• I had a roommate before. His name was Jake. He was a cheerful person despite the problems he had. He was diagnosed to be on the last stage of cancer. The doctor told him that he only had about 30 more days to live. Nevertheless he kept on smiling and cherished every moment he has to live. This is his love story.

    She was only 5’2 feet tall. But with her hazel eyes and long wavy brunette hair, she stands out quite easily in a crowd. Jake first met her in a spring festival in the town recently. It was his first time going to a festival so he got lost. Fortunately he met with her. She was kind enough to accompany him on that day. She had the most beautiful and warm smile he ever saw. He never had forgotten that girl’s smile since he first laid his eyes on her.

    Ever since Jake met that girl at the festival he could not stop thinking about her. His friend, Adam told him that he might have a crush on that girl. But he strongly denied it. He could not love anyone no more. Not with his condition.

    “Dude, its okay to like someone. It’s not like you’re committing a sin” said Adam while passing some CDs to Jake.
    “But, you don’t understand. I can’t…”

    Jake’s line was cut off when the door bell rang. To Jake’s surprise the girl he was talking about just entered the store. For the first time in his life he was speechless to a customer.
    She must have forgotten all about me, he thought.

    Adam could not bear to see his friend died because of embarrassment. He stepped in and greeted the girl.

    “Good morning miss. What can I do for you today?”
    “I’m looking for this CD. Could you help me find it?”
    The girl gave Adam a small piece of paper with a title of a CD written on it.
    “Hmm… I’m not so sure,” Adam passed the paper to Jake.
    “Sorry we just sold the last copy to a customer yesterday. Maybe if you give us your number, we could…”
    The girl starred at Jake for a moment.Suddenly she smiled.
    “Hey, I know you!” she exclaimed. “You’re the guy from that festival the other day”
    “You remembered me?” Jake asked the girl. eek
    “Of course! You helped me that day, remember?”

    The girl introduced herself as Alex. Turns out Jake helped her to get rid off some punks who were messing with her that day. How could he forget that important detail? , Adam asked himself. After a long talk with both Jake and Adam, the girl left.

    “Don’t you want that CD?” Jake asked Alex before she left.
    “But you said the last copy was already sold yesterday”
    “Well, you’re in luck. I happened to have that CD in my collection,”
    “Looks like I’m going to have to buy you a drink someday. This is the second time you helped. Thanks a lot,”

    Ever since that day, Alex kept coming to the CD store to meet up with Jake. She will order a CD or two and Jake will send the CDs to her house.

    Their relationship grew stronger by each passing day. So were Jake’s feelings towards her. But Jake knew he had to stop. His was running out of time. His condition got worst by the end of third week. The doctor told him to stay in the hospital but he refuses. After Adam begged him, he finally agreed. But he only spent about two days in the hospital and then he checked out. He did not want to spend his last few days stuck to a machine. He wanted to see the world for the very last time.

    30 days had passed and Jake was already gone. He left with no regrets what so ever. That was what he told Adam. But Adam knew deep in his heart, he regretted that he could not see Alex for the very last time before he left. All he left for her was a pink letter.

    Not long after Jake died, Alex came to the store to search for him. Adam knew Jake did not tell Alex anything about his sickness even though they were close. Reluctantly he
    gave the pink letter Jake told him to give to Alex. Alex did not believe what Adam just told her.

    “But how could he left without saying anything to me?”
    Her hazel green eyes were flooded with tears. She left the store and went home. She laid herself on her bed. She opened the pink letter Adam just gave her. The moment she finished reading the letter, she looked at all the CDs Jake brought over her on the desk.
    She bought all the CDs just to spend some time with Jake. But it was all useless now.
    She saw all the CDs were left unopened. Then she started crying.

    You know why?
    Jake had love letters for her inside the CDs.
    Both of them loved each other but never expressed…

    You’ll never know what may happen in the future. So, never missed out on the chances to tell your loved ones you love them. Because they may never knew…