• Chapter 4 The Rise of DARK
    The Mystics were in an importantmeeting when the ghosts attcked them. "We will find out where they are headed and attack them. I suspect that all of you have trained for this"said Torpedo. All of a sudden there was a crash and they saw dark ghosts heading towards them. They tried their flame swords and guns but t didnt work. They were unbeatable. 3 of the ghosts ran towards Torpedo but Spirit jumped in front of his master and the ghosts tortured him. They went inside of him and ate his guts. But after they left his body his power as being able to control spirits resurected him but he had no insides. He was changing though. He felt like he was exploding. He was feeling cold in dispair but like he could do anything in the world. He turned into dust and then all of a sudden turned into a ghost. He was trying to fight back the urge to kill everyone. He was a special ghost. He had power. Spirit was regaining his old self. He was turning back into a person. The magic was so powerful though. Then he realized he was good again but was still a ghost. He was back to normal but a ghost. Then he felt like he was knocked out. He used every bit of his power to fight of the monsters. He hit 2 of them and killed 1 of them. Then the other one that was hit charged at him and stabbed him with thin air. The ghosts called out DARK will rise! Then suddenly, Spirit was beginning to close his eyes. He never opened them again.