• Hermes flew as fast as he could up to the throne of Zeus. His winged sandals were working overtime, what with Hera sending death threats to Zeus's other wives, Hades sending love letters to that mortal he was so infatuated with, and Athena sending instructions to her heroes so they wouldn't die. Now on top of all this, there was someone at the foot of Mt. Olympus demanding entrance! Everyone knew that only gods were allowed on Mt. Olympus. However, protocol stated that every being who requested entrance must be given consideration by Zeus. And Hermes, being the messenger of the gods (why had he signed up for this job again?), had to deliver the requests directly to the big guy himself. Hermes sighed despairingly. Weren't immortals allowed a vacation? Aphrodite had asked him more than once to go surfing the river Styx with her and some gods from other religions. He always had to turn her down because he was always on call. Hermes hated doing that, especially when her big, seductive eyes began to fill with tears. Even knowing she was the Goddess of Love, he still couldn't help having a crush on her.

    Hermes darted into the throneroom. There Zeus was, being fawned over by demigoddesses, his wives (minus jealous Hera), and servants. Hermes groaned inwardly. From the looks of things, Zeus was in relaxation mode, and wouldn't enjoy being bothered by anything. Hermes peeked around cautiously for Hephaestus, the forger of Zeus's lightning bolts and was relieved to find that he was absent. At least he wouldn't have to dodge any of those again. His best tunic had been singed from a lucky shot last time he'd interrupted Zeus. He smoothed his hair and flew sedately up to the throne.
    "My Lord, I have a request for entrance into Mt. Olympus," Hermes said in his best proclamation voice, as he liked to think of it. It sounded very official and ceromonial to him.
    Zeus glared at Hermes, making his courage falter. "Can't you see I'm busy relaxing here?" he growled. Hermes nodded and said "I'm sorry to disturb my Lord's rest, but the being at the gates was most insistent that he be allowed entrance." The fawners were all staring at him now. Zeus sighed and waved them away.
    "On what grounds, Hermes?"
    "He claims to be the God of Video Games, my Lord."
    Zeus's face became confused. "Video Games? I've never heard of such a thing."
    "He claimed that people all over the world will one day have his talismans in their households and will pay homage to him through these talismans."
    "And what is his name?"
    "He said to tell you he would introduce himself. He gave no name."
    Zeus sighed again and got up. "All right, Hermes, go and announce my arrival."
    Hermes hesitated, then added, "He has an entourage, my Lord. He called them the Fates of Technology."
    Zeus paused at this. "How big an entourage, Hermes?" His voice was dangerously quiet, like the calm before the storm. Hermes quailed, whispered, "I couldn't count. There were far too many," and flew for his life. A lightning bolt barely missed him on his way out of the throne room. Zeus's roar followed him down Mt. Olympus. No chance of getting any time off now. Cleaning up this mess would take quite a while. Hermes sighed. Why, oh why had he become the messenger of the gods?