• Cinque Mystic Spezie

    -Inizio-Beginning: 2300: January 5th

    Enda Chi sped through the pouring rain to the classroom when she collided with a girl on the wet sidewalk. She staggered backwards blushing and spoke. “I am so very sorry, Kya. I should have been more careful of my surroundings.” Kya smiled and stepped closer, lifting the poor girl’s chin. Her eyes had a heartless and cold gleam in them, something quite beautiful to a girl like Enda Chi. She gazed into those solemn, beautiful red eyes and choked up as Kya said the words with her soft voice that seemed to flow out like water, “Dear, don’t fuss so. You did not mean to run into me. Why so troubled?” Enda Chi opened her mouth to speak, but Kya placed a long, slender finger on lips and wrapped her arms, like a serpent around her shoulders. Enda compared her dark locks to Kya’s golden blonde hair and could not resist the temptation to touch it. She slid her fingers through Kya’s long soft locks and Kya returned the gesture and to Enda’s uttermost shock, Kya still had that solemn expression upon her face, but a laughing but still cold look in her eyes. Enda slid her long fingers across Kya’s pale skin, which felt like porcelain, so smooth and delicate, so breath taking. Why, Enda could not control herself and embraced her tighter; Kya did not draw away, she only gave a soft kiss in return. Enda and Kya parted from each other and Kya said in a wind cold voice, “Beware, dear and don’t go meddling with things that aren’t to meddled in.” Kya walked away; it appeared as if she were a few inches from the ground, gracefully moving like water. Enda stood there, weak and helpless, easy bait to Kya.

    Kya, that evening when the 22nd candle extinguished (22nd candle means ten o’clock post meridian), Kya quietly ascended into the cellar at the top left wing of the large home of where she resided. Her eyes had a mischievous, cold, and quite solemn expression plastered on in them as she shifted towards the shelf on the far left corner to retrieve the five mystical spices and then to her pot. Kya was not the type of witch to follow the rules of books, except when studying the magical herbs and plants like the “Fannonpalp Lily” or “ApruseahaSpell Violet”. Fannons were mystical creatures, half lion with a horse’s tail and a glamourous feminine face and elemental wings of water, greenery, wind, or electric and rarely death. Apruseaha was the long lost queen of ConTose, a large Kingdom, and a world. However, very small. Many folk dwell in other worlds that many of us have been seeking. However, they could not be found.
    Kya dumped a quarter cup of the first spice –harlot-, the second spice –demon-, the third spice –trouble-, the fourth spice –envy-, and the final spice –evil-. She added another ingredient, living. A small child, resembling Kya lifted out of the pot and opened her eyes, clueless as to what was going down. Kya gazed long and hard at the girl and lifting her down from the air, molested her nude body, feeling every inch of her and hissing softly:
    “Devilish beauty…pale skin, blonde locks, and the blood red eyes of mine…I shall grant her the power of the red ribbon, ribbon of death it is, and she will live forever as I do. She must feed in twenty four candles ( 24 hours) and receive her first taste of blood.” Kya kissed the girl softly and lay her, cloaked in the guest bedroom and let her rest.

    Cora and Shina sat in the gourmet Japanese restaurant, chattering away about Anna, a fellow friend who’s mother deceased recently. Cora sat there quietly for a few moments and then picking up her chopsticks, ate her sushi happily, for it was not every day she ate delicacies such as this. Shina held her shiny red chopsticks and began to eat her chow mien and croquets slowly, staring at Cora from the corner of her eye, disturbed by her sloppy eating. Cora lay her chopsticks next to her fork and stared Shina full in the face, a playful look in her eyes, which so aggravated Shina when she was already annoyed.
    “Disordered and ill-prepared as always, Cora.” Shina inquired coldly. “I didn’t want to eat here anyway. Their food is so insipid.” Shina was quite precise about food and did not like the way 女神カフェダンス (Dancing Goddess Café) made their food. The only food she favoured was their chow mien and croquets. 義郎さくらのコスプレレストラン (Yoshiro Sakura’s Cosplay Café) had delectable delicacies. Her favourite market, キキこなたの新鮮な肉と果物洞窟 (Kiki Konata’s Fresh Meat and Fruit Cavern) was fresh as they said it was. Another favourite restaurant of hers was a Spanish restaurant called -La gracia- (Grace’s). The two girls were enjoying their time now…but they had no idea what was in store for them later.
    (Note: The Japanese and Spanish language was from a translator and made to look like market signs. The Italian Chapters translated into English were also from a translator.)

