• Water play…water play…it will never end…why did I see that tape? Why didn’t I just move on? ‘Move on’…you know it’s not that easy to move on, especially when your four closest friends die. Mine did and they were my age, my grade…kids…parents should never have to bury their own kids…one of my friends gave me a tape before he died. The day after I lost my friends, I watched the tape. I’ll never forget what was on that tape….when I put the tape in, there was nothing but static then the image of a man appeared on the screen. It looked like he was staring into a well; his front was showing meaning whoever or whatever filmed it was inside the well and was staring up at him. The image changed to a woman…she was brushing her hair in a mirror, I couldn’t see the actual woman, just her reflection but the camera’s reflection should show too. I figured it was edited afterwards but the image was old…really old…then the reflection changed to a girl, her long black hair was hanging over her face so I couldn’t see what she looks like then it changed back to the woman but her face was turned slightly and she was staring at someone or something I couldn’t see. Then the entire image changed into an old woman, “Water play…water play…it will never end…” that’s what she said.
    Then the old woman’s image became an eye, the character ‘Sada’ was visible inside the iris. Finally it changed to its final image…a well…then words appeared, “In one week, the person who has seen this tape will die at this exact time of day…if you don’t want to die…” then it was nothing but static again.
    I remembered my ex-boyfriend wanted to see the cursed tape, I wanted to hang on to my copy because I figured if you copy the tape and show it to someone else then the curse will be lifted so I copied it and gave him the copy. I haven’t heard from him since…5…4…3…2…1…it’s now midnight, exactly one week since I have seen the tape. My boyfriend just called, he said he just saw the tape. I felt relieved but then the TV turned on. But I turned it off and I unplugged it…the image or a well appeared…the well from the tape…someone is coming out…a girl with long black hair that hang over her face…the girl in the mirror…the girl from the tape…b-but my ex-boyfriend saw the tape! He just saw it! Why is she coming for me!? She’s coming out of the TV! She’s in my living room! She’s walking towards me!
    5…4…3…2…1…midnight…I have to go…I need to see my ex-boyfriend…he never copied his tape and he lied…he watched it the day afterwards...eight days after I saw it….but its been one week since he saw the tape…the cycle can never end…it must go on in a never ending ring of time…water play….water play…it will never end…