• Cari woke up in her room, or what she thought was her room, same old green paint, same old bed spread...
    Only one thing was out of place was the really bright lights. Then, she noticed the people above her watching her from a high distance.
    Her mother wasn't there to be there when she woke up either. Though, Cari didn't mind that.
    A docter came into the room. "Comfy Cari? You will be spending a few months here until your mother comes home from jail 'cause of Child Abuse."
    Oh, that is what happened? No wonder my mom wasn't here! Oh, wait, child abuse....? Cari thought to herself.
    "Yes, and now you will be taken to the surgery room so we can check out your heart." The docter said and without letting Cari answer, he pulled Cari towards the door, through the hallway, and to the surgery room. The docter put Cari on the new cot and gave her medicine that was supposed to put her asleep.
    But since of ari's powers, that medicane wouldn't work.
    As the next docter started to cut Cari, a blood curdling scream was let out by Cari and someone else. Who was it? And did Cari survive?
    Find out in the next story. The 4th!