CRACK!!!BOOM!!!A rainy day at Grantown-on-Spey a mere peasent was walking by the pub.He decided he would take a few drinks and then leave for home.
    "S'cuse me bartender,Id like some ale please!"Yelled the peasent over 12 noisy tables
    "Comin' right up laddie!"Yelled the bartender.The peasent looked table to table.No one seemed to have a lick of sense whatsoever."All drunk"he thought.The person who was sitting with him strted a conversation.
    "So ye here to drink ye sorrows away laddie?Ye look quite pale."
    "Na' I'm just here to drink,like many people here."said the peasent.The other person changed the subject.
    "Ye heard of NESSIE?Ye know,the Loch Ness Monster?"Asked the person
    "I dont know anyone who dosn't."said the peasent.
    "I'll tell ye the tale of 'er."the man cleared his throat."The Loch Ness monster (a.k.a. Nessie) is an alleged Plesiour-like creature living in Loch Ness.Many sightings of the monster have been recorded,going back at least as far as St.Columbia.The modern legand of Nessie begins in-"
    "Wait,yer' just telling me the legand now?"
    "Yes, I'm just getting the fact's straight"."Shesh,don't have to be a scolar to know this tale"Thought the peasent as their drinks were slamed on the table"Now where was I...oh yes thats right.Ahem.The modern legand of Nessie begins in 1934 with Dr.Robert Kenneth Wilson,a London physicisn,who allegedly photographed a Plesiour-like beast with a long neck emerging out of the murky waters.That photo created quite a fuss;ye see laddie?
    "Yes, thank you,but its time I go before I get to drunk"
    "Oh..ok laddie,but may I catch ye name?"
    "K' laddie,see you later Kyle."He walked home in the rain,thunder,and lightning.