• "Class I wan't you to write a love story. One that involves one person in love with two other people." My Teacher said to my class. I went home and wrote the story exactly as she said to and brought it back the next day. "Dillon,Come Here please." I walked up to the teacher's desk. "Dillon this story is awesome. I am giving you a one hundred on it. I am even going to send it in to see if they would make a book out of it." My teacher went and called my mother and told her about the story and how proud she was of me for writing such a great story. "Dillon,How did you come up with this?" Mrs.Woods asked me. "I just.. well it happened to me once." I told her. "So this story is true?" "Well sort of,but it is based on someone else instead of me." I said laughing. "Well Tell Me About it." Mrs.Woods said. "Well when we moved here last year I lived in between two girls. Well one of them come to find out really liked me and the other well let's just say she had no idea i even existed." I said with a smirk. "Dillon! Come on we gotta get home!" My sister said as she walked into the classroom. "Tell mom I had to stay a little late with Mrs.Woods." I told Breanna. "Ok now where was I. Oh yea. Well we had just moved in and started fixing up the house and my mom came into my room. "Dillon one of your friend's from school is here to see you." Mom had told me. The girl from next door was there to see me. "Hi Dillon." Cristina said as she walked into my room. "Hey! WATCH WHERE YOU STEP...." I shouted right as she stepped in the wet paint can on the floor.

    Thanx for reading,
    Wesley and Matt