room,the onlything dark was the crimson stain.I heard a door open and shut as he came in.So,why did you run from me?"his musical voice cold.I wanted to turn around and screamed I hated him, but my heart soared at his voice,and i knew if i did,i would be a lie.
    He strode over to me quickly and formed a iron grip around my wrist,pulling me up and against him."Maybe this will change you'r mind?"he said before he kissed me.I can't lie and say i didnt respond or i didn't want him to.When he pulled away,I was pantin."I can't be with you,you killed my mother and father,and probably want me next!"I turned my head to the side as I remembered my familly.A single tear rolled out.His finger caught it and when I looked up i saw concern."Promise you won't leave me again!"He raised his voice slightly,and his lips got ready to meet mine.
    Ch 3
    I pushed him away,and ran,suddenly,something flashed in my mind.Him and me,hugging,my skin sensetive to his touch,our lips interlocked.My head spun and I slipped.I saw black and when I reached up to touch my head,I felt blood.There he was,his eyes wild and locked on my blood.I heaved myself up,grabbed my cat and hailed a cab.I was sobbing when I caught one.I opened and slammed the door sobbing."Are you ok Miss?" a young boy asked.His looks were dark,sweet,and mysterious.He was the cab driver and he was only a few years older than my seven-teen."Just drive!" I half choked-half sobbed.He looked frightened before accelerating.My cat let out a faint meow,and I shoved food in her cage.Suddenly,my head was against the seat and my eyes were closing.I faintly heard him ask were to,but I didn't answer.I wanted to say something but I couldn't.Where ever he took me was were I would go.I leaned my head against the window as the young man chatted nervously."So,where you from,Nice cat you got there," and blah blah blah. I tried to answer the questions as best as I could. MY eyes watered as I thought of my family."Please,no moe questions," I said weakly,and went limp,while my world went dark.

    Ch 4.

    I woke up groggy and tired.Someone was shaking me violently,"Stop," I snapped and opened my eyes.It was the good looking cab driver."Sorry," I said weakly,my heart pounding.I had been dreaming about me and Edward,yes,that is his name.We where dancing and then his fangs found my neck and nibbled it.When I tried to push him away,her bit into my skin.It had felt as though it was real.I had screamed in agony as his eyes turned blood red and his mouth latched to my neck.He sucked greediyl,his eyes getting darker and darker.He was slowly sucking the blood,my life,out of me.My eyes closed and I woke up.My cat let ouy a furious meow and pawed at her cage impatiently.I reached over and opened it.Her warm,sweet scent hit me and her fur felt warm against my cold,moist skin.The boy sighed in relief and slumped back over the seat."Heard you scream and thought something happened," he explained weakly as he pulled the car away from the side of the road.It was night and the moon was shining.I locked gazes with something,something in the back seat with me.The thing smiled,revealing sharp,white,glistening fangs.Just as I was about to scream,one of his's hands covered my mouth and the other pulled me closer.