    - Sei un Demon-You are a Demon: 2300, January 18th

    Damian held Melissa’s hand as she fell into labor. They thought they could never have a child. However, they made possible and Melissa became pregnant nine and a half months ago. After six hours, they took the baby to the newborn recovery room on the third floor south wing of the hospital. Melissa and Damian’s baby, however, was not normal and the nurse contacted the lab immediately for tests. The lab scientists, who were conducting series of blood tests on eight other patients like her, but she seemed different from the rest of them. She did have the long ears, pointed up, looking elven, but the tips, instead of being pointed, they were U shaped and her mental and physical control was highly unstable. Doctors also noticed gills from her arm- pits to her waist, about a foot and two and a half inches long on each side. A small shark’s fin poked out of her spine, still in her skin. The doctors said nothing to the mother and father and told them to return home.

    -Sei un Demon-You are a Demon (Part II): 2302 February 24th

    The child’s name was Mirii and she progressed quicker than most children would. She had an extensive vocabulary for a two-year old girl and her movements were swift. It was a fine summer day and the family decided to spend a day at the beach. Mirii fell into the sand and lay there for a while, letting the waves wash against her feet. The parents over looked her strange appearance, for the doctors insisted that their daughter was alright, but somehow, Melissa wasn’t convinced. Damian trusted doctors and Melissa trusted her husband so they over looked the drastic differences in their daughter’s body. Mirii felt a piece of metal hit her skin and she turned to see what it was. An amulet lay right by her feet and she picked it up to examine it closely and carefully. It isn’t made of metal. It is made of gold, copper, and nickel of beautiful colors. From washing in the sea for so long, the nickel has rusted into a green and it’s so beautiful… thought Mirii. Her mother knelt by her side and whispered softly, “What is it sweetie?” Mirii lifted it so her mother good take a good look. The beautiful carved word Ulan demonio glimmered in the sunlight. Her mother furrowed her brow and wondered. “Ulan Demon… Strange set of words, don’t you think?” Mirii snatched the amulet from her mother’s hand and looked it over again. The words were there. Ulan demonio. Melissa scowled at her daughter’s unpolished behavior and turned to Damian for help. Damian shrugged his shoulders and sat next to his wife and child.

    -Sei un Demon-You are a Demon (Part III): 2303, February 24th

    Another year later, men with guns knocked on the door to Melissa, Damian, and Mirii’s home. Melissa was the one to open the door and she staggered backward and demanded, “What’s going on? I want to know!” The men were hesitant for a second and the largest of the men answered, “We are here…for Mirii. Mirii is an Ulan Demonio; we already have eight of them in our facility. We must take her immediately.” The man pointed the M-16 at her face and said once more, in a rather blood chilling voice, “You don’t want me to have to persuade you, do you now? Blood tests showed Mirii is not human.” Damian appeared by the door and cried out, grabbing hold of the end of the M-16, “What the hell are you doing?! You won’t lay a finger on my wife, dammit!” Mirii appeared by her father’s side and asked in an expressionless voice, “What is going on?” She gazed up at the men and shouted aloud, “Step back mommy and daddy. I want to have some fun!” Mirii stepped toward the men and the commander shouted, “Shoot her! Shoot her now!” Guns fired loudly towards Mirii but she was not hit. The men lowered their M-16s and stared at the girl. She tapped on the commander’s shoulder and slit a cut through his arm. “What the hell- You b***h of a girl! Step away from me!” He pointed the gun at her, but was so weak with pain, he missed the shot and fell backward, bashing his head against the ground.
    “Don’t even attempt coming near me, or I will not hesitate to kill you. You understand?” A man approached her and she yanks his hand and wouldn’t let go. She grabbed his other arm and gripped tighter.
    “What the hell-you-you…stop that right now or I’m going to-Uhhll!!! b***h…” The man’s arms and wrists were bleeding and Mirii moved her hand to his neck, causing it to slit. The man slipped through her fingers and she turned to the others, whispering ominously, “Do you want some more?” Vines tore and lashed through her shirt from her gills. She commanded them to turn invisible and she slashed them around, killing the men all at once. Dead bodies dropped to the ground and Mirii smiled coldly. “I guess…you breathed your very last breath. Such a horrible death.” She spun around to see her parents shivering in a corner and heard her father say, “Leave, b***h!” Melissa pleaded to her husband to love the child.
    “Damian, don’t say such things!” she said, turning to the child, “Sweetie, come here and give me a hug…” Mirii snickered and said, “Lights out.”
    - Strega Buona-Good Witch: 2303, February 29th

