• Aimi

    I can feel my nose tickle, as I slept on the grassy ground. I woke up finding a little white dog-like creature… a small wolf. It looked at me, and licked my face. I giggled at the feeling of his cold, wet drool as he passed his tongue over my cheek, forehead, and nose bridge. I got up and wiped my face with my sleeves. I dropped my arm, finding myself to be surrounded by a field of flowers. Rose bushes, daisies, red poppy, baby’s breath, tulips, lily pads in a near-by pond that had a bridge leading from one side to the other, and any other type of flower that you can think of. There were trees around too, giving small areas a cool shade underneath each one. Surrounding the meadow, were large mountains covered in snow.
    The puppy bit my pajama pants and started to force me toward the bridge.
    “Okay, okay!” I giggled, “I’ll follow!”
    I ran with him and admired every blossom I passed by. I finally reached to the bridge and walked half-way through it. It quietly creaked at almost every step I took as I figured it was made of wood painted in white. I leaned myself against the border and looked down to the pond from below. Koi fish swam by gracefully as they showed off their lovely colors. Butterflies and dragonflies flew by and disappeared into the grass. The wind blew softly and, strangely, it was warm.
    I closed my eyes and listened to every sound I can find. The buzzing came from the honey bees, the breeze whistled, the leaves in the trees rustled, but the clearest of all was the pup’s barking. But then I heard a soft whisper that seemed to belong to a young man say “Saikoro.”
    My eyes shot open in shock. What did that mean and what language was it? I thought that the guy would be behind me, but found my theory wrong when I turned around in circles, discovering nothing but the puppy rolling on his back in the ground.
    I looked down at the pond again, thinking that it doesn’t seem deep. I lifted myself onto the rim of the bridge and tried to balance myself while standing. I carefully took a step and then another, as I felt like a tight rope walker. Then the pup came running in my direction, barking.
    “Don’t worry,” I said as I flapped a hand at him, “I’ve done this before.”
    And out of all the times I did it, I end up falling. But it’s never fun without some excitement in life, so I try the craziest things that I can think of.
    The puppy continued to bark at me, every howl getting louder. I just ignored him and continued to reach the other end of the bridge. I looked beyond the field and found some black fog approaching, and a figure of a person appeared from within. I stared at it, not paying attention to my steps, when my foot eventually slipped and my body leaned to the side. I thought I was going to fall into the pool, head first, until a hand caught my waist and silence finally took over.
    I looked at my hero, as he carried me to the safety of the ground. His face was beautiful as his skin was flawlessly fair, he had full lips and brown shaggy hair, which covered his eyes.
    The voice chuckled wickedly in my ear, but this time it was like standing next to amps in full blast as it echoed across the grassland. The guy with me carried me up, and his back grew huge figures covered in white feathers. He crouched down, leaped and before I knew it, we were in the air. The wind blew his bangs away from his face and I met his eyes. They had a crystal clear, light blue color that revealed a soul full of warmth and love.
    From that time I knew I had to be dreaming, because there is no way that a bizarre, red headed girl, who is hopelessly clumsy, and never exactly fitted in with anybody like me, would find her Prince Charming. It’s a dream. It’s only a dream! I kept thinking to myself, but no matter how many times I keep repeating it in my head, this fantasy world wouldn’t disappeared. But I didn’t want it to vanish as much as I wanted to believe that it’s true.
    He glanced at me and gave me a whole hearted smile, until I heard a piercing shing! and the sound of breaking twigs. I found the reflection of a frightened teenage girl shown in a blood covered sword, as it stabbed my dream’s heart. The wind rushed into my face as we fell into a tree.
    When I opened my eyes, it was dark and I found him lying on the ground in front of me, dead and covered in blood. His angel wings were ripped, and his gorgeous face had an expression of a never ending sleep. The flowers around him were ceased to exist and all the animals had gone. I was going to run to him, but then I found a massive spider web made out of chains connected to two large trees… and I’m the fly stuck in it.
