• Chapter Three: The signs of a Witch

    Hours turned to days, days turned to weeks and so on and so forth as Albus Dumbledore would say. At five years of age, Siderexina Lily Snape is a quiet, innocent child that had been hushed up in Hogwarts with her overworked, uncompassionate father, Snape. She would hide behind a fireplace in his room until Snape returned at the end of every day, exhausted. One evening in October while both Father and Daughter were waiting for dinner to be served in the Great Hall, Snape was reading a newspaper and Siderexina was twirling a stick of wood minding her own business. Smiling at herself, she spun the stick in the air and caught it in her left hand. Continuing with her playing with the stick she spun with the wand. She really wished her father would notice her every now and again. Like now would be a good idea.
    In that instant she had transported herself onto Professor Snape’s desk. A giggle of joy came from the little girl. Peering slowly from his copy of The Daily Prophet, a strange feeling came over Severus that was like a... a proud feeling for the girl. Was this a sign of being the father he should be? No, how could he be, she wasn’t really his. Despite how similar the features were etched upon her face.

    A few moments later right on cue, Albus entered the office to tell Snape dinner was served. Severus, suddenly excited spluttered out what had just happened a few moments before.
    “What shall I do Albus?” finished Snape.
    “You’re a teacher aren’t you? So do what you do as a career. Teach.” was all Albus Dumbledore could muster up as a reply. For he too was surprised she had already discovered her powers.

    Reminding himself they had to get to dinner, he glided towards Sid and placed his wand above her head and conjured a disillusion charm on her. Taking her by the hand, he lowered her to the floor and guided her to the door, up the stairs and into the Great Hall. She had only been allowed in the hall on special occasions, this must be a special occasion she thought. She didn’t care what occasion it was, the thing she was more interested was the actual room with the people in it. The torches of fire on the walls. The large doors at the back of the hall, but most of all the four long tables in the dip in the hall. Every table was filled with children, students of different ages. All with different coloured ties on their different tables. All sorted into houses so she had heard “uncle” Albus say one time. While eating under the table, Professor McGonagall glanced down at where she thought Sid was.
    “What is the child doing here tonight? Isn’t she only meant to be here on special occasions?”
    Dumbledore answered her with a smile and an explanation that finding her powers should be a special occasion. She smiled also and raised her goblet, as so did all the other teachers. So did some students even though they did not know what they toasting to.
    “To Siderexina,” said Dumbledore quietly.
    “To Siderexina,” said a chorus of staff.

    After the feast and all the students were dismissed to bed including Siderexina, Dumbledore retired to his office and began to read an old volume of The Lost Humans. He was skipping several chapters and pages, trying to find the right page to discover why. Why she had so much power so soon? Finally finding the right page, he scrolled his finger down the page and found a subtitle called "Their Powers."

    “The gender effects there power, men are the rarer sex but they are not very powerful. The female however is a more magically strong gender. Usually there power comes like puberty, varies with age and how strong the parents are. On rare occasions the child can be as young as five when they discover their power. The strength to fly comes when they turn around 13 years of age. The males, however weak they seem, have a good judgement for justice. Usually the male chooses whether another one of his kind should be punished or not. The punishment can go as far as removing the wings then public execution. Of course this is very rare and an unusual treatment. For more information on punishments turn to page 247.”

    After finishing this small section, Albus put down the book with a grin on his face. She would be successful, he could tell so he must help her with her studies. One brilliant, former student to another. With a casual flick of his wand, he had changed to a light green nightgown and switched the lights off in his office.

    In his bed he thought of all sorts of plans for the girl’s future. What she would look like when she’s older, how clever she would be and even if she would stay single or not, he was still looking for the perfect man himself. Was he content being alone? He thought that question could wait for another time. For now he shut his eyes and dreamt of a brand new day that would come in a few hours’ time. the feast that night and sherbet lemons.