• As i was walking home from the store i looked over and a poor little skinny dog that looked like it was 15 pounds. So that is when i took out my cellphone and checked the time then i put the poor little thing in my arms like a baby and started to run to the humane socitey, completly forgetting about what time i had to be home for supper. I then raced into the doors then the lady at the desk said "wooa slow down miss, how may i help you," with a big smile on her face. that is when i glared at her and in a duh sounding voice and said " look in my arms why don't you!" that is when she jumped up and like screamed" get a vet in here now now," i sort of waited a minuet and then the vet came walking in and saw what was in my arms and took the dog out of my hands and he looked at me and said "thank you!"

    All i did after that was looked at him and sat down and called my mom. She said "honey i'v been so worried where are you?" I slowley said "im at the shealter will you come get me please."

    When she got their i was so sad about what i had found out. My mom looked at me "what is wrong honey your not in trouble you did the right thing by bringing that dog here," she said
    "ya i know, it is just- the news i found out before i left- its just the dog i rescued might not make it it depends if he can fight for one more day or is he going to fail , he has heartworm a skin diseas and something else i cannot remember," i sadely said My mom looked at me and said we can check back tommorow.
    The next day when i went to the vet the best news ever the dog is going to recover and i get to name it so it can go up for adoption. i decided to name him Lucky only because he is very lucky that he made it and is going to recover. It turns out that he has a great personality and that anyone would be stupid not to adopt him.
    That night my mom and i were disscussing that lucky is a great dog and he took something out of my moms heart that she just loved about him. the next day at the vets officwe we decided to buy him and pay for the medical bill.
    he has the best personality ever he gets along with everything. It was the best thing and weirdest thing that has ever happend to mei was so happy.