    The web moved as a guy in black sat above me, while he played the part of the spider.
    “Hehehe!” he chuckled as he slowly crawled down to me. I tried to get away but he pinned my hands and feet to the chain with knives. I would’ve screamed, but what for? There’s nobody here that would hear me. Nobody that can save me. We were finally face to face, as he only held himself up with one hand, leaving his body leaning away. He had jet black hair that reached at his shoulders, well trimmed. I saw my reflection through his red eyes as they matched his crooked, sinful grin. He held out a knife and looked at his reflection. He fixed his hair, and then turned it to see me. I bet you, he can see fear in those innocent, yellow-green eyes of mine. He was enjoying it, and turned his face toward me. His face slowly became close to mine. I closed my eyes and, unexcitedly, waited for it to come. I felt his cold breath, and I unlocked my eyelids to find his face inches from mine. His body was on top of mine, but not touching. He starred at me with hateful eyes as he wore a frown.
    He finally lifted himself off of me after seconds, grabbed the roots of my hair, and he slashed his knife at my…
    I woke up gasping for air, as my cat, Tigger was lovingly nibbling the same area the guy was holding my hair up. I shooed! him away and my body shot itself sitting up on my bed, and I started to sob. My mom ran inside, with a concerned expression in her face.
    “What’s the matter, sweetie? What happened?” she sat beside me and gave me a warm hug. I knew it! It was a dream and I’m glad it was. I was home, in the arms of my tender mother to the affectionate “kisses” my cat gives me once every month. My little brother stormed into my room, still wearing pajamas, with a toy car in his hands.
    “What happened?!” he exclaimed.
    “It’s nothing, Nat. Go back to playing with your toys,” my mother demanded. He left with a confused mask, and my mom pulled away. “Are you okay?”
    I nodded, wiping my eyes.
    “Alright. Do you want your usual? Eggs, toast with butter and café con leche?”
    I nodded again, with the sniffles. She kissed me on the cheek and left. Tigger slithered to my side, purring. I petted him in the head and then behind the ears, and soon I felt better as he licked my hand, which felt like sand paper at first but then became soft slobber. I carried him down to the floor, and walked to my dressing drawer. I pulled out a pair of underwear and bra, jeans, and a blue shirt. I wiped my eyes again as I were on my way to the rest room.
    I filled the tub with hot water and dipped myself inside. I rested in there for a while and eventually tried to fall asleep, which never exactly worked. I lie there, trying to be in my happy place, but nothing worked as the nightmare played over and over again like a T.V. cassette. I wanted to give up and open my eyes but something told me I shouldn’t. They unlocked anyway and I was in a blood bath… and literally a blood bath. The water that was in my tub turned into a dull red color. I stood up as I was terrified by what I saw. I closed my eyes as my hands turned into fists and started to bang hard on my head.
    This is not real! I’m just seeing things! I’m hallucinating! I kept screaming that in my head constantly until I opened my eyes and discovered the tub full of clear water again. I took a deep breath and exhaled in relief. I pulled the drapes to get out, but then the guy in black appeared with a gun in his hand pointing at my forehead. Right before I got to do anything, I heard a loud bang! and an echo of a woman screaming… not realizing it belonged to me. My mom anxiously knocked on the door.
    “Aimi?! What happened? Is everything okay?” I needed to catch my breath before I spoke.
    “Yes, Mami--” I need to think of something quick. I can’t tell her that a guy is somehow stalking me everywhere I go-- especially in my dreams. “I thought I saw a spider.”
    I heard her give out a sigh, “Oh, Aimi. Don’t scare me like that.”
    “I’m sorry,” I apologized as I took a towel and covered myself. Her footsteps faded away, and I quickly dressed myself. I ran inside my room, locked the door, jumped on my bed, and dug my face into a pillow and cried out all the fear I have experienced, praying that this will not happen to me again.