• chapter 4- your can take your arm off me

    My heart was beating so fast that my breathing could barely keep up. She was getting closer the grin getting bigger, a breeze blew by my hair then I felt him next to me. Evelin got a frustrated look on her face and turned the corner. "Hello" jasper said like he just happened to be there, "looks like you need an escort" I was silent.
    we were silent most of the time. I felt him staring at me like he had a hunger, I moved a little away from him. when we finally got to the office he waved and walked away. I watched him until he turned the corner and went inside. I walked up to the beat up office counter and the lady behind there looked like you would Imagen any secretary short glasses and old. "your mom wants you to go home and pick up some milk" she wheezed. my mom was always taking me out for stupid s**t like this.
    I took the ally short cut, it smelled like dog but i didn't notice my head was swiming with everything going on. I didn't even notice the two men that walked into my path until I bumped into them, they looked about eighteen. " hey pretty girl let us by you a drink" I could smell the alcohol on his breath. I was about to run when I got the familiar breeze in my hair. Jasper put his arm around my shoulder.
    "Is there a problem her honey" jasper said as he gave the men a fierce look. "Nah man we were just leaving" "good" jasper seethed. We walked out of the ally his arm still around me, "you can take your arm off now" I whispered "no there still following us" he said hand gripping my shoulder tighter.
    to be continued...