• Naruto,Hinata and the robots were all waiting for Sakura at the village gate.The robots were all talking about all kinds of things.Then Sakura came running up to them with a little red fox by herside.

    "Hi.This is Foxy my helper fox."Sakura said.

    "A what?"Naruto asked.

    Then two balls of smoke appeared beside them.Out of the smoke appeared a purple and a green fox.

    "I'm Kippi.Naruto's helper fox."the green one said.

    "I'm Delila.Hinata's helper fox."the purple one said.

    "So.Where are we going?"Kippi asked.

    "To go find Sasuke Uchiha."Naruto said.

    "Oh.My.Gosh."Foxy said to Love,"I love your ribbon." 4laugh

    "I love your fur." 4laugh Love said.

    "Oh no.They're like twins."Naruto said.

    "Oh my gosh!!" eek Revenge yelled.

    "What!?"Power yelled.

    "I completely forgot!!" eek he yelled again.

    "What?!"Naruto yelled.

    "I forgot to eat breakfast." crying he said.

    Power then hit him on the head.That drove him a few feet into the ground.


    "Here he comes."said the girl with black hair.


    Sasuke walked up to a temple with team Hawk and also had a black fox named Tobi beside him and Schiming that is now his robot.He then pushed open the doors.All they saw was darkness.

    "My you have grown."A voice said.

    "Who's there?"Sasuke asked.

    The room was then filled with light by five lanturns.They saw a girl with long black hair sitting in a chair.She had the sharingan in her eye.Standing beside her was a boy with blonde curly hair.

    "Who are you?"Sasuke asked.

    "Violet Uchiha."Violet said,"Your cousin."

    "I thought the whole clan was dead."Sasuke said.

    "When you were just two I was kidnapped by the man who is now my master."Violet said.

    "Master?"Sasuke said.

    "You have caused some chaos lately haven't you?"Violet said,"Killing Itachi was a mistake."

    "I know that now."Sasuke said.

    "You remind me of him."Violet said,"Give up on destroying Konoha.You keep making one mistake after another.You're not even worthy of the name Uchiha."

    "I don't want to hear what you have to say."Sasuke said.

    He ran towards Violet ready to hit her.Right before he got to her she vanished.The next thing he knew she was behind him with the boy.

    "This is bad."Karin said.

    "Shutup Pimple head." stare Schiming said.

    "Schiming,"Tobi said,"Why are you so mean?"

    "I had to grow up with it for part of my life."Schiming said holding up a picture of Orochimaru,"Do you blame me?"

    "Nope."Tobi answered.

    "I'm Tiyu."The boy said,"I've heard alot about you from her."

    "Her who?"Sasuke asked.

    "That's private."Tiyu said.

    "I wouldn't fight me if I were you."Violet said,"The spider demon inside of me won't hesitate to kill you."

    "Neither will my lion demon."Tiyu. said.

    Then Violet and Tiyu smild.

    "They're here."Tiyu said.

    "Who?"Sasuke said.

    "That doesn't matter."Violet said,"Give up on destroying Konoha."

    "Why should I?"Sasuke asked.

    "Because we are already handling that."Violet said,"We sent a spy to Konoha a few weeks after the clan was killed."

    "Who did you send?"Sasuke asked.

    "If we told you that,"Violet started,"It wouldn't make it a top secret mission."

    "Besides,"Tiyu said,"We are not really happy with you."

    "Why?"Sasuke said not caring.

    "All of those people you and the Akatasuki have killed were all friends of ours."Violet said.

    "That's why to protect the real host of the Ninetails Master Drag put a fake one in a friend of yours."

    "I don't think it worked."Sasuke said,"Because Naruto is our next target."

    "Acually-"Violet started then smiled,"They're here."

    "Who?"Sasuke asked.


    Naruto walked up to the doors.He was about to open it when Sakura grabbed his arm.

    "I'm gonna be on the roof just incase."Sakura said.

    She hopped on the roof with Foxy and Love.Then Naruto opened the doors to see Team Hawk and some other people.

    "Well.Look who it is."Tiyu said.

    "The boy with the fake fox has come."Violet said.

    "F-Fake!"Naruto said.