• I thought it's bad enough that this group of people I've gathered were bad enough, but who in the world would've known that they'll be little ------- when it comes to things that goes bump in the night. (What a bunch of S-rank criminals, am I right?)
    Well, two nights ago, we were all sleeping (except for me, I had too much paper work to do), then suddenly this sound that I can't explain happened. Of course, Tobi screamed "SENPAI, SENPAI", but I stayed in my room ignoring whatever that was...not my concern anyway.
    Then there was that noise again, like groaning or something like that. I came out my room and everyone was in the hallway looking to see what was going on. Tobi clinging onto Deidara and Deidara clinging onto Sasori, Hidan coming out the room rubbing his eyes with his hair all messed up and Kakuzu coming out with his briefcase (don't ask me why, I don't know myself), Itachi leaning against the wall and Kisame with his Samehada shaking like crazy, and Konan holding onto my shirt.
    "The hell is going on?" I said, and Itachi looked at me and said "Exactly what it looks like, tryna find out what that noise is......disturbing me from my sleep." We all just stood there in the hallway to listen if it was going to happen again. "You know what, ---- this, we're all just standing here like ----ing god damn -------. We just hearing things. I'm going back to bed. Night -----es." Hidan suddenly said as he goes back to his room, but suddenly stopped dead in his tracks when we heard the noise again. "You was saying something Hidan?" Kakuzu said. "---- you money -----!", Hidan replied.
    "W-w-where is Z-z-zetsu-san? D-d-did he get eaten by the m-m-monster?!?!?!" Tobi said shaking in fear. "What monst...", Sasori said looking at Hidan. "Don't look at me, I havn't told that lil ---- anything about monsters lately", Hidan said quickly, "always blaming me for ---- I didn't do." Then all of a sudden Tobi started to cry saying "ZETSU-SAN GOT EATEN! ZETSU-SAN GOT EATEN!", then being stopped by Deidara elbowing him in the gut.
    The groan happened again and made Tobi and Kisame shake in fear even more. "You know what, let's look for where that noise is coming from..un. I want to go back to sleep, and you guys know how cranky i get if I don't get my 16 hours of sleep, hmm." Deidara said. I thought it was a good idea, so we all split up in 3 groups. Me, Konan, and Kisame; Itachi, Hidan, and Kakuzu; Tobi, Deidara, and Sasori.
    As me, Konan, and Kisame searched the base for the groans, we heard it get louder and louder. "EEEEEEAAAAAHHH!!!!!!", Konan and Kisame screamed. I turn around feeling a lil scared and shouted "WHAT WAS THAT?", then to find that Kisame and Konan just bumped into each other, but Kisame was pointing at something. I looked to see what it was, then we saw a shadow walking across. Now I'm really scared. "Kisame, you're the one with the sword, go see what it is," I said. "What the hell? Are you crazy?! I don't know what that is!!!" Kisame said with his voice shrivelling in fear. "Just GO!," Konan exclaimed pushing Kisame with her foot and clinging onto me making Kisame fall flat on his face.
    Kisame looks up and said, "Dude, it's gone." We heard the groan again and heard Hidan and Itachi screaming. We quickly ran to where Itachi, Hidan, and Kakuzu were. "What happened?" I said. "These 2 idiots thought they saw something and started to climb on each other to get away," Kakuzu explained. "WE ARE NOT SCARED! We simply tried to run to where that thing was and just HAPPENED to end up like this." they both said.
    "Since we're all here, let's go look for Deidara, Tobi, and Sasori." Itachi said brushing himself off. "----ing ------- probably up in a corner somewhere crying for their mommy, haha!" Hidan said. "Wern't you the one behind be crying mommy when you heard the groan?" Kakuzu replied with Hidan snickering at him.
    We started walking towards the living room and found Deidara, Tobi, and Sasori under the coffee table. Konan looked under the coffee table saying, "What are you guys doing under there?" Sasori pointed his finger to something that was behind us. "There not a god damn thing behind us," Hidan said looking back, "WHAT THE ----!!" We all ran to hide behind the television as the thing groaned behind us. Then we heard a voice. "Whoa, whoa whoa guys, don't run!" "HOW THE ---- ARE WE SUPPOSED TO TRUST YOU! I'LL SMITE JASHIN ON YOUR ---!" Hidan said screaming pelting a vase (made by Deidara) after it. The vase smashed against the thing knocking it out.
    We stood there for a few minutes then all of a sudden Kakuzu walks out to see what that thing was. "Hey, you guys it's only Zetsu." he said. "YAY! The monster didn't eat Zetsu-san!", Tobi said in excitement. Zetsu began to wake up and started to groan just like the groans we were hearing. Sasori started to laugh and said "I think that was your 'monster' Tobi." Zetsu sat up and held his stomach and groaned. "I think I ate something bad," Zetsu said in pain "I was trying to look for you guys, but you all kept running away from me." "But you was the reason why we was running away, un.", Deidara said right after.
    Like I said earlier, who knew S-ranked criminals can be such -------, and shut the ---- up with me being scared. I wasn't scared, hell no, not ever, no way.