    Ferarisa entered her odd bathroom with gray green walls, stone monster heads hanging from the wall; white flowers embroidered the borders of the walls. Stone like tile was the floor and black marble counters with black, gray, and moss green towels decorated the sink area and luminous candles (at least twenty) lit around the room. She had a beautiful bathtub, at the ledges, gray stones planted firmly into the ground. Her bathtub was like a public pool, built in the ground and filled with water. Ferarisa tugged the string hanging from the chute and hot water started flowing down the chute and filled the bath quickly. Ferarisa resided in a strange home, like a castle, in the day appearing white, vines and flowers wrapped around it, and at night the home appearing black and spooky. In the west wing of the castle was her bedroom and she owned a nice pot, 65inches wide and 42inches tall, given to her from Indesiderabili*, a good friend of hers. Imprevedibile* and Zenzero* also lived with her and Indesiderabili came to visit from time to time. The four witches were the only witches out of ConTose who didn’t perform black magic. They were like the three good fairies in Sleeping Beauty. They only used their magic when they needed it.
    *Indesiderabili-Undesirable in Italian
    *Imprevedibile-Unpredictable in Italian
    *Zenzero-Ginger in Italian
    Ferarisa wasn’t the type to brag, but she thought her friends were the most considerate, caring, and courteous people one could be with forever. Ferarisa renamed Indesiderabili and Imprevedibile to Bellezza and Eleganza, for they were beautiful and elegant. Zenzero and Bellezza quarreled with each other often because they disagree often. Eleganza and Ferarisa amused themselves on the sidelines, ignoring their constant bickering. Overall, the four young women got along just fine and enjoyed themselves heartily until unsuspected things took its toll. Kya discovered them and murdered Bellezza, assaulting her repeatedly until she failed to move. In the end Ferarisa was the only survivor, shivering and sobbing in a corner. She staggered upward and hung her head, whispering ominously, “You won’t make it out of here alive, Kya. I will see to it.” Kya retreated from the spooky castle as it exploded from Ferarisa’s powerful blow. Surprisingly, the unconscious Ferarisa survived the explosion of the home and she was still a Strega Buona.

    -Il mio cuore pieno di Hate-My Heart Filled With Hate: 2303, February 30

    Mia resented her own self for her own mind, for who she was. Mia, an Ulan Demonio like Mirii, struggled to control her own mind, to not think about murdering humans and birds. So far, she has not murdered one. Lisa, Shia, Shira, Shi, Miaka, Mika, Grace, Ora, and Lira were all Ulan Demonios like her. Lisa used to kill humans, but learned to control herself and Shia was too lost in darkness to control her from killing. Everyone else was self controlled, but still kept inside the orphanage for Ulan Demonios. Mia thought everyone was just afraid of humans, too scared to like them.
    Mirii jumped into the water to splash around a bit. I do not regret anything about February 24th. Daddy deserved what he got and mother; I knew was afraid of me. Mama was traumatized and I knew she wanted to die. I respected her wishes. I am afraid of people and want someone like me to play with. Maybe I will find someone soon. Mirii felt footsteps behind her. Lisa stood there, the eldest of the members, approached Mirii. Mirii spun around to see a girl with green eyes, green hair, and pointy elven like ears. Lisa yanked Mirii’s hand and caused it to bleed a bit.
    “Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you,” Lisa said coldly. She pinned her to the sand and said, “I want to ask a favor of you.”
    Mirii hung from chains in a small shack area. Fifteen year old Lisa stripped her down and then stripped herself down, releasing Mirii from the chains and let her drop to the floor. Mirii was weak, for even she did not develop enough power for her to beat Lisa. Lisa lay on top of her and kissed her. You may think it is queer for a fifteen-year-old girl and a three-year-old girl to have sex with one another. Mirii fell asleep and finally did Lisa let her go and let her rest. Lisa’s heart was filled with hatred for Mirii and she would do anything to torture her, but never kill her because the amusement would not last.

