• Chapter 2-A Kiss? Or How About A Kill?

    When we entered the house the flashing lights right away made me blind. I smiled and looked around, couples were dancing all over, and a d.j with the radio blasting at max volume. Alex took my hand and ran across the room to the kitchen. A boy about Alex's age and a blonde girl were kissing on the table. Alex laughed, "Yo Jay did I interrupt?" The boy quickly stopped kissing the blonde and looked up at Alex. He rolled his eyes then laid eyes on me. The blonde saw me and shook her head. I heard her mumble to herself, "I don't stand against that.." then she walked away.

    I looked back to the boy who was now walking to me. When he came over he nodded to Alex then looked at me again. He smiled looking up and down at me. I blushed, Alex grabbed my hand and pushed me behind him. He quickly looked at Alex with an angry look. Alex looked back. The boy breathed hard then nodded "Hey there my names Jay and you are?" I looked at him, "I-I'm Ashley...." He smiled. Alex took me out from behind me and sighed. "So uh Ashley, Jay's the friend who's having this party" My eyes gleamed again. I just loved the word party so much.

    I grabbed Alex's hand and begged him to dance. He hated to dance, but I couldn't help it. I begged like a little puppy until he agreed to dance with me. I cheered and we ran to the dance room. Th music was slow when we got there al the couples were huddled up together slow dancing. Alex and I looked at eachother and blushed. We took eachothers hand and danced slowly across the room.My head was below his, his chest was warm I liked it, I also liked the deep breaths he was putting on me. I looked up at him and we just looked at eachother. We looked into eachothers eyes and Alex began dancing toward a closet.

    When we reached it Alex let go of me and we walked inside of it. I quickly turned on the closet light not sure to trust Alex even as friends. Alex put his arms around me and kissed me. Our lips locked together and didn't let go. I closed my eyes and waited for the moment to start, but it didn't....

    Suddenly there was a scream outside and me and Alex jumped and let go of our kiss. Alex opened the closet door and we both got out. I looked around and saw a group of kids standing in one spot. Alex and I ran over, we pushed threw the crowd and managed to get to the middle of what everyone was screaming about. When I looked I screamed too, right on top of one of the radio's was the blonde girl Jay was kissing before, except this time she wasn't kissing nor would she ever again. The blonde girl was covered in blood with a knife threw her head.

    "W-who would do such a thing?" I asked quietly. Everyone around me just shook their heads, "Did anyone see anyone suspicious?" same reply everyone shook their heads. Next to the blonde was a note on the ground. I sneaked over to it and picked it up. I opened the letter and read it silently. After i was done reading I dropped the letter and ran to Alex crying. Alex looked surprised but hugged me softly. He took grabbed my shoulders gently and lead me to his car.

    When we got inside the first thing he asked was "W-why are you crying Ashley?" I looked at him with tears in my eyes then hugged him again. "Someones trying to murder me Alex...Someones trying to murder us..."