• Tony walked into the camp quietly, holding an unconscious Robyn in has arms. Sam was keeping watch, a solitary figure sitting on the rock that dominated the center of the clearing. She looked up as her cousin walked into the clearing with the young witch in his arms. At the sight of her, Sam jumped up, clearing the distance between them in two strides. "what did you do, Tony?" she demanded crossly, examining Robyn for any signs of injury. "You better not have done what I think you did." He walked past her without a word, laying Robyn very carefully into the tent, making sure she was comfortable. When Robyn was nestled safely between Rajid and Kevin, Tony turned to face his cousin, who stood, arms folded, and one foot tapping restlessly on the ground. His hands flew up, a sign of surrender. "Okay, you caught me," he said jokingly, " Robyn's in a coma and never going to wake up again." Sam stared at him for a long moment, "You didn't. . . . you know?" He laughed, "No, of course not, why would I? I can wait for that."
    "You know, Tony, your jokes are getting old." said Sam angrily, "What did you do?"
    Sighing, Tony sat on the rock that Sam had vacated, "I just gave her a kiss, and told her how I felt, Sam." he said, unwavering under Sam's intense gaze. She relaxed slightly, letting out a held breath, "That's good," she said, "I don't have to beat you up now." They exchanged a laugh, then Tony turned serious, "Nah, you wouldn't beat me, Sam, remember last time?"
    Her smirk disappeared, and she hit him upside the head, "Don't talk about that again, Tony." she warned, her eyes flashing a slight red. Taken aback by her sudden aggression, he backed up a few paces. Changing the subject, Tony asked, "What has Uncle Hansen been teaching you nowadays, Sam?" She eyed him skeptically, still angry from his reminding of their last fight. "He's been teaching me some magic, I can cast spells at an elementary level, but I'm no witch." She replied, still staring at him darkly. He nodded, seeming distracted, "That's good, we could always use another magic-user." Sam walked off with a quick "thanks" and threw a small burst of light into her cousin, knocking him over, he got up with a growl. "What was that for?" He asked, rubbing his chest where the ball had hit him. She laughed, forming another one in her left hand, "We'll see who wins this time." she challenged, throwing the pulsing orb at him. Tony deftly dodged the ball, appearing behind Sam, where he delivered a swift kick that knocked her off of her feet. "Not in practice with your physical skills, are you?" he asked, allowing her to stand. Her upper lip curled in a snarl, as she ran at him like a blur, hitting him square in the stomach, and sending him flying across the field. He smiled, all of his muscles tense with the exhilaration. She appeared behind him, but he was ready, catching her arm before she could get him, and threw her away, tossing a rock after her. Both connected, and Sam got up again, more slowly this time. Two balls of fire erupted in her hands, and she threw them toward her cousin, who danced nimbly out of the way, causing the energy to fly past harmlessly. They charged each other again, disappearing and reappearing where the other had been standing. Tony stood hunched slightly, as though his back bothered him, Sam took her opportunity and sent him spinning through the air. "Wait, Sam, stop." he gasped, his tunic a light red shade, "I think my wound's reopening." Stopping instantly, Sam carefully slid her arm around Tony's back, and helped him to the camp. Rajid and Kevin were sitting by a small fire as the two walked into the camp. Both noticed something was up when Tony wasn't walking in normally. Sam sat him carefully next to the fire, and ran to grab some of Robyn's salve. Robyn was sitting awake in the tent, a dreamy expression on her face. "Robyn, sorry to interrupt your daydreams, but Tony's hurt." said Sam through the fabric, snapping Robyn back into reality. "What? He is?" she asked in a worried tone. Without waiting for an answer, she grabbed her herbs and ran outside. Tony sat with his back hunched forward, the spot on his tunic was growing bigger. Robyn was by his side in seconds, he didn't complain when she pulled his tunic over his head. She applied the salve carefully, making sure not to hurt him. Only once did he flinch, when she brushed the spot where the dagger had been its deepest. He sighed with relief as the salve lessened the pain and allowed him to put his tunic back on.