• one early morning kate was wakeing up to her surprise she herd a noise back in the woods behind her house she felt like somthing was calling her saying"follow us ,gain our trust" kate was only 15 so she was just starting 9th grade she would turn 16 today...as she got dressed somthing poked her back and said in a deamon like voice hurry young one
    SHE LOOKED FOR WHAT DID THIS in the wall down her house hall she noiticed somthing dripping from the wall it said"hurry hurry your familys dead.." at that she ran out into the woods tripping over a stump she saw a old stone covered catsle door and decided to go in blood dripped from the sealing as she saw 6 men hung as she gasp and she went up to the balconing
    she put a rope over her head and hung herself out of freight when her family jumped out to say SURPRISE it was to late.... crying so sad