• “I will not poison the ocean” Said the river to the clouds, after her currents shifted from placid to rough. The faerie sat on the bank of the river she inhabited and looked out onto the rainy horizon. Her wings where not glittering, or at least the appeared not to be. Looking up at the clouds she sighed. “If it is merely my affectionate personality and nothing more, then I have not to fear. But I fear that it is the disease and my pagan ways which push the ocean farther.” Just that day, the poison within the river had taken the life of a turtle and a few small fish. In a sudden moment of blasphemous rage, she ripped the pentacle from around her neck and hurled it into the waters. She knew she could find it later, unless it wound up in the ocean. If that should occur, then she would not want to go retrieve it.
    She knew she had to return to the water after a few hours of being out of it, the water life needed her and she would die if not returned to her home. “I’ll stay, consequences be damned.” She said of the dry land, not wanting to go on. Just as it struck midnight, the water was close to her death, she sat on the ledge of the cliff over the ocean. She closed her eyes, yes just seconds left then the wind pushed her forcefully into the ocean, where she knew she could not stay. Knowing that the wind and the clouds would force her into living she went back to the river and stayed. The River found the ocean to be almost serene, but she realized that she did not need its waters. The wind which kept the wind moving and the cloud who had produced rain, which gave the river her life where more than she needed.