    -Molto Prideful-Very Prideful: 2303, March 15th

    Kya’s long slender fingers went up to Kiki’s cheek. Kiki is three and a few months old and still trying to escape from Kya’s wrath.
    “Sweet heart. Stay with me. You have nowhere else to go. Why must you leave me?” questioned Kya, ask if she did not know why and kissed Kiki’s soft lips. Kiki pushed herself away and replied nastily, “Because you are horrible! You are very prideful, maybe too prideful and have caused me nothing but pain! Have you ever heard of the seven levels of Hell, Kya? Do you know that pride is one of those seven levels? If you have too much of that pride, it could put you in a bind and that is not good!” Kya looking amused, smiled at Kiki nastily and pursued her once more, holding her tight and Kiki, once again, pushed away from Kya. She tried escaping the room when Kya flung at her and removing her top, placing the mark of Hell upon her back and Kiki cried out in pain, for the burning sensation… Kya then remarked, “You will be sentenced to Core when you are done with your life! As for me, my life will never be over.” Kiki lay on the ground, sniffling and shaking. Tears streamed from her eyes and she screamed, “Like Core will be any better than my life now! I am certain that the God, Rosso, will spare me!” Kya tried to touch Kiki, but could not get through to her, for a magical shield protected her from harm. Kya, surprised, tried touching her again, but the same thing happened. Kya’s hand bled profusely and Kya knelt to the ground and said darkly, “You are useless. Yo-you are useless! I’ve failed…” Kiki fled from the room before Kya had the chance to lift herself from the ground. “She is so useless. I will kill her.”

    Part II: Gli occhi di bellezza e gli occhi di Hate -Eyes of Beauty and Eyes of Hate-

    Lacrime di odio-Tears of Hate: 2303, March 20th

    Luce sprinkled flower petals on the pavement, for it was a day to celebrate! It was the day Russo came to be, the day light was brought to the world. Luce was a pretty little woman with dark short hair and orange eyes, cute and plump, always wearing nice clothing. Some people did wonder about her though. Luce was killed that night by one of the many witches involved with Kya and thrown into the sea. This witch’s name was Shill Shrill, and one of the devils of them all.

    Lacrime di odio-Tears of Hate (part II): 2303, April 19th

    No one ever found Luce’s body until one day a few weeks after her death. This boy’s name was Tale Michael, a senior student of the only high school in the city of Cain. Tale Michael befriended Luce’s brother Kay and contacted him immediately, explaining her disappearance.
    “Bite marks and slash marks. The slash marks came from a leather whip I assume. Bite marks…” Tale Michael assumed. Kay gazed at her battered body and stated in a bitter voice, “Whoever murdered my bello sorella*, I will find and kill. They will regret what they did!” His tears fell onto her body, tears of resent and love all at the same time. Tale coiled his arms around Kay’s neck whispering, “There is nothing we can do. She is gone…I know you are sad, but…she is in a better place and she’s giving you a thousand embraces right now…”
    “I-I still resent the person who did this to my sorella…they will pay…for what they’ve done…” Kay whispered quietly.
    *Bello: beautiful in Italian
    *Sorella: sister in Italian

    -Che cosa è che Marco? -What is That Mark? : 2303, April 24th

    Twelve-year-old Shina and fourteen-year-old Cora sat on large rocks, tossing stones into the river. Shina hesitated before saying what she longed to say for the longest time.
    “Cora, if we ever part, will you always think of me…like I’d always think of you? I have a feeling we’re going to part…and I just want to know,” Shina spoke. Cora scooted closer to her and placed a soft palm on her cheek.
    “I will always have your heart in mine…because I love you like the sorella I never had. I promise I will never forget you,” she stated. Shina embraced her tightly and then yanking her arm, examined it and exclaiming with horror, “What is this? What is this mark?” Cora went wide-eyed and yanked her arm away in shock.
    “What mark?” exclaimed Cora, catching a glimpse of her arm. “Demonio?” she exclaimed, “Meaning ‘Demon’ in Spanish!” A harsh laugh came from a feminine voice standing behind them.
    “That curse will soon spread through your body and you will die!” she chuckled. Shina stood from the ground and demanded, “Who the hell are you and what are you doing here? I demand you release her!” The woman chuckled again and replied, changing the subject, “I am Sakura Szuzumiya, Kya’s main apprentice, age sixteen. A pleasure to torture you.” Shina scowled and pursued Szuzumiya. Trudging and kicking rocks on the way, Shina stood in front of her.
    “Release her now! You b***h! You…” Shina screamed. Szuzumiya grinned some more, “I love to see people like you cry. I am afraid you are the cagna*,” Szuzumiya said in a mockingly sweet voice and then lifting Shina’s chin, “Dear, if you don’t want to become like your friend, I suggest you keep quiet and hold still.” Shina trembled as she felt a hand move from her face down to her collar. Szuzumiya gripped it tightly. Shina was strong willed, she pushed away from her, Szuzumiya bashed Shina’s head against the ground, causing blood to spill from her mouth, and Shina just lay there in extreme pain. Cora drew out a gun and pointed it at Szuzumiya’s head.
    “Non ti danno il coraggio di un amo!* Io non esiterà a sparare, se male in alcun modo.*” exclaimed Cora, tears streaming from her eyes.
    *”Non ti danno il coraggio di un amo!-Don’t you dare harm the one I love!” In Italian.
    *”Io non esiterà a sparare, se male in alcun mondo.-I won’t hesitate to shoot if you harm her in any way.” In Italian.
    *”Cagna” b***h in Italian.
    Szuzumiya dug her nails deep into Cora’s skin and said, “Do you wonder why I won’t kill you? Because the fun won’t last!”
    Cora fired her gun at Szuzumiya and shot her in the temple and watched Szuzumiya tip over and whisper, “I failed you Kya. Why do I have to die like this?” Cora lifted the injured Shina on her back and left Sakura Szuzumiya there, lying in the sand and blood spilling everywhere.

