• Snow.
    That's all I saw.
    My breath came out in white wisps in front of me. Tremors ran through my body. I pulled my legs closer to me for warmth.
    The alleyways I took shelter in were the best I was going to get. After all, 'demons' weren't welcome in human society.
    I looked to the end of the alley, watching the people pass by. My vision continued to fade in and out, but I wasn't going to just pass out. In this weather, I would surely die. I stood, walking out of the alleyway. I was going to go and take refuge in a shopping centre or something. They were always warm.
    People looked at me, angry looks passing their face. Well, I guess I should've been used to it. After all, I had lived most of my life like this.
    The large shopping centre, Hervoi Shopping Complex, was partially empty. I sat on one of the benches, blowing on my hands to get circulation running yet again. I scrounged through my pockets, taking out a wad of cash. I stood, knowing where to go.
    The small cafe served both humans and demons alike. They were not prejudice, which made them my friends. The shop keeper, Henry, smiled as I entered the cafe. His graying hair went everywhere, except for the top part of his head. His opal eyes had a friendly twinkle to them. "Evening, Kye."
    I sat at one of the chairs. Only two other people were in here. The shop was mostly empty all the time, except for the occasional human who thought the same as Henry and the rare demon who had money. Luckily, one of my parents had been human and I had inherited a huge fortune, even if I had lost everything else.
    Henry handed me a cup of black coffee. I drank it, sighing as I did. I could feel the warmth spreading through my body.
    "How is life, Kye?"
    I looked at him, spinning my finger around the rim of the cup. My head rested in my demon arm. It was a pitch black, a few red designs lining it. "It's about the same. Still can't get a house, 'cuz no one is letting me buy one."
    Henry sighed. "Honestly, I am sorry Kye. Your kind live such a hard life."
    I laughed. "Yeah, I guess so."
    The bell over the door rang. I turned, looking at the new people. A burly looking man came in with a small girl. The girl sat up at the bar, a seat away from me. The burly man stood behind her. "Hello, Mr. Cogsworth."
    Henry smiled. "Hello, Natalie. Grey."
    The burly man let out a low grunt, most likely a greeting.
    Natalie cleared her throat. "We want to deliver our payment to you, Mr. Cogsworth." She took out an envelope, packed to the max, and gave it to Henry.
    "Thank you, Natalie." He said as he took it.
    His eyes roamed to me, before looking back at Natalie. "Natalie, I have someone I want you to meet."
    She looked at me, her eyes straying to my arm, then to the horns on my head. "A demon?"
    Henry nodded. "He is in need of a home, and he can work for his payment."
    Natalie smiled. "Okie dokie."
    She looked to me. "Do you have any training in fighting?"
    Odd question, I thought. "Yeah."
    "That arm, how powerful is it?"
    Henry laughed. "That thing wet straight through the concrete of this shop without him even trying, Natalie."
    She looked to me for confirmation, and I nodded.
    "Okay. Grey."
    The man turned and picked me up, flinging me over his shoulder.
    "Don't worry, Mr. Demon, we just need to do a few things."
    As we walked out of the shop, I saw an evil smirk go across Henry's face, and then his laughter lingered out. Well, this was going to be..... interesting.