• As soon as I got in, I slid off my jacket and threw it carelessly on the couch. Then I grabbed a Sunkist from the fridge and a bag of salt and vinegar chips before trotting upstairs to my room.
    Opening my soda with a tss, I turned on my lime green Dell laptop and plopped down on my chair. While I waited for my computer to load, I glanced around my room. It was currently white walls with a few posters and a big memo board filled with random pictures and items like old concert tickets and a bracelet I made at sixth-grade camp. I smiled as my eyes landed on a picture of me and Connor when we were in Preschool. I was wearing a tutu (ugh...took ballet for one week and I quit...it was TORTURE!) and he was wearing a polo shirt. We were in my guest room and I had one arm around his neck with my chin resting on his shoulder, looking at him. He didn't hug me back, but just kept his arms to his sides and looked at the ground with a shy smile.
    I glanced at my computer which had now loaded to my desktop. My background was yet another one of my pictures, except this one had been taken two months ago during the weekend. It was of me, Connor, and Natasha with our arms around each other in front of the Shamu tank in Seaworld San Diego, where our parents had decided to treat us. I clicked on Internet Explorer and typed Gaia Online into the searchbar. I smiled as I typed in my password, iloveconnor206. The 20 is for my birthday, April 20th, and the 6 is for his birthday, August 6th.
    I looked at the clock. 2:11. Dang, I have a lot of time. I popped a chip in my mouth as I opened up iTunes and played BoA's "Eat You Up". Then I went back to Gaia and decided to update my profile. I typed in "love quotes" in Photobucket and came across a quote that said, "Somewhere between all the tears, laughs, and little jokes, I fell in love." That is SO me. I added it to my page and saved it. About 5 seconds later GIM popped up. It was my friend, Kairi. I smiled.
    She had left a comment on my page thanking me for buying her rainbow socks (yes, I bought rainbow socks, okay?!), and when I went to her profile to comment her back, I noticed that hers was all tricked out with a different format and a playlist. So after saying "No prob" I asked her how to make a playlist. She made one for me and then we talked some more and soon enough became best friends.
    SuPa_RaDiCaL: hey lexi-boo!
    skygazer20: heyy kairi-boo! sup?
    SuPa_RaDiCaL: just checkin' in on u ;D How's the weather there in San Diego?
    skygazer20: hott LOL xD
    SuPa_RaDiCaL: haha im sure you'll cool down xD
    skygazer20: im excited! whee
    SuPa_RaDiCaL: y? u must TELL meh!
    skygazer20: of course im gonna tell u! y else would i mention it?
    skygazer20: connor's bringing me 2 de park to show meh something ^^ i just wonder what it iz question
    SuPa_RaDiCaL: ooo, maybe he's gonna ask u out! *nudge nudge wink wink*
    skygazer20: doubt it. i wish tho... crying
    SuPa_RaDiCaL: don't worry chica he'll ask u out one day
    SuPa_RaDiCaL: and if he doesn't i'll catch a plane from jersey to cali, drive to sd, find connor and tell him how much he's missing out on!!! D<
    skygazer20: LOL! xDDDDDD i know u would!
    skygazer20: but then i'd take the plane back to jersey w/u cuz i'd be too humiliated to ever face him again! *sarcastic smile and thumbs up*
    SuPa_RaDiCaL: LMAO. ur more than welcome to stay with me chica! x3
    SuPa_RaDiCaL: well, it's time for me to study foe yet ANOTHER algebra test D8
    SuPa_RaDiCaL: bye lexi! have fun on ur date! xD ily!♥
    skygazer20: uno: yikes. good luck! dos: it is NOT a date xD tres: bye kairi! ily tew <333
    After logging out of GIM, I changed my avatar's clothes to the aqua tery-cloth butterfly tube top, blue embroidered jeans, Japanese sandals, and holding the panda plushie. I glanced at the clock again. 2:35. UUGHH! SO EARLY!
    I turned the TV on to find that "What I Like About You" was on. I plopped down onto my bed as I ate chips and laughed at the two sisters.
    I must've fallen asleep because when I woke up it was a different episode than what I remembered, and when I glanced at the clock it was 5:50. Man, that was a really long na-WHAT?! IT'S 5:50 ALREADY?! I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. CrapcrapcrapcrapCRAP! I quickly grabbed my toothbrush and furiously started brushing. I didn't want my breath to smell like orangey vinegar. After I rinsed and spat, I looked in the mirror.
    "WHOA! Haaaiiiya..." I exclaimed as I took my reflection in. My hair was, well, let's put it this way: it looked like a freakin' frizzy lion's mane. I frantically opened all the drawers until I found a purple brush, and started yanking at my hair. "Ow...ow...ow...ow..." I said with each yank. Dang, these knots are tight.
    As soon as I finally got my hair to behave, I heard a knock at the door. I ran downstairs and glanced at the clock as I zoomed past it. Six o'clock on the dot. I answered the door to find Connor standing there, looking as handsome as always, staring at the ground.
    He looked up at the sound of the door opening and smiled at me. "Hey. Ready to go?"
    "Yup." I said as I closed and locked the door behind me. We walked down the driveway.

    The Picture on the Memo Board
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    Just a picture I thought could be them as kids
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