    -Che il vero amore si sente come-What true love feels like: 2303, April 27th

    That night, Kay and Tale were studying the stars to view the many wonders and mysteries of them.
    “The stars are so beautiful. Do you think our ancestors are up there?” questioned Kay. Tale looked at him.
    “I do think so,” Tale answered. Kay stared back at him, colour in his cheeks. “The stars are filled with love too. That is how they came to be so luminous and attractive.” Kay yanked on Tale’s hand and pulled him closer to him.
    “You are my fratello, Tale and…I love you…because in my time of need you were always there,” Kay told him. Tale coiled his right arm around his neck and nose-to-nose Tale answered, “We were both there for each other. I love you too…and I wanted to tell you but…” Kay pulled Tale’s head back and kissed him. Tale stroked Kay’s cheek and ran his fingers through his dark curls. The stars seemed to shine brighter that night.
    “Tale will we be fratello forever?” asked Kay.
    “Of course…” answered Tale.

    Sono inutili?-Am I useless?: 2303, April 28th

    You are useless… These words rang clear in Kiki’s mind. She couldn’t forget them. She clasped her hands over her eyes and collapsed into the mud. Her clothing torn and her shoes worn out, she hurt body and soul. A man passed by and screeched, “b***h! Move it and get out of the street! Useless. Children like that shouldn’t be allowed on the face of the planet.” Am I useless? Thought Kiki, sadly. A boy of about twelve passed by and she opened her eyes, dazed and confused, she was, the boy stopped in his tracks and spun around. He reached for her hand and she grabbed it, the hand feeling so warm against her ice-cold palm. Tears struck her eyes and she turned away in shame. The boy pulled her from the ground and asked her to walk with him. He removed his coat and wrapped it around her cold shoulders.
    “Thank you so much, but I really don’t deserve kindness. I am useless…I ran away from the one that tortured me and failed to meet her expectations,” Kiki said quietly. The boy lifted her chin and said kindly, stoking her red curls (me as the author forgot to mention though she looks like Kya they have different hair colours…sorry!) and gazing into her deep red eyes. She held back her tears, but they streamed out even faster and she turned from him. He walked her through the streets and to his home.
    “I would feel very nasty and evil if I didn’t care for you and left you there. I am usually not this kind,” he explained to her, blushing. They stepped inside and his mother asked, “Who is this?” The boy said to his mother urgently, “She needs help.” His mother stood there, hesitant for a while, just staring down on Kiki and then shrugging her shoulders. The boy looked hopeful and gazed up at his mother.
    “You know better than to bring homeless into our home! Why would you…bring this rat in here?” choked out his mother. Kiki backed away as the woman’s hand aimed towards her face. The boy glared at his mother and said, “Why… Do you want to hurt every friend I wish to make? Ever since that sex change, I haven’t been able to make friends.” The woman stared into her son’s eyes and replied, “Tea’, why would any-“ The boy cut her off and said, “My name is no longer Tea’. It is now Kuran. I am not a girl anymore.” He scuffed his feet against the floor. Now that Kiki really got a glimpse at him, his face really did look feminine. “But, I will make babies like you want me to. I didn’t remove my reproductive organs.” His mother breathed hard and stared at Kuran with fury. Kiki backed away and turned to open the door when he heard Kuran say, “Will we ever meet again?” She whirled around, uncertain as of what to say and then replied, “Maybe. You are my only friend.” He smiled and then squeezed her tightly. Kiki stiffened and motioned for him to let her go and he withdrew, blushing and then waved to her goodbye. The mother went to strike Kiki again and this time hit her full blow.
    “That hurt….r-really…bad… Why?” whimpered Kiki, on the floor.