• Character Name: Sato Migami (Pronounced Me-ga-me)
    Age: 19
    Species: Human (Half-Kami)
    Rank/Occupation: Full-time Student/Part-time Florist
    Element: Wood
    Health Points: 280
    Attack: +1
    Defense: +1

    Physical Description: Migami is approximately four foot ten inches
    tall and weighs in at ninety-eight pounds soaking wet. Though she
    is short and light for her age the young woman makes up for her
    stature with hazel eyes, long flowing brown hair, and an olive toned
    complexion that glistens in the sunlight. Finally, she tops all of
    that off with a near perfect figure that drives most men wild.

    Personality: Migami is usually slow to speak on a matter and only
    opens her mouth if she has something important to say. To some, this
    makes her appear indecisive and shy, but nothing could be further from
    the truth as the young woman has been endowed with a wisdom that is
    beyond her years and a knowledge that covers a wide range of topics.
    She is also known for her nurturing qualities as she loves taking care
    of others especially those who are sick, lonely, or distraught.
    Finally, she is independent, a quality she inherited from her mother,
    and she does not like to accept help unless it is absolutely
    necessary. This is both a strength and a weakness. It enables her to
    grow stronger faster, while at the same time alienating her from those
    who care about her. This has also lead to her not receiving help in
    areas that she really needs it in.

    Likes: Gardening, the Woods, Long Walks, Volunteering
    Dislikes: Harming others, Being an Burden, Fire


    Forest Kinship – Simply put, our character shares a kinship with all
    things wood especially trees. This ability allows her to hold
    conversations with them, and it makes her capable of giving them
    orders to halt an enemy advance (the last part used in her history).
    This ability has its limits however as some trees tend to be "more
    stubborn" than others and will not take orders unless she does them "a
    favor" nor will they readily do anything for her if they perceive her
    to be at odds with the wood in some way. Use is unlimited.

    Wood Manipulation – This ability is still, at present, a class one
    ability that only allows her to manipulate smaller items. Some
    examples would be 2X4s, her cane, pencils, and so on.

    Photosynthetic Feeding – This ability requires her to sprout roots
    from her feet that extend into the ground. From there she can draw
    nourishment and even heal herself using the earth. The major weakness
    of this ability is that she cannot move while she is feed and if she
    is not careful and allows her roots to stay planted for more than
    forty-eight hours, she will turn into a tree (This will also happen if
    she allows herself to fall asleep while she is feeding). (Please
    note: She has not discovered this power yet.)

    Odd abilities: Which of her abilities do you consider "normal"? *laughs*

    Weapon/Zanpakuto: While it is not technically a weapon, Magami can use
    her cane to defend herself physically and as a conduit to channel her

    History of this Character: The easiest way to tell the tale of Sato
    Migami is to use her name. The first word in her name, Mi, can mean
    either "seed" or "not yet", and the second, Gami, can be translated
    either "Graceful" or "High Class". So we see that one may translate
    her name to mean either "Graceful Seed" or "Not Yet High Class". Both
    of these make up one half of her life's story which will be told in
    the following paragraphs.

    The yarn of our "Graceful Seed" begins as most life stories do with
    the love of a man and a woman, but unlike most life stories Migami's
    has a unique twist to it. Her parents met one fateful evening when
    her mother, Yasu, took human form in an attempt to blend into the
    crowd at a festival. It was here that she literally ran into Sato
    Sasuke, who was not at all thrilled about the rip in his new pants or
    the plate of sushi that landed in his hair, and he would have erupted
    at her ending the whole affair before it began had he not happened to
    noticed the desperate look of the delicate creature laying on the
    ground in front of him with tears in her eyes. Needless to say, he
    suddenly felt more compassion for her than his torn pants and grease
    covered hair, and he took it upon himself to help her by hiding her at
    his house until the danger was over. This single act of mercy and
    kindness captured the heart of the Kami, who took upon herself the
    prison of mortality so that she could pledge her heart to him for life.
    It was out of that union that Migami was born on September
    twenty-third to proud parents who loved both her and each other with
    all their being, and for the first five years of her life she lived a
    normal childhood filled with zoo outings, trips to the park, and
    birthday parties. But alas, this happiness was shattered one evening
    when she was rushed to the hospital with a high fever that nearly
    killed her, and though the doctor's were able to save her life the
    claimed her eyesight leaving her world shrouded in a haze to this very
    day. Where once she had seen clearly, she was now only able to make
    out shapes, and instead of learn the alphabet like a normal child she
    had to learn brail in order to read. This might have taken her
    self-confidence and her happiness had it not been for her parents who
    pushed her to excel, while at the same time supporting her in all that
    she set her mind to. And so it was, that the young child grew proud
    and strong moving into junior high school with good grades and a good
    attitude, though her disability did stifle her social life in a small way.
    Now most would think that this should be the end of one's troubles,
    and that she should have been blessed with a normal life from that
    point forward but again hardship arose due to her being half-kami.
    This heritage revealed itself to her during the summer after her
    seventh grade year, when her ire was roused by a young man who was
    harassing one of her friends. To make a long story really short, she
    caused a nearby tree to grab the boy with its limb nearly strangling
    him to death. This incident baffled police and Migami, who had never
    heard of a tree saving anyone, but her mother and father were not so
    confused. In fact, they were alarmed and withdrew their daughter from
    society until they had taught her to manage her mysterious abilities.
    This was a process that took the better part of two years, and set
    the young woman back in her education so that she did not enter high
    school until after for sixteenth birthday.

    Now for the conclusion to her tale, and the third tragedy that claimed
    the lives of both her parents.

    Late one evening not long after she began high school and while the
    family was sleeping, the wall in the living room collapsed and loud
    roaring was heard throughout the house. Migami arose with a start not
    sure what was happening, but her mother knew. It was the same Hollow
    that had nearly killed her when she first met Sasuke, and it had
    returned to finish the job!

    Quickly, she ran into her daughter's room and scooped her up while her
    husband stood in the monsters way, and with tears in her eyes the Kami
    listened as the screams of her mate filled the night air while she
    carried her child into the streets, handed the girl her cane, and
    order her to flee without looking back. The girl obeyed and the Kami
    turned around to give the child time to flee her face stern and resolute!

    To this day, Migami can remember hearing her mother's dying screams as
    she hid in the sewers barely avoiding detection by the Hollow.
    Now fully grown and in her senior year of high school, Migami is
    working in private to hone her powers so that she can track down the
    foul being that slew her parents and claim vengeance for their
    suffering. Little does she know that this path will intertwine her
    fate with a young substitute soul reaper's as he has also pledged to
    kill the same Hollow for taking the life of his mother, and that it is
    he and his friends who will teach to be more than "Not Yet High
    Class". It is they who will help her to hone her abilities to the
    next level and that in the process they will change the course of her
    life forever.