• I woke up with sweat seeping down my cheast. I walked up to my closet and found a note. This is what it said

    HEY GIRLFRIEND Its your frnd friend Angel and i just wanted to tell you that i think you should start dressing like me! You know at least nicley. You always wear gross jeans and a t-shirt. Spice things up in life! Common' No harm is done with it. Besides, You might find a man in your life and have the best day ever. Huh? What do ya' Say? And i kinda sneeked in ur house cuz' i ran out of milk. Hahaha. Sorry. Um then i made this note. I kinda used ur pen and i wanna keep it. I like the ball in it. So anyway. Bye!

    I was pissed. But whatever. I picked out a black tank top, a pair of black shorts and some black sandles. I picked a pair of sunglasses and I decided to wear some hot pink lip stick. Not like i am going to do this every day but hey at least it is better than what Angel wears.

    I walked outside and went to the library. Hey look who was there. Little miss. Slut. Yes, It was Angel. She was wear in a shirt that showed off her belly and she was putting her arms behind her head to show off. She was wearing a mini skirt and high heels, I hated it.

    Angel: Hehehe. So wanna go to your place tonight?

    Some guy: Sure... Pick up a movie. Go to bed. You know what im sayin'?

    Angel: yeah, yeah.

    River: *walks up to Angel* Oh hi!

    Some guy: Woah Angel shes even hotter than you *laughs*

    Angel: SHUT UP CHRIS! So hi River. Nice choice in clothes 3nodding You know i dont only date guys, im Bi too.

    River: Forget it Angel.

    Angel: HAHAHAHA. Fine.

    River: Have you seen Jason around here? I was looking for him. I realy need to speak to him. He sent me a text at 3:00 am saying " River, I need you. Help. There are hurting me." The thing that was weird to me was they I couldn't get it out of my head.

    Angel: Havn't seen him.

    *Rivers phone rings*

    River: Its Jason! [ Hello? ] [Hey] [whats wrong Jason?] [Uh oh sorry about that um i got it under control, Wanna meet at you place?] [Um sure] [Kay i'll be there in 5] [Sure].

    I gotta go Angel. Bye

    Angel: Bye sweetheart!

    ----At home-----

    Jason: I am so sorry for kissing you i just-

    River: No, its alright.

    Jason: Oh and im sorry for not telling you im not a vampire its just that i kinda like to keep things to myself you know?

    River: Yeah *stares at his lips*

    Jason: *purks them up*

    * We kiss *

    I like it. I dont know. I just love him, he is my everything.

    River: Your my boyfriend, Kay?

    ----END OF CHAPTER_-------