• Chapter 2

    I couldn’t sleep that night. So I got up and got on my computer. When I logged into my e-mail account I had e-mail from some one I didn’t know, but I looked at it anyway. It said:
    Hi, how are you. Edward told me how you reattached to the change of things I hope that you don’t mind me e-mailing you
    Love, Your Secrete Admirer
    I couldn’t think of how it might have been at the time so I replied:
    Who are you? And how do you know who I am?
    I was highly confused at the time so I turned on some music to help me think straight. After a few minutes pasted an e-mail came to me, from the same person as before. This time it said:
    I know you wouldn’t know who I was well at least not this early in the morning. But I am not going to tell you how I am. I’ll leave you guessing till you get it right. And what are you doing up this late –early- which ever way you want to look at it? Please reply with an answer.
    Love, Hunter Of You
    I was even more confused now. I had a ‘stalker’ I think anyways. It was starting to scare me. So I replied with an answer and a few questions:
    Because I couldn’t sleep because my boyfriend left yesterday morning… Are you stalking me? If you are haw come I don’t have your scent?
    Then I sent it. With in a few minutes I got another one. Still same person saying:
    Oh ok I see. You can say that I am but I’m not near you. I left a long time ago. I can tell that there are more questions to be asked so ask away. Please do.
    Love, Your Stalker, as you might say
    This was getting more and more confusing the more e-mails I got. And what’s weird is that he was right, I do have more questions for who ever it was. So I replied:
    Um…ok I will. Where are you right now? Are you male or female? How do you know who I am? How do you know Edward? I’m confused what do you want from me?
    That was only a few of the many questions I had to ask. But I was only going to ask a few questions at a time, so I sent it.
    Within five minutes I got the replies I needed to know. It said:
    You a lot of questions. I am far away from where ever you are and I will be far away for long time. I am a male. I knew from a while back. I’ve known Edward for a while… he’s a close friend as you say. I don’t want anything more than to talk to you till I can see you again. That’s all really. You are such a silly girl you know that. Oh and please keep asking questions I like them.
    Love, Someone You Knew
    I still did not have a clue of who it was. By this time it was around 6:30. I have been on the computer for two hours with out knowing it. I started to listen for people to start getting up and walk around. I was amazed that Edward has not came to my room yet, nor Bella. Then I heard someone walk up to my door, the knob started to turn so I said, “You could have knocked first.”
    Itachi opened the door the rest of the way to my amazement. “And you could be less rude.” He stated when he walked in. “Edward told me to come and check up on you so how are you doing?”
    He seemed like he was actually concerned about me. “I’m okay. I just want hang around for a while. Is that okay with Edward?”
    “I don’t know you’ll have to ask him. You remember that today is your day to cook right?” his asked. It sounded like he wanted me to cook for him now.
    “Yes, I do remember. How could I forget that? People will be nagging me all day if I did forget” I stated.
    “Okay, just making sure that you remember.”
    “I do… Your hungry aren’t you?” I ask him
    “Yes, so very” he said putting his hand on his stomach.
    “Okay fine you win. Just give me a few minuets to get ready okay?”
    “Okay. I’ll ask Edward if you can just hang around today, okay?” he asked
    “Yeah, sure its fine with me.” I said.
    He left and I went back to my e-mail. I had to skim it to remember what it was about, I replied:
    Sorry but I have to go. I will try to e-mail you later. It will be with more questions too. Okay? Sorry about this.
    Then I hit the send button. I sighed then got up to get dressed. I couldn’t find a thing that didn’t remind me of who I had lost and wanted the most…Sasori. Everything I had reminded me of him. So I finally got a light blue tank top on with a pair of dark blue jeans on and went to the kitchen to start cooking.
    On my way there something caught my eye. It was the couch. I was out of place. Instead of being on the other side of the room like it usually is it was right beside the T.V. But I just kept moving on like nothing happened.
    When I got in the kitchen it was full of hungry people, staring me down, waiting for me to start cooking. I started cooking by pulling out pots and pans, eggs, bacon, and some sausage.
    “Will Mayuto please hurry? Tobi is very hungry and sorry for bothering you.” Tobi said quietly.
    “Yes Tobi I will.” I replied in a happy tone with a smile on my face.
    Everyone started staring at me like I was crazy or something. I stared back, looking confused. “What wrong with you guys?” I asked.
    “It’s nothing. They are just hungry, that’s all.” Edward replied.
    “Oh really?” I paused. “Zetsu is that true, are you all just hungry? And tell me the truth.” I asked Zetsu, only because I knew that he would not lie to me.
    “Hum…Of course it is. I know that Deidara is so hungry he could eat a horse. Isn’t that right Deidara?” Zetsu said.
    “Hell yeah. –Un” Deidara replied.
    “Dear god. You guys need to learn how to cook…Instead of making Bella and me cook for all of you. Jeez!” I stated.
    “Sorry ‘bout that Mayuto. Oh and now Rosalie, Esme, and me will be helping you and Bella out around here. You need some help.” Said a shy small voice. It could only be one person. Alice. I turned to look at her but to my surprise it was she, Esme, and Rosalie.
    “Ha ha!! Yay! Alice you’re here! You to Rosalie and Esme! I’m so thrilled that all of you have came to help out!” I yelled as I ran to hug them all.
    “Hello to you to Mayuto.” Esme said warmly.
    “Hi Mayuto. How are you?” Rosalie asked in a calm voice.
    “I’m…Okay.” I answered.
    “Hum? What wrong Mayuto?” Rosalie asked while examining my face as I backed away.
    “It’s nothing I promise.” I lied. I could see that I didn’t fool anyone.
    “Mayuto, tell them what’s wrong…or I will” Edward said.
    “I don’t want them to know” I whined.
    “Fine then sense you won’t tell I’ll have to.” He sighed “Sasori left yesterday and she has been locked in her room all night. Itachi had to go and get her this morning, so that she would cook today.” He finished
    “Damn you Edward! You say that I don’t listen! I’m going to room!” I screamed at him as I ran into my room slamming the door behind me. I ran and jumped onto my bed and started to ball out tears. “Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!” I yelled into my pillow as I cried.
    “Edward why did you do that?!” Kurengi screeched at him. “Do you know what that did to her?”
    “No, but Jasper know what mood that put her in and that’s what I was hoping for. Jasper?” Edward said.
    He walked in, eyes wide with fear. “She over reacted. It ripped her even more…” Jasper said finally.
    “Huh? What do you mean it ripped her even more?” Edward asked.
    “You really need to learn how to be more careful with her Edward. She is more delicate now than ever. She just lost the lover of her life. Edward, I’m disgusted with you.” Jasper said in an abnormally angry voice.
    “I-I didn’t mean to hurt her that much.” Edward said in a sadden tone.
    Everyone just stared at him, anger in his or her eyes. Kurengi ran to Edward yelling, “See what you do when you interfere with peoples emotions Edward! You made her worse than she already was!”