• "Where are we going?", Molley asked hesitantly to the man that has captured her very heart.

    "Be patient... you'll see." was all he said.

    It was a Saturday 9:00 p.m. ,and it was their first date. All day she has been edgy and kind of scared of what might happen between the man of her dreams and her. She looked at him while going to their destination. He was young, slender,but muscular, his hair was a dark brown,and his eyes were a honey green. The type of eyes that you can get lost into if you look at them for even a mere second. The light of the moon passing through the pine trees made him even more mysterious and beautiful.

    It was a suprise for her to know that this beautiful creature loved her. She herself was not confident and she knew this. Molley wasn't the most beautiful, captivating girl in her highschool. She would be the nerdy,shy,quiet,yet friendly girl in her classes. She always did well in physical education ,but she couldn't get as slender as everyone else. Yet,she would help anyone who needed assistance.

    Her life was a salve to her grades, and did not want to be included into any of the mischief's that she would witness at school. Molley didn't pay attention to the other sex. She would always think that boys were like dogs when it comes to personal relationships. They would go out with one girl,dump her, and go out with another one who was either more popular,or had a better body. Rarely when she had the time, she would hang out with her friends , but then stop and look at the couples kissing in the corner. She tought that any time soon those couples would split up. The cause would be the girl hitting on her boyfriends friend, or her boyfriend liking her girlfriend's friend or some other girl. She was basically insecure with men, she didn't trust them until today.

    He caught her looking at him. Then he smiled and said," Five more minutes.."

    She blushed and looked away, emberrassed that he caught her looking at him.

    Molley looked at the time, it was 9:25 p.m. She noticed the black abysss out of the car window. She was so absorbed by the eyes of her loved one that she didn't even notice where they were.

    They arrived at a parking station at the top of a mountain. There, they could see the sparkling lights of the city and the marvelous lights of the stars and the crescent moon. They both got off the car and into the chilly night.

    "Wow! Its beautiful! How did you find this place?"

    "Haha I have my ways."

    A minute passed. both of them were gazing at the city and the luminous moon.

    She suddenly shivered due to the cold breeze. Then she felt warmth engulfing her. It was too sudden. She got scared and ran a short two feet distance. He looked at her confused until she noticed that he was hugging her in order to protect her from the cold.

    "I'm sorry," Molley said sheepishly. She wasn't used to other's hugging or touching her.

    "No, I should apologize. I should hav.."

    They looked at each other for a long moment. The only thing they could hear were the numerous prickles of the pine trees hitting eachother against the wind.

    Suddenly Molley ran to him and hugged him.

    "I'm sorry. I don't...I can't....I don't kno what to d..."

    He hugged her and whispered,"Shhh...it's okay Molley."

    He lifted her chin up and said,"After all it's my fault that I've startled you."

    Tears were dripping out of her eyes and into the ground where they were standing.

    She wiped her tears like an innocent child by using her hand.


    "What's so funny?"

    "It's that you remind me of myself when I used
    to cry when I was younger."

    They both laughed. It was hard for her to imagine him crying.

    Then he hugged her and whispered into her ear,"I'm so sorry... I made you cry."

    Molley hugged him tighter," No, no. It's my fault. I'm such a whimp."

    They both gazed at eachother intensely, not noticing the time that has passed by.

    Then he leaned slowly and kissed her forehead.
    "I love you. I love you too much."

    All that Molley managed to say was,"As well as I."

    Her cheeks were hot, she was embarrassed, but she leaned up to kiss him.

    The minutes passed by and they didn't notice it. They were too absorbed by the found love between them.

    Suddenly she heard somthing; a rustle behind the bushes across the street from where they parked.

    "Hey, did you hear somthing?"

    "Maybe it was a wolf or a deer, don't worry," was all he said. They hugged eachother. She was a bit scared.

    "I think we should go home, its too late to stay out."

    "Why are you scared? Are you thinking that we might be die like in the movies?"

    "No, its not that. It's getting to cold and we might catch a cold."

    "Yep. You're scared."

    "Please stop. And yes, to be sincere, I am getting a bit nervous."

    Another rustle; this time it was louder.

    "Lets go," she pleaded.

    "Just one more kiss. Please?"

    "Okay, but promise we will go imediately."

    "Yes. I promise."

    They both kissed their final sweet kiss not knowing what will happen shortly.

    Suddenly, she saw it. She saw two red dots glaring from the bushes.

    "Look!" she gasped and pointed to the direction of the bushes.

    "Look at what? I don't see anything."

    "There was something there. They looked like two red eyes looking straight at us."

    "You must really be tired. You must be hallusinating things since you're not used to staying up this late."

    "No i'm serious. I'm most certain that I saw something there."

    "Fine. I'll go over there and proove to you that there is nothing there."

    "No! Please don't go over there. I'm afraid you'll get hurt."

    "Don't worry nothing will happen."

    "Fine, but gimme the key's so I could get in the car."

    "Here. Don't worry, nothing bad will happen."

    While Molley was inside the car, she was looking out the window. She saw him stop at the bushes. Then he returned to the car.

    "See? There is nothing there. You were just hallucinat..."

    Just as he was going to close the passenger door, something got ahold of his left foot and dragged him towards the bushes that he was finnished inspecting.

    "Molley get away from here! Drive!"

    "No! I'll call the police!"

    His voice dissappeared in to the dark forest. Then she got her cellphone and swiftly dialed 9-1-1.

    "This is the SanBernardino's sheriff's department what is your emergency?"

    "My friend he's been killed... he was dragged...," her voice kept choking from the panic she had.

    "Please relax and tell me your location, hello?"

    "Yes. I'm in the SanBernardino mountains about thirteen miles away from Big Bear."

    "Relax we will send a sheriff right away."

    "Please hurry!"

    After ten minutes the sheriff car parked by the car that once belonged to Molley's loved one. Her eye's were watery and red due to her non stop crying.

    "Do you know where the body is?"

    "No, he was dragged through those bushes and into the forest."

    "Wait here ma'am."

    "No! I'll go with you."

    "Okay but stay close. It might have been a mountain lion."

    And so they started searching in the forest. Luckily they had flashlights. The Sheriff and Molley started calling the victim's name. But unfortunately no body responded. After searching for an hour, the sheriff found some ripped clothes tangled on the branch of a baby pinetree.

    "Ma'am over here I think I've fornd somthing. Does this belong to the victim?"


    They followed the fresh trail but ended to a dreadful sight. There were others here too. Maybe twenty of them.

    The sheriff spoke on his raidio,"Bring back up. There seems to be some previous homicide here. There are dead bodies every where, and pronto."

    "Sure thing," reported the other sheriff from the radio.

    " This will take about ten minutes ma'am. Ma'am?"
    The sheriff saw Molley kneeling and sobbing.

    "What is it ma'am?"

    "He's here. The thing killed him."

    "What? I thought you said it was someone who dragged him there and killed him."

    "No! I said SOMETHING dragged him here. I couldn't see it because it's dark."

    Suddenly a sharp scream came from the sheriff.

    Molley turned around to see what happened but the sheriff disappeared.

    "Hello? Sheriff are you there? Please answere me."

    No one responded. Molley immediatly ran to the car ,but she fell and tripped.
    She twisted her ankel. She kepet on running although the sharp pain was causing her problems. She was relieved to see the car in such a short time. Then something got ahold of her and took her into the forest and disappeared.

    When the back-up that the sheriff requested arrived nobody was there. It was only the two cars parked outside facing the crescent moon and the beautiful stars. The county police filed the incident as a homicide.

    (I hope you like the story =] )