• "Go damnit! I'll hold them off!" yelled the sargent, just as a POI-"Raptor" fired a missle at us, just missing where we were taking cover from the enemy fire.
    "GO! Johnsan, we need you to set the bomb!" he yelled at me agian, "Sir, on it Sir!" I said. Making sure their was no one aiming at me, I ran into the ammunition bunker, sliding in the door. I found the barrels of grenades, 'That will make the bang alot more bigger' I thought, looking around and finding 6 JUGGERNAUT Tactical Nuclear Warheads, "Why didnt they use those on use?". Anyways I set the bomb up on the lid of the grenades and set it for 2 and 1/2 minuets, that would give us plenty of time to get in the 'Grffion' Truck and ride on out of this hell hole. I charged back out of the bunker, got into the vehicale and said to the sarge "Get in the turret!" he ran over and slid into the powerful M20-Railgun and fired on the pursiut viehicals while I drove. The explosion happend right when we were out of the blast raduis "Good job son...Good job.." the sargent said. We drove on to the RV point when he yelled "Incoming TORNADO-Copter!" and fired full auto on the copter "Sh*t! They have a missle lock!" I said, then heard the woosh as the missle was fired, aimed striaght at us, then like a miracle, the copter fly infront of us. There, right in front, was a jump, if I could make it, the missle might lock on to the TORNADO and blow it to hell. "Hang on!" and I hit the petal till it was touching the floor, we fly into the air, the missle flew past us and right on to the TORNADO, blasting it into confetti. "Before you do somthing like that agian, warn me.." the sargent mutterd