• "Class this is Tsuki Tomoya, she transferred from another part of Japan due to a casualty so be nice to her okay everyone?". I blushed as everyone agreed to Mr.Korosu's proposal, I think I could grow to like Korosu sensei.He was a kind man I could ask for advice and well he needs work on telling me where to sit.
    "Sensei?" He glanced and realized his mistake with a chuckle.
    "My apologies,hm let's place you by Mr.Lamperouge." Sensei gestured at a handsome dark haired boy in the back row occupying himself with a book. I bowed in respect to my new sensei and sat next to......um, I guess for right now I'll call him Mr.Lamperouge, although that is quite a mouthful.
    I groaned silently when Mr.Korosu began teaching.GEOGRAPHY. My face magically turned into a tomato when I heard a small chuckle. To clarify who made the most beautiful sound I had ever heard I turned my head and turned it right back. Mr.L (I decided to shorten Lamperouge) was gazing at me with intense curiosity.
    "Hello I'm Lelouch Lamperouge and like you I hate geography." I didn't know I wasn't breathing until my head slammed onto the desk from dizzyness. Oops.
    "Tsuki? Are you alright?" Sensei had stopped his oh so exciting lecture and was now looming over the table.All i could do was stutter and panic.
    "Sorry sir, it's my fault I was trying to swat at a bee and my arm hit her head. I'm sorry sensei for ruining your inspiring lecture.Tsuki, is your head feeling alright?". Did I hear correctly or did the most handsome boy I had ever laid eyes on just stick up for me? I was stupid enough to faint again which consequently gives me the time between the classroom and the nurses office. Nice, more time to embarass myself. Even WORSE, he had to put his arm around me which is bad for two reasons. One, it makes me public enemy for all girls in the school because, of course, they are all in love with Lelouch. Two, I was beat red the whole way.
    "I-I-I" I tried to start only to fail and hang my head down.
    "Oh, it's alright. I kind of told the truth though, I-I guess it was my fault." I thought I saw his angelic face turn red. That's not possible not in the least how could a boy who is sane and beautiful blush over me? My shiny blond hair is nothing compared to other blonds. You know, it's normal. My blue eyes aren't like stars their more of a polluted ocean.I don't have a good build in the T and A department. I'm very flat and gangly. Well, I did saw I THOUGHT.
    I gathered up my courage and tried to speak again.Only to be interrupted by a machine that burst through the corridor wall. This wasn't my best day, and suprise, suprise, it gets much MUCH worse.