• I am Tsuki. Tsuki Uro Namabachi. This is my story.


    "Waaa! Waaa..." a small girl with long silver hair sobbed, her clothes torn, strands of hair stuck plastered onto her face by tears. "Okka-san..[mother]...oto-san...[father]...why...why?"

    An old man watched her, and eventually decided to come to her. "What is wrong, little one?"

    She looked up at him, and sniffled, tried from crying. "Okka-san...oto-san dead...there were these big scary monsters, they kept trying to get me, and, and the monsters drank okka-san's and oto-san's blood!" She began to cry again.

    The old man was silent. "So it was them..." he mumbled to himself. He looked at the little girl, and sympathy took him. "Come kawaii-chan [cutie], come, oji-san [uncle] will take care of you."

    "My..my name is Tsuki," she said quietly, following him.

    ~10 years later~

    -thud thud thud-

    Three dummies lay on the ground, pierced by kunai knives.

    "Haha, you're doing so well Tsuki-chan," the same old man from 10 years ago said.

    Tsuki stuck her tongue out at him. "Of course I'm doing good! I've been practicing as an assasin and hunter for 10 years now," she joked.

    "Oh really Tsu-chan?" a voice called out.

    "Shi-kun!" she cried, running over to open the slide door. She hugged him. "You took ages to get here!"

    A handsome man of about 16 years old blushed a bit and pushed her off. "I was doing my job."

    "Hear that Oji-san? He was doing his job! When will I get to? I'm 15 and I think its fair!" she complained, pouting.

    "But Tsuki..." he trailed off.

    "Come on Sensei [master], I think its fair. You should let me take her with me on my next mission," Shiden interrupted.

    Tsuki's eyes widened. "Really?"

    He grinned. "Yup."

    The old man sighed. "Fine.." he said grudingly.

    "Yay!" Tsuki cheered. "Thanks sooo much Shiden!" She kissed him on the cheek. He blushed. Then realising what she did, she blushed strawberry red.
    He laughed. "See ya early in the morning Tsuki, I'm bushed."

    ~Chapter 